Witch Hunt
Episode 2 title
Anime information
Japanese airdate: May 5, 2005
English airdate: July 13, 2006
Novel debut: Witch Hunt
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard: Masashi Kojima
Producer: Takahiro Harada
Animation director: Takahiro Tanaka
Previous episode: Flight Night
Next episode: The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood

Witch Hunt is the second episode of the Trinity Blood series.


Cain holds Lilith's head

Fathers Abel Nightroad and Hercules Tres Iqus are tasked with investigating the murders of several vampires, where they encounter a young girl named Elise Wasmayer who possesses psychic powers, including the ability to manipulate the minds of other people. Elise is taken into custody, although she later attempts to escape; Abel refuses to allow her to be killed after she is stopped, causing Tres to target him as a traitor. After a shootout, during which Abel temporarily disables Tres, Elise is kidnapped by vampires, prompting Abel to attempt to rescue her. A reactivated Tres locates the vampire lair and manages to dispatch a group of vampires while Abel deals with the ringleader of the kidnapping group with his Crusnik form. Tres finds Abel and Elise after the fighting and claims that he cannot kill them and complete his orders as he has run out of ammunition. When the trio is then ambushed by the ringleader who was thought to be dead, Tres shoots her and reveals that he had in fact never run out of ammunition.


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