Virgil Walsh
Personal information
Aliases: Earl of Manchester
Residence: Albion
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Relative(s): Vanessa Walsh (younger twin sister)
Weapon(s): Rapier
Affiliation(s): Kingdom of Albion
Other information
Manga debut: Act. 48 The King and I
Japanese seiyū: Yasunori Matsumoto
English V.A.: Vic Mignogna

Virgil Walsh, Earl of Manchester, is a Methuselah and Albion Knight who manages the Ghetto and the production of lost technology in Londinium. He is a very calm and relaxed person, even in a crisis, and works closely with the Albion Government to monitor the factory in the Ghetto. Although he understands the desire of the enslaved Methuselah to be free, he is against Vanessa Walsh's (Virgil's younger twin sister) willingness to use violence to accomplish it. He has his hopes in the next generation of rulers, who he feels will see how wrong the situation is and will change it.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

Virgil is very similar to Vanessa Walsh as they both have long, blonde hair, light eyes and his voice is noted to be similar to Vanessa by Esther Blanchett. Unlike Vanessa, who wears ripped or shredded clothing and her hair in messy spikes, Virgil has a formal and neat appearance.

In contrast to his sister, who is crude and shows little restraint, Virgil is patient and formal in both behavior and speech.

His manga portrait features him with bats, symbolizing his status as "guardian of the night", and a white rose, symbolizing "honor and reverence". His pocket watch symbolizes punctuality and royalty. Along with his sister, his Thores' tarot card arcana is The Coins. His manga cover shows him and his sister surrounded by white nearly-wilted roses.

In the manga's Alice in Wonderland-themed covers, Virgil and Vanessa are shown as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

He appears to be older in the anime.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Virgil is able to stretch its shadow which melts everything it touches.

Manga and Novels[edit | edit source]

The Throne of Roses Arc[edit | edit source]

Virgil  first appears as an unknown man in a black cape when Mary Spencer escorts Abel Nightroad and Esther Blanchett to their respective bed chambers. Mary demands to know why a trespasser would wander into the residence of Queen Bridget II, to which he replies he had rushed to the palace upon hearing the Queen's ill health. Mary identifies the man as Virgil Walsh, Earl of Manchester, and denies his request. She insists he leaves, and to avoid dressing in ominous clothing when visiting the royal palace. As Mary leave them, Esther insists they must investigate in this matter. Abel persuades Esther to let him go on his own. Abel investigates the streets when he suddenly hears a woman pleading for her life. The priest tries to save her from Jack the Ripper, but Jack gains the upper hand and deals a blow to Abel, which causes him to lose consciousness. Virgil appears and saves him, bringing him to the underground Ghetto.

Abel wakes up after nightmare. He does not know where he is at first, and is surprised to see lost technology such as the electric lock. Abel remembers he had been there in his youth. Suddenly, Abel hears a group of children singing "Mother Goose". He tries investigate them discreetly through the door, but accidentally falls into the room. A shocked Vanessa Walsh orders him to tell her who he is, to which he replies cheerfully that he is a priest. Horrified, Vanessa attacks him and demands to know why a "Vatican dog" would be in the Ghetto, and mistaking her for her brother, Abel states it was her who brought him there. Unable to convince her to stop, Abel pulls out his gun and questions who she was, and why she was attacking him after saving him last night. Vanessa assumes he is feigning ignorance and is really a spy sent by Bloody Mary. Abel tries to explain that was not the case, Mary was just Esther's bodyguard and they had just been sent there to pay their respects to the ill Queen Bridget. Abel is confused and is about to ask Vanessa about "The Ministry of Doctrinal Affairs" when he trips and falls face first into Vanessa's chest, enraging her. She tries to strangle him with her hair, but is stopped by Virgil. Virgil introduces himself as the Count of Manchester, and explains that they are in Albion's secret underground Ghetto.

Virgil saves an unconscious Esther and the Pope. After he rescues them, he tells her his UV-gel is wearing off and he does not have time to introduce himself. However, he assures her he is not the enemy, and was sent by Abel Nightroad to assist her.

