Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa manga color
Personal information
Residence: Ghetto of Albion
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Methuselah
Relative(s): Virgil Walsh (Older twin brother)
Weapon(s): Her hair
Other information
Novel debut: ROM V
Manga debut: Act. 46 Dans La Ville Blanche
Japanese seiyū: Akiko Kimura
English V.A.: Monica Rial

Vanessa Walsh is a Methuselah of the Albion underground Ghetto who resorts to extreme measures to ensure the safety of her people and the younger twin sister of Virgil Walsh.

Appearance and SymbolismEdit

Vanessa is very similar to Virgil Walsh as they both have long, blonde hair, light eyes and her voice is noted to be similar to Virgil's voice by Esther Blanchett. However, in the anime, she has green hair and looks older than her manga counterpart.

She often wears ripped or shredded clothing while her hair is kept in messy spikes, as opposed to Virgil's formal and neat appearance.

In her manga portrait, Vanessa is featured with a white rose, symbolizing "honor and reverence". In her second manga portrait, she is shown with a white rose in her hair and a white snake around her body. Vanessa and Virgil appear together in their manga cover portrait, surrounded by white, nearly-wilted roses.

Along with her brother, her Thores' tarot card arcana is The Coins.

In the manga's Alice in Wonderland-themed covers, Virgil and Vanessa are shown as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Personality Edit

While Virgil Walsh is patient and formal in both behavior and speech, Vanessa is more coarse who shows little restraint.



The Throne of Roses ArcEdit

Vanessa first appears as a boy in a surgical mask and a hat when Esther Blanchett notices someone glaring at her upon her arrival in Albion. A carriage suddenly crashes through a glass wall in front of them. Esther saves 'the boy' by tackling 'him' too the ground, then she asks the bystander whether 'he' was alright. But in doing so, she accidentally spills the contents of 'his bag, revealing a concealed bomb. The 'young man' then grabs Esther, points a gun at her, and takes her as a hostage. Mary demands the 'man' to let Esther go, promising diplomacy. The 'young man' rebuffs her promise, pointing out he knows how "Bloody Mary" made a similar promise during the Percy Rebellion -- only to then slaughter the rebels who had already surrendered. Mary deduces that the 'young man' must be a surviving rebel, and then attempts to convince him to let Esther go and shoot herself instead. Arguing that he will be swarmed by the Mary's subordinates, the 'young man' rejects the idea, and attempts to flee the scene on a helicopter with Esther in tow. However, the helicopter is shot down and 'the boy' falls into the water, revealing that it was Vanessa. Vanessa is approached by "Mr. Butler" and reports she was unable to kill Mary Spencer [1].

Mr. Butler takes her into his car and Vanessa tells Mr. Butler about her fears that Mary would sell the country to the Vatican. Mr. Butler tries to calm her, telling her it is their mission to help those oppressed by the Church, and offers her a glass of wine with a data cube inside. Vanessa clutches the "release code" with glee, certain that now she can save her people [2].

Vanessa next appears playing on the piano and singing to the Methuselah kids of the Ghetto, when she is suddenly interrupted by Abel who falls through the door. A shocked Vanessa orders him to tell her who he is, to which he replies cheerfully that he is a priest. Horrified, Vanessa attacks him and demands to know why a "Vatican dog" would be in the Ghetto and mistaking her for Virgil Walsh (Vanessa's older brother), Abel states it was her who brought him there. Unable to convince her to stop, Abel pulls out his gun and questions who she was, and why she was attacking him after saving him last night. Vanessa assumes he is feigning ignorance and is really a spy sent by Bloody Mary (Mary Spencer). Abel tries to explain that was not the case, Mary was just Esther's bodyguard and they had just been sent there to pay their respects to the ill Queen Bridget. Abel is confused and is about to ask Vanessa about "The Ministry of Doctrinal Affairs" when he trips and falls face first into Vanessa's chest. It is only at this point that he realizes that Vanessa is in fact female and attempts to apologize. However, Vanessa is too enraged to listen and tries to strangle him him with her hair, only to be stopped by Virgil. Virgil and Vanessa explains that they are in Albion's secret underground Ghetto.[3]

