The Vatican Army is a branch of the Armed Forces of the Vatican. In 3060 AD, Pope Alessandro XVIII was abducted by the Neue Vatican, a secessionist group of heretics who betrayed their allegiance to the Vatican Papal State, while touring the Duchy of Bohemia. As a result, Cardinal Francesco di Medici deployed the Vatican Army to Bohemia. With the cooperation of the Bohemian government and the additional support of the Department of Inquisition, 30,000 soldiers of the Vatican-Bohemian allied army converged on the Neue Vatican stronghold of Brno—now fortified by 5,000 heretics.[1]

The standoff at Brno was fraught with tension and uncertainty. Fearing that the Neue Vatican would gain greater strength if the local churches and noble houses sided with the heretics, Medici determined that the Vatican Army and its allies had to achieve a swift and decisive end to the rebellion. He therefore rejected the proposed assistance of the Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section ("AX"). Due to the urgency of the situation, which was worsened by the defection of several regiments of the Vatican Eastern Army to the heretics' cause, Medici felt that there was insufficient time for integrating an unconventional special forces group into a conventional armed force such as the Vatican Army.[1]


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