William Walter Wordsworth
Personal information
Aliases: - Professor (codename)[1]
- WWW (initials)
Residence: - Londinium (former)[1]
- Rome[1]
Status: Alive[2]
Birth: 3023 AD, Londinium
Age: 41 years old
Gender: Male[3]
Species: Human[3]
Occupation: - Catholic priest[3]
- AX agent[3]
- University professor[1]
Weapon(s): Bladed cane
Affiliation(s): Kingdom of Albion (former)[1]
Catholic Church
Vatican Papal State[1]
Other information
Novel debut: RAM II: Overcount
Manga debut: Act. 8 Gate to Heaven
Anime debut: Witch Hunt[3]
Japanese seiyū: Tōru Ōkawa
English V.A.: Jason Douglas

Dr. William Walter Wordsworth, codenamed Professor, is a male Terran priest attached to the Ministry of Holy Affairs who is one of the founding members of the ministry's special department, the Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section ("AX"). In addition to his occupation as a clergyman and AX agent, Dr. Wordsworth is a professor at the University of Rome.

In the early 3050s AD, prior to the formation of the AX in 3055 AD, Wordsworth attended the University of Londinium with Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer—who was known to Wordsworth at the time as "Isaac Butler"—until Kämpfer framed him for an accident that caused the death of Wordsworth's fiance.

He is often fixing Tres Iqus, though he also makes some inventions too while he has time.

Personality and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Despite being one of the AX's founders, William has a quite ridiculous personality. He is often seen humorous, carefree but also caring for the others. He can be very serious and threatening when needed. Perhaps because of the fact that his fiancee died in the accident of the Londinium unversity, causing him to not being able to have a family, he becomes very interested in machines and even cares for his machines, including Tres, like his children. He is exceptionally collected in virtually every situation he is placed in, whether it be battle, or collaborating with abrasive colleagues or other companions. He is also exceptionally intelligent, and is capable of making deductions as sophisticated as determining a man's height from a signature among other things. On occasions where he is being sincere or heartfelt, he typically covers it at least in part with his exceedingly dry sense of humor. He also appears to mildly dislike being addressed as "old man" as Vanessa Walsh often does.

His combat capabilities tend to revolve around his inventions such as his cane, in which he conceals a number of weapons and which doubles as a sword. He is demonstrated to be exceptionally fast, as he was able to move more quickly than the superhuman assassin Jack Ironside could perceive.

Appearance=[edit | edit source]

William has short, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He is often seen wearing glasses when reading and mostly smoking his pipe.

His manga portrait features him with a blue rose and a white owl. The blue rose represents mystery and the white owl represents wisdom. His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Strength.

In the manga's Alice in Wonderland-themed covers, William is shown as The Caterpillar.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Star of Sorrow Arc[edit | edit source]

Gateway to Heaven[edit | edit source]

William appears in this manga-only chapter on a ship where Esther, Abel and Tres are traveling on on their way to Rome. The professor remarks to Esther that he had a child at home who had blue eyes and fair skin like her.

The group find themselves nearly slaughtered by Angelina "Shark" Jolie. The vampire jumps into the water with Abel and Tres, who are nearly drowned until the Professor's giant robot 'child' rescues them.

In the end, Esther realizes that the Professor was comparing her to his robot.

The Iblis/Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[edit | edit source]

The Professor is shown discussing with Caterina Sforza that Abel will have to use his Krusnik power eventually.

The Throne of Roses Arc[edit | edit source]

Willaim investigates and finds that the true heir to the Albion throne is still alive. He reveals he was a friend of the late Prince Gilbert.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[edit | edit source]

William is shown in Esther's flashback as one of the first people to arrive after Abel's death. He confirms his friend's demise and causes Esther to fully accept Abel's death.

Professor Wordsworth and his trademark tobacco pipe.

William apologizes for keeping someone waiting in his car, who turns out to be Vanessa Walsh. Vanessa is suspicious of his true motives. The priest seems to be bothered by being dubbed an "old man" by the person he just rescued, but replies that he saved a lady as it was an obligation of any gentleman. Vanessa is stunned to be called a lady, but quickly regains her composure and retorts she doe not believe that is a good enough reason for a "Vatican dog" to save a "vampire". William feigns ignorance and jokingly proclaims he didn't know she was a vampire. He elaborates when didn't notice something so trivial among the chaos when he first saw her.

Vanessa refuses to believe William and theorizes he wants her as a hostage to use against Virgil. She argues his plan will not work, as Virgil would never endanger his people for his sister. William replies he already knows, and that he also knows that Virgil is captured and held in the impenetrable Tower of London, much to Vanessa's shock. He dissuades a tense Vanessa from taking him hostage, and reassures her the Ghetto is locked from the inside, much to the frustration of the Albion military. Therefore, the Albion government still has use for Virgil and will not kill him just yet and they still have time.