Later when Abel Nightroad wakes, he mistakes Angelica for an enemy and nearly shoots her. Vanessa explains that Angelica is a good-natured methuselah who has yet to awaken. Abel assumes she is shy as she had not spoken to him, but Vanessa explains she is mute, having not been able to talk since an incident three years ago, where her parents were murdered before her eyes. Angelica's parents lived with her on the outskirts of Bohemia, got along well with the Terrans, and was harbored by a kind Bishop. After he died, however, a "fanatic" priest was sent as his replacement. The new priest incited the villagers to annihilate their entire clan, kill their livestock, and draw blood from the died from illnesses. Vanessa blames this on their ignorance. Angelica's parents were killed with the house burnt down and stakes driven in their hearts, and Angelica would have suffered the same fate had Virgil not been there. Abel is upset after noting that Angelica still wears a crucifix after all she had been through. Vanessa mistakes Abel's reaction for pain from his injuries, gives him painkillers, and offers to change his bandages. Abel is embarrassed that Vanessa was the one who bandaged him, having thought she hated him. Vanessa clarifies that it was all a misunderstanding: she doesn't hate him, she hates all Terrans. As Abel cowers in fear, Vanessa assures him she will not kill him (for now) as it would only give an excuse for the people above to destroy the Ghetto.

Vanessa explains to Abel that even though she did not like Queen Bridget II, the Queen kept her promises. However, "Bloody Mary" (Mary Spencer) is different, and things will inevitably be worse for the Ghetto Methuselah as Mary tries to use rely on the Vatican, an anti-vampire organization, to gain support for the throne. Abel mentions Esther Blanchett (The Lady Saint)] as a peaceful means who can help Vanessa Walsh in her quest to stop Mary. Vanessa says that was what Virgil thought as well, but she is skeptical, given Mary's cunningness, how The Lady Saint is affiliated with the Vatican, and was also responsible for the death of two Methuselah in Istvan. Vanessa insists they are better off fighting, especially now that she's found a 'trump card' in B-VI. Abel panics and tries to dissuade her, but realizing he knows what she is talking about, Vanessa accuses him of being a spy and threatens to choke him. Esther suddenly stops her by aiming her sawed-off shotgun at the back of Vanessa's head.

Virgil apologizes for Vanessa for her temper. Esther asks Abel why he was here, to which he explains that a lot had happened since last night. Esther sighs and replies she and the Pope were in a similar situation. Abel tries to hold back his panic and laughter at this. Virgil offers to take them to show them around the Ghetto and then his place where they can discuss things further, to which they agree. Unknown to them, Brother Andreas had been spying on them the whole time.

Virgil shows Esther and the group their Ghetto. After Alessandro XVIII blesses Angelica's rabbit at her request, Virgil comments he will give the rabbit some antibiotics afterwards. Vanessa soon arrives with the report of the artillery shell, and Virgil explains to Esther that the shell matches those used by the Germanicus infantry. Vanessa comments that it must mean someone from Germanicus wants Esther dead, and Virgil adds that it would be difficult for an ordinary hitman to procure the official military machines guns. Vanessa orders Angelica to go home, and shouts at her when she refuses. The Pope stands up for her, and Virgil tries to reason with Virgil. But Vanessa grabs Virgil and knocks him out with a shot of silver and morphine. A confused Virgil questions her, to which she responds that she has grown impatient of his "lukewarm methods." Vanessa then explains to the group that her informants have told her that Mary has teamed up with The Inquisition and will destroy the Ghetto soon, and that she will use The Lady Saint and The Pope to buy more time.

