I'm part of the current Trinity Blood scanlation team.

I didn't plan to write so much for the TB wiki, but there was quite a bit of misinformation around and one thing led to another...

Hopefully this wiki will help clear up a lot

I've added a navigation table to the bottom of most of the important pages.

Please feel free to talk to me or ask me anything.

What I've done so far, in a nutshell: - Added info from Canon into the Armageddon/ Methuselah/ Crusnik pages. Also created The Dark ages page. - Rewrote most of the character pages on this site, and wrote pages that had almost noting. - Deleted a lot of misinformation. - Added more pictures and updated the old ones with HQ versions. - Added a navigation table!

To do: - Add more images. - Finish biographies.

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