Still surprised William mentioned both him and her a if they were both going to rescue Virgil, Vanessa asks William once again why he is willing to help her. William confesses he was "caught in a sentimental moment" does not want to see anyone else die after witnessing his deceased friend, including Methuselah. Vanessa remains annoyed and unconvinced, certain it is a trap.

Vanessa tells the priest about the history of the Ghetto Methuselah and the humans. They had been living peacefully for centuries, supplying Albion with technology for protection, buying blood with money, and helping the sick people in the slums. They had wanted to live in peace, however, they suddenly get the blame when something goes wrong and are sentenced to death by people who they thought were friends. Vanessa argues that that is why Terrans could not be trusted.

William listens and acknowledges the problem does exist, but argues she shouldn't blame everyone in Albion for it. He points out that this is typical herd behavior, and questions whether Vanessa is really willing to forsake all of humanity for it.

Their conversation is interrupted when Sister Kate sends a message through the radio. She confirms William's prediction was right - a large amount of weapons have suddenly vanished from the Albion black market in the recent months. Enough to start a war, but it appears they were not taken by gangs; no one knows where they went. The Professor thanks Kate and informs her that the person who attacked him and Esther earlier was an artificially strengthened soldier by the name of Sergent Jack Ironside. Jack Ironside supposedly died two years ago in the Percy Rebellion along with the rest of the 44th Regiment. His funeral was arranged by his supervisor, Mary Spencer, but the church has no burial records of him or any other of the more than one hundred members of the 44th Regiment.

Vanessa panics while William remains calm.

Kate seems stumped by this information, while William mentions he has more interesting news to share. He cuts the conversation short, however, knowing someone is eavesdropping on them. William informs her that he can tell her that chaos will ensue in this country soon, that he is going to someone to collect some information, and for her to stand watch in the sky and act accordingly when that time comes. Kate agrees and pleads for him to be cautious after what happened to Abel, but the radio suddenly cuts off. Vanessa assumes it is because of mediocre Terran technology, but William counters that someone used an ECM transmission to interfere with the signals. The priest notices something odd on the radar, and based on the speed, seems to be a fighter aircraft. Vanessa questions whether it could be the Navy's airplane carrier fighters, but notices there are no visible aircraft registration numbers or country insignia.

William slams on the accelerator and the car plunges forward. Vanessa is shocked but doesn't argue when the jets start firing missiles at them. The priest remains calm while Vanessa begins to panic. William smiles and activates the rocket booster, and then the car begins to fly. The Methuselah remarks how ridiculous all of this is when she notices her seat starting to smoke. William is baffled at first before he realizes the petrol tank is leaking extremely corrosive fuel. The flying car starts to spin while Vanessa screams in horror. The two of them fly off with the fighter jets on their tail.[4]

William's flying car.

William tells a confused Vanessa that he dropped a portion of the explosive rocket fuel, hence the explosion. The Professor decides to fly to Londinium, but Vanessa asks why the jets were after them. suspecting William knows the answer. The priest agrees, and jokes that she should be more polite if she wants to him to tell her. Vanessa is furious, but their conversation is cut short when the Professor notices they have been locked on. Unable to see anyone nearby, Vanessa argues to the radar must be broken, until she notices bubbling in the water. Missiles suddenly launch from under the ocean and explode, leaving their fate unknown.[5]

A flying car later appears and rains bullets down around Jane Judith Jocelyn, whose car was surrounded by a tank. Professor Wordsworth introduces himself and requests the assistance of Jane's former army, the 5th Regiment. Jane is reluctant as the prospect of sending her private army to war, but William argues that the recent events within the capital are not mere incidents. Mary is seen surrounded by soldiers as William explains that everything is a coup d'etat [6].

Anime[edit | edit source]

Dr. William Walter Wordsworth, Catholic priest and AX Agent "Professor."

As a member of the AX unit, Father Wordsworth has a number of talents that he utilizes throughout the series. While he occasionally works as a professor at the University of Rome, he finds the students bothersome and prefers not to teach. He is also a noted inventor, even dabbling in lost technologies from time to time. As a result, he often comes up with somewhat bizarre inventions - some of which work well while others end up as spectacular failures with a tendency to blow up. Among his inventions are a flying car equipped with missiles and rocket boosters with a shape that makes it difficult to fly. Although he has made a variety of interesting creations, Father Wordsworth firmly believes that science should never be misused.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

William Wordsworth (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850) was a major English Romantic poet.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Esther about Poseidon WWW) I have a child. Blue round eyes and delicate skin, a bit like you. Sleeping at the moment, although she cannot move... This child is really beautiful.
  • (To Abel about Poseidon WWW)This is not about "what" or "why"! This invention was built with all my love, as if it was my own precious child.

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References[edit | edit source]

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