Abel tries to convince Vanessa to stop, but Vanessa does not relent and threatens to kill him. Esther grips her gun and tries to rationalize that Vanessa will only make any Methuselah-Terran negotiations more difficult, as it is exactly the excuse the military on the surface is looking for. Vanessa simply shrugs it off, retorting that time for "her kind" has run out, as her informants have told her that Bloody Mary has joined forces with the Inquisition. Mary will destroy the Methuselah and campaign for the throne as she is an illegitimate daughter, Vanessa explains, much to Esther's surprise. The nun questions why Mary's illegitimacy would cause her to destroy the Ghetto, but before Vanessa could finish explaining that Mary intends to gather support from the Vatican by doing the Inquisition's bidding, Abel suddenly pulls out his gun and aims it directly at Alessandro and Angelica. The priest fires despite Vanessa and Esther's objections, but to their surprise, it is the wall that Abel fired at, which had a secret policeman hiding behind it.

An army of secret police suddenly arrive with guns ablaze. Vanessa attacks them and suspects Esther and Abel to be the ones who informed them of the Pope's location. The two deny it but Vanessa is not convinced. Suddenly, the ground beneath them begins to shake. Video screens reveal that the entire Ghetto is invaded by troops, armored motor suits, and the Albion military. Vanessa curses Bloody Mary as the scene unfolds and takes her leave as Angelica watches. Abel asks where she is going, but Vanessa cryptically answers that the Ghetto, her home, has been destroyed, and that "betrayal has opened [her] eyes". The Methuselah vanishes before Abel remarks to himself that Vanessa plans on "using that", which does not go unnoticed by Esther.

Vanessa arrives in the Ghetto computer system room and finds Mr. Butler there, quoting Shakespeare. Vanessa questions his real identity and his motives, to which Mr. Butler reveals he has several names, and that he is after "The Blueprints of God." Vanessa concludes he must be insane, before being interrupted by Abel. The Butler reveals his real identity as Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer to a horrified Abel Nightroad. Vanessa attacks Abel in his Krusnik form, orders Isaak to escape, but is instead stabbed and left to die by Isaak's Salamandra. Vanessa remains unconscious for the rest of this arc.

The Crown of Thorns ArcEdit

Vanessa is seen in The Professor's car. William apologizes for keeping her waiting, but Vanessa is suspicious of his true motives. The priest seems to be bothered by being dubbed an "old man" by the person he just rescued, but replies that he saved a lady as it was an obligation of any gentleman. Vanessa is stunned to be called a lady, but quickly regains her composure and retorts she does not believe that is a good enough reason for a "Vatican dog" to save a "vampire". William feigns ignorance and jokingly proclaims he didn't know she was a vampire. He elaborates when didn't notice something so trivial among the chaos when he first saw her.

Vanessa refuses to believe William and theorizes he wants her as a hostage to use against Virgil. She argues his plan will not work, as Virgil would never endanger his people for his sister. William replies he already knows, and that he also knows that Virgil is captured and held in the impenetrable Tower of London, much to Vanessa's shock. He dissuades a tense Vanessa from taking him hostage, and reassures her the Ghetto is locked from the inside, much to the frustration of the Albion military. Therefore, the Albion government still has use for Virgil and will not kill him just yet and they still have time.

Still surprised William mentioned both him and her a if they were both going to rescue Virgil, Vanessa asks William once again why he is willing to help her. William confesses he was "caught in a sentimental moment" does not want to see anyone else die after witnessing his deceased friend, including Methuselah. Vanessa remains annoyed and unconvinced, certain it is a trap.

Vanessa tells the priest about the history of the Ghetto Methuselah and the humans. They had been living peacefully for centuries, supplying Albion with technology for protection, buying blood with money, and helping the sick people in the slums. They had wanted to live in peace, however, they suddenly get the blame when something goes wrong and are sentenced to death by people who they thought were friends. Vanessa argues that that is why Terrans could not be trusted.

William listens and acknowledges the problem does exist, but argues she shouldn't blame everyone in Albion for it. He points out that this is typical herd behavior, and questions whether Vanessa is really willing to forsake all of humanity for it.

