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We're no Angels is the 4th chapter of the Trinity Blood manga and the last one in the Star of Sorrow arc.
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The title is based on the 1955 comedy film of the same name.


Gyula keeps on fighting with Abel, revealing his motive behind this attack is revenge for his wife, Maria. Who died 10 years ago. Abel is able to understand Gyula's pain, which confuses Gyula for a moment, before he prepears to finish off Abel.

While Esther finally finds Dietrich, asking from him the code to stop the Star of Sorrow from launching it's attack. Agreeing to help as an apology for taking his games too far, he tells her the code to stop the Star. "Igne natura renovatur integra." Esther runs off to stop the star, while Dietrich assures to Esther, that when he said that he loved her, he was not lying.

Gyula is suprised to see wings upon Abel's back, while Abel reveals the true form of Crusniks and what they really are to Gyula. Summoning his scythe, Abel takes down Gyula finally. And returning back to his human form just as Esther arrives back with the code to the star. Esther moves over to the computer and starts to write the code onto the computer, while Abel makes sure that Gyula won't try anything. But the Metusalah admits his defeat, not going to try and fight against them. Esther holds her breath, while she waits to see if the star wold selfdestruct, like Dietrich promised to her. But onto the screen Dietrich pops up, explaining that once again Esther was too naive in trusting him, but he still loves her, that being truth. The attack is now targeting Istavan and the time is running out.


Gyula dying on Esther's arms

Just then Abel steps in and says a code into the microphone, making the Star of Sorrow selfdestruct upon his command. Gyula admits his defeat, the star being gone now. When suddenly one of the enemies burst inside the room and start shooting. But his head is shot off by Tres Iqus, who asks for the damage report. Abel tells that he is fine, but then the two look at Esther. Who is fine because Gyula took the hit for her. Apologising for taking her loved one, he wanted to die in her arms, but his won't come true now. Esther starts to cry, admitting that she hated him at first, but now she understands that they are the same. Gyula smiles, remembering that someone else told him the same thing long time ago. Wondering what he did wrong to become like this. Dying on Esther's arms.

Early in the next morning, Abel and Tres are prepearing to leave. Tres reminding Abel that their train leaves in a few minutes. When Esther shows up with a bag. Having things that she needs to figure out. Expaining to Abel and Tres that she has already gotten a transport to Rome. The three run together than into the train, as it is about to leave.


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