Personal information
Residence: Barrieland Island (former)
Londinium, Kingdom of Albion (former)
New Human Empire
Gender: Female
Species: Artificial Methuselah (Fairy)
Weapon(s): Tinker Bell
Ability: Flight
Other information
Novel debut: RAM II: Never Land
Anime debut: Never Land
Japanese seiyū: Yukari Tamura
English V.A.: Caitlin Glass

Wendy is seemingly an ordinary young girl, but is actually an artificial fairy-like Methuselah who gained her powers through professor James Barrie's experimentation. Because of the experiments, she and the other surviving children fear and hate all adults. She leads the orphans in attacking ships to get supplies. In order to control the orphans, she uses the TinkerBell Coordination system, which causes them to share Wendy's thoughts as she guides their actions.

Though she can't control him, Peter loves Wendy.


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