Václav Havel
Personal information
Aliases: Know Faith/No Face (codename)
Residence: - Brno (former)[1]
- Rome[1]
Status: - Deceased (novels only)[2]
- Alive (anime only)[3]
Birth: 3021 AD, Brno[1]
Death: 3060 AD, Brno (novels only)[2]
Age: 39 (death)[2]
Gender: Male[4]
Species: Human[4]
Occupation: - Inquisitor (former)
- Catholic priest[4]
- AX agent[4]
Ability: - Camouflage[5]
- Flight
Affiliation(s): Duchy of Bohemia[1]
Catholic Church (former)[6]
Vatican Papal State[4] (former)[6]

Neue Vatican (briefly)[6]

Other information
Novel debut: RAM III: Judas Priest
Manga debut: act. 40 The Postman Always Rings Twice (flashback)
Anime debut: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow[4]
Japanese seiyū: Fumihiko Tachiki
English V.A.: Chuck Huber

Václav Havel, codenamed Know Faith, is a male Terran priest and AX agent who possesses the power of camouflage—an ability to blend in with the surrounding environment himself, rendering him invisible. He also has the ability to take flight, albeit briefly. A Brno-born native of the Duchy of Bohemia, Havel has been one of Cardinal Caterina Sforza's most trusted friends since at least the early 3050s AD. Though he usually remains at Sforza's side in Rome, he occasionally undertakes missions for the Ministry of Holy Affairs like the other AX agents.

His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Hermit.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Novels[edit | edit source]

In the novels, during the Bohemia War, he calls himself the "Unbeliever". Although he was often considered to be one of the most religious men in the AX unit, Father Havel began to doubt his faith after seeing so much suffering in the world. Some time after losing his belief in God, Father Havel joined the Vatican Neue Vatican, and became one of Alphonso d'Este's followers. He kidnaps the Pope, resulting in a conflict with his former comrades. Although Abel tries to convince him to return to the AX, he turns him down. Hearing that the Inquisition forces plan on killing all within the city, an injured Havel attempts to stop them, but is subsequently killed by Sister Paula. Before he dies, the priest admits that he had found his faith once again.

RAM III[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Throne of Roses[edit | edit source]

Václav appears in Alessandro's flashbacks.*

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The full name of "Václav Havel" is a variation of Václav Havel (5 October 1936 – 18 December 2011), the first president of the Czech Republic. He was also a known writer and statesman.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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