Their conversation is interrupted when Sister Kate Scott sends a message through the radio. She confirms William's prediction was right - a large amount of weapons have suddenly vanished from the Albion black market in the recent months. Enough to start a war, but it appears they were not taken by gangs; no one knows where they went. The Professor thanks Kate and informs her that the person who attacked him and Esther earlier was an artificially strengthened soldier by the name of Sergent Jack Ironside. Jack Ironside supposedly died two years ago in the Percy Rebellion along with the rest of the 44th Regiment. His funeral was arranged by Mary Spencer (Jack's supervisor), but the church has no burial records of him or any other of the more than one hundred members of the 44th Regiment.


Vanessa panics while William remains calm.

Kate seems stumped by this information, while William mentions he has more interesting news to share. He cuts the conversation short, however, knowing someone is eavesdropping on them. William informs her that he can tell her that chaos will ensue in this country soon, that he is going to someone to collect some information, and for her to stand watch in the sky and act accordingly when that time comes. Kate agrees and pleads for him to be cautious after what happened to Abel, but the radio suddenly cuts off. Vanessa assumes it is because of mediocre Terran technology, but William counters that someone used an ECM transmission to interfere with the signals. The priest notices something odd on the radar, and based on the speed, seems to be a fighter aircraft. Vanessa questions whether it could be the Navy's airplane carrier fighters, but notices there are no visible aircraft registration numbers or country insignia.

William's flying car.

William slams on the accelerator and the car plunges forward. Vanessa is shocked but doesn't argue when the jets start firing missiles at them. The priest remains calm while Vanessa begins to panic. William smiles and activates the rocket booster, and then the car begins to fly. The Methuselah remarks how ridiculous all of this is when she notices her seat starting to smoke. William is baffled at first before he realizes the petrol tank is leaking extremely corrosive fuel. The flying car starts to spin while Vanessa screams in horror. The two of them fly off into an explosion with the fighter jets on their tail.[4]

William tells a confused Vanessa that he dropped a portion of the explosive rocket fuel, hence the explosion. The Professor decides to fly to Londinium, but Vanessa asks why the jets were after them. suspecting William knows the answer. The priest agrees, and jokes that she should be more polite if she wants to him to tell her. Vanessa is furious, but their conversation is cut short when the Professor notices they have been locked on. Unable to see anyone nearby, Vanessa argues to the radar must be broken, until she notices bubbling in the water. Missiles suddenly launch from under the ocean and explode, leaving their fate unknown.[5]

A flying car later appears and rains bullets down around Jane Judith Jocelyn, whose car was surrounded by  tanks. Vanessa steps out of the car and hurls her stomach contents onto the floor. Professor Wordsworth introduces himself before requesting the assistance of Jane's former army, the 5th Regiment. Jane is reluctant as the prospect of sending her private army to war, but William argues that the recent events within the capital are not mere incidents. Mary is seen surrounded by soldiers as William explains that everything is a coup d'etat.[6]


While Virgil Walsh has a calm and rational personality (Vanessa's older brother), Vanessa is much more of a high strung, angry and short-tempered person who is also the leader of a Vampire Terrorist Group who attempted to capture Pope Alessandro XVIII so that they could use his safety as a bargaining chip. Despite her anger, she was really hoping to free her people, rather than harm the Pope. Vanessa learned that there were some humans who cared about their hardships when Pope Alessandro stopped Brother Petros Orsini from taking her life. She would later destroy Dietrich's death hunters to save the Pope. She would also help the AX destroy Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer's ship by explaining the mechanics of defensive shield surrounding the aircraft.     


  • The name Vanessa was a name created by the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift for his student, Esther Vanhomrigh.
    • The name was made by combining "Van" with "Essa", a pet form of Esther Blanchett and the name may be deliberately chosen because of Vanessa's similarities with Esther in the Star of Sorrow arc.
  • Vanessa' surname Walsh means "Briton" or "foreigner", literally "Welshman" or "Wales" in Irish.


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