United Nations Aerospace Force


21st century AD


c. 2124 AD (Armageddon)


United Nations


Military, scientific, and colonization force

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The United Nations Aerospace Force (UNASF) (国連航空宇宙軍, Kokuren kōkū uchū-gun) was a branch of the United Nations concerned with both aviation and space flight. Prior to the collapse of the UN, the UNASF was in charge of the Red Mars Project—a colonization program that inadvertently led to Armageddon, the nuclear apocalypse of 2124 AD.


In the late 21st century AD, the UNASF was in charge of the Red Mars Project—an international endeavor to establish human colonies on the planet Mars. The chief representatives of the UNASF on Mars were four genetically-engineered test subjects: Lilith Sahl, Cain Knightlord, Abel Nightroad and Seth Nightlord. Commissioned as officers and scientists in the UNASF, they were created to serve as the leaders of the colonization program.

Though the UNASF oversaw the Red Mars Project with the aim of re-stabilizing the overpopulated planet Earth, it indirectly contributed to the end of the ancient world. The colonists' discovery of the Ark and its advanced technology ultimately led to Armageddon—a nuclear apocalypse that virtually rendered most of the Earth desolate and uninhabitable in 2124 AD. Like most of the Earth's governments and the entire UN, the UNASF did not survive the destructive consequences of Armageddon.

UNASF Lieutenant Colonel Abel Nightroad

United Nations Aerospace Force Lieutenant Colonel Abel Nightroad, shortly after returning to Earth from Mars.

The UNASF had set out to save the human race, but its legacy nearly annihilated the remnants of humanity. The Mars colonists had returned to Earth in the early 22nd century AD; infected by a virus acquired from the Ark, they were transformed into a new race of vampire-like creatures that became known as the Methuselah. In addition to the UNASF's inadvertent creation of vampires, the leaders of the Red Mars Project—by now bonded with an even more advanced technology from the Ark—also returned to the human homeworld. Three out of the four subjects—Knightlord, Nightroad and Nightlord—led the Methuselah in a genocidal war that claimed millions of human lives.

Unlike the majority of the "Returners," Sahl refused to participate in the annihilation of the human race. Disgusted by the genocide, she provided critical support to the Vatican—a state that survived Armageddon and essentially replaced the fallen UN as the new leader of the international community. The legacy of the UNASF almost destroyed what remained of mankind, but also saved it through Sahl. Although the UNASF was all but forgotten in the centuries that followed the destructive era of Armageddon, various relics remained in existence as late as the 31st century AD. With the exception of Sahl, who perished as a martyr of the Terran cause, the other three former UNASF officers were still alive almost a millennium after their creation.

Accessing Star of Sorrow

With Esther Blanchett at his side, former UNASF Lieutenant Colonel Abel Nightroad programs the Star of Sorrow to self-destruct.

In 3062 AD, the Methuselah count Gyula Kádár attempted to destroy Rome, the capital of the Vatican, using the weapons system of the Star of Sorrow. The Star was actually a satellite; a lost technology relic that dated back to the ancient world. Abel Nightroad was able to prevent the destruction of Rome by accessing the satellite's computer system with his clearance codes as a former officer in the UNASF. He then activated the satellite's self-destruct mechanism, destroying the Star in order to prevent it from being used again as a weapon of mass destruction.[1]



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