Later, Virgil brings Esther to Abel and Vanessa, just as Vanessa was about to strangle him. Virgil apologizes for Vanessa for her temper. Esther asks Abel why he was here, to which he explains that a lot had happened since last night. Esther sighs and replies she and the Pope were in a similar situation. Abel tries to hold back his panic and laughter at this. Virgil offers to take them to show them around the Ghetto and then his place where they can discuss things further, to which they agree. Unknown to them, Brother Andreas had been spying on them the whole time.

Virgil shows Esther and the group their Ghetto. When they arrive a pharmaceutical production plant, Virgil explains they produce goods for companies above. Esther is surprised how the production is being carried out by so few people, to which Virgil explains that they manage with the help of machines. Esther realizes that the generations of Albion Queens have harbored the Methuselah because they run the production system with lost technology. 

Esther notices that many Methuselah of the Ghetto were scared of them, just as Terrans were scared of the Methuselah, and it was the Queen who kept the delicate balance. The nun questions herself her role and what she can do, to which catches the attention of Virgil. Esther pretends she was just wondering how the Methuselah manage their 'thirst', to which Virgil explains they buy blood from the people of the East end under the pretense of medical supplies, as it is too expensive to manufacture synthetic blood for such a small population. Virgil also informs Esther that they would require the help of the people above if an emergency strikes, specifically, if the Vatican were to find out and try to exterminate them, they would have to flee to the Empire. But due to the long distance, it would be a blessing if one or two Methuselah will arrive. Esther is sympathetic, but believing Esther does not consider Methuselah as people, Virgil assures her he is not trying to persuade her view them as humans. Virgil admits that the Vactican acknowledging the humanity of Methuselah would mean destroying their own reason for their existence. But the Methuselah do not care for the shunning, hate or fear they receive, instead, they just hope for peace and quiet.

After Alessandro blesses Angelica's rabbit at her request, Virgil comments he will give the rabbit some antibiotics afterwards. Vanessa soon arrives with the report of the artillery shell, and Virgil explains to Esther that the shell matches those used by the Germanicus infantry. Vanessa comments that it must mean someone from Germanicus wants Esther dead, and Virgil adds that it would be difficult for an ordinary hitman to procure the official military machines guns. Vanessa orders Angelica to go home, and shouts at her when she refuses. The Pope stands up for her, and Virgil tries to reason with Vanessa. But Vanessa grabs Virgil and knocks him out with a shot of silver and morphine. A confused Virgil questions her, to which she responds that she has grown impatient of his "lukewarm methods." Vanessa then explains to the group that her informants have told her that Mary has teamed up with The Inquisition and will destroy the Ghetto soon, and that she will use The Lady Saint and The Pope to buy more time.

Virgil appears in a hallway as Mary marches through the Ghetto in her robotic battle-suit. The Colonel attacks him, revealing she had always been angered by him whenever he called her "your majesty." She does not manage to kill him, however, as her robotic suit starts to break down because Petros had lodged his spear into the robot's arm. The rest of the army suddenly appear as alarm goes off. Mary realizes Virgil has managed to trigger the shelter system that was restored from ancient times, and that they must retreat or they will be shut in the Ghetto.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[edit | edit source]

It is mentioned early in the arc that the wall of the Ghetto has completely sealed it off from the outside and the Albion military are having difficulties opening it, despite using heavy explosives. The Vatican has also publicly knows Albion is housing vampires.[1]

Virgil is mentioned later on when Vanessa finds herself in William Walter Wordsworth's car after he rescues her from certain death. Vanessa refuses to believe William when he said he saved a lady as it was an obligation of any gentleman, and theorizes he wants her as a hostage to use against Virgil. She argues his plan will not work, as Virgil would never endanger his people for his sister. William replies he already knows, and that he also knows that Virgil is captured and held in the impenetrable Tower of London, much to Vanessa's shock. He dissuades a tense Vanessa from taking him hostage, and reassures her the Ghetto is locked from the inside, much to the frustration of the Albion military. Therefore, the Albion government still has use for Virgil and will not kill him just yet and they still have time.

Still surprised William mentioned both him and her a if they were both going to rescue Virgil, Vanessa asks William once again why he is willing to help her. William confesses he was "caught in a sentimental moment" does not want to see anyone else die after witnessing his deceased friend, including Methuselah. Vanessa remains annoyed and unconvinced, certain it is a trap.[2] The two are chased by fighter jets and William escapes by demonstrating his car can fly, only to be targeted by underwater missiles, leaving their fates unknown.


Virgil is shown to be tied up in chains and injected with silver nitrate alongside Angelica in the tower. The Pope, who lied about having permission from Sister Paula to "interrogate" the "vampires". The Pope persuades a shocked Brother Andrew to leave him alone in his interrogation, and begins to apologize to a barely-conscious Virgil. Courteous as always, the Earl is embarrassed to be shown in such a state in front of such an important person who took such great efforts to see him, but Alessandro continues apologizing for the torture the Earl has endured. Virgil explains he knows it is all part of Colonel Spencer's plan and he bears no grudge toward Alessandro, but begs the Pope to leave as his presence will hurt his public image. Alessandro agrees but hands Virgil a paperclip and blueprints of the Tower, revealing he has an eidetic memory after seeing the blueprints six years ago. A stunned Virgil immediately recognizes Alessandro's rare "gift of God" while Alessandro begins to cry while apologizing. The Earl smiles and thanks the Pope for all he has done, assuring him that he will be able to escape - or at least free Angelica. The Pope leaves as he hears Brother Andrew sneeze, before leaving a message for Angelica that her rabbit, Perot, is alright. Virgil smiles and thanks him.

Virgil prepares to fight Todd.

Outside the cell, the Pope pretends he couldn't interrogate anything useful from Virgil to Brother Andrew. Andrew prepares to leave when suddenly an unknown voice in the dark points out the Pope is in a very dangerous place. The owner of the voice slams Andrew onto the ground and murders the soldiers and their guide. Imprints appear as Sweeney Todd's feet stand upon the soldiers, which Alessandro correctly identifies as an invisible field. Todd makes it clear he intends to kill the Pope and asks for a blessing for his Regiment, but just as he is about to make a killing, the soldier is suddenly he is kicked in the gut by Virgil. Todd identifies Virgil as the meddling "General of Monsters". The Earl admits he is of low birth, but takes pride in his status as a knight of the Queen, and rhetorically asks if he could watch as the Pope is killed [3].

Todd reveals that Virgil will be the scapegoat.

Virgil fights Sweeney Todd. Todd doubts Virgil can fight now that his strength has been dampened to that of a human because of the silver nitrate injected, but Virgil counters that he has been training for centuries. Virgil appears to have the upper hand, but Todd manages to overpower him, revealing that his skin is both sword and bulletproof. The former Albion soldier reveals he has been brought back to life by the "Queen of the Dead" to kill people like Virgil. Todd explains to the confused Methuselah that he will not die there, but instead will be framed for the murder of the Lady Saint and the Queen. Just as it seemed like Virgil would be killed, Tres Iqus appears and shoots down Todd.[4]

Anime[edit | edit source]

After the death of Queen Bridget II, Virgil was assigned the task of searching for the heir to the throne of Albion, known as the "Star of Hope." After Abel's supposed death and the Rosenkreuz assault on Albion, Virgil goes to the church in Londinium where Esther is mourning for Abel. He reveals to her that she is, in fact, the "Star of Hope" and heir to the throne of Albion. He pleads with her to save her people.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Virgil" is the English name of poet Publius Vergilius Maro (70–19 BC). The exact etymology is unknown, although it is thought to be linked to "vigil", meaning a period of purposeful sleeplessness, an occasion for devotional watching, or an observance. A vigil of prayer was practiced by squires in the Middle Ages the night before his knighting ceremony.

"Walsh" is an Irish surname. It can mean "Briton", "foreigner," or literally "Welshman," taken to Ireland by British soldiers during and after the Norman Invasion of Ireland.

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References[edit | edit source]

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