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2124 AD (Armageddon)

The United Nations (UN) was an intergovernmental organization founded in the mid-twentieth century AD. By the late 21st century AD, it spearheaded the Mars Colonization Program in an effort to reduce the effects of overpopulation on Earth. The program ended in failure after the Mars colonists discovered the Ark, a vessel of unknown origin with highly advanced technology—the Crusnik nanomachines and Kudlak Bacillus.

The discovery on Mars had devastating consequences for the UN and the ancient world. The Earth became consumed in a state of global warfare as the national governments fought to secure control of the Ark. Failing to prevent the collapse of unity and cooperation in the international community, the UN ultimately fell as a result of the apocalyptic war of 2124 AD, now remembered as Armageddon. With the downfall of the UN and the destruction of most of the world, the remnants of human civilization were cast into the Dark Ages—a period marked by humanity's struggle to survive on a post-apocalyptic Earth.



The UN was established in 24 October 1945 AD, shortly after the end of World War II. Its primary function was to unite the international community in the the support of humanitarian causes, the promotion of human rights, and the prevention of another global war. The UN headquarters was located in New York City, one of the major cities of the United States of America. By the early 21st century AD, a total 195 countries were affiliated with the UN; 193 were member states and the remaining two held the status of permanent observer to the UN.

Red Mars ProjectEdit


From left to right: UNASF commanders Abel Nightroad, Seth Nightlord, Lilith Sahl and Cain Knightlord.

When the world population exceeded 12 billion humans by 2080 AD, the UN led humanity's effort to colonize Mars in order to re-stabilize the situation on Earth. The United Nations Aerospace Force (UNASF), a department of the UN responsible for missions in outer space, including the Red Mars Project, deployed roughly 100,000 colonists to Mars under the leadership of four genetically-engineered test subjects—Lilith Sahl, Cain Knightlord, Abel Nightroad, and Seth Nightlord.

The Red Mars Project initially went according to plan, resulting in the establishment of a small but growing community of human colonists on Mars. The program was inadvertently undermined in 2122 AD, however. Sahl and Nightroad had discovered a highly advanced vessel of unknown origin, later known only as the "Ark." Within the Ark they further discovered the Crusnik nanomachines and Kudlak Bacillus.


The discovery of the Ark and its technologies completely reversed the international cooperation that enabled the UN to initiate the Red Mars Project. The Earth's governments were no longer united by their common interest in the colonization of Mars; now they engaged each other in an all-out war for possession of the Ark, the Crusnik nanomachines, and the Kudlak Bacillus. The war soon went from global to nuclear, and ultimately ended in Armageddon—an apocalyptic event that essentially destroyed the world by 2124 AD, making most of the Earth unsustainable of human life.


Armageddon (2124 AD), the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the old world.

With the destruction of most of Earth's governments and the dissolution of the UN, the Earth was cast into a state of utter ruin. The Mars colonists returned to the human homeworld around the early 2200s AD, but their exposure to the Kudlak Bacillus caused them to transform into vampire-like creatures, later known as the "Methuselah." The era that followed in the wake of Armageddon was remembered as the Dark Ages, a period in history when the Methuselah drove the remnants of humanity to the brink of extinction. For decades, the Methuselah slaughtered millions of Terrans, the Earth-based descendants of the humans who never lived on Mars.

The genocide of mankind was ultimately challenged by the Vatican, the sovereign state of the Catholic Church and an observer state of the former UN. The remaining Terrans rallied under the banner of the Church and resisted the vampires' campaign to exterminate humanity. The Human-Methuselah war eventually turned in mankind's favor following the Terran victory at the Battle of Paris in 2220 AD. Most of the surviving Methuselah were driven into Eastern Europe where they established the New Human Empire; the last few vampire nations in Western Europe were destroyed by the Vatican and its allies by 2401 AD.


By leading the Terrans to victory against the Methuselah, the Vatican replaced the fallen UN as the primary leader of the human race. Although some degree of its influence has diminished due to the resurgence of temporal governments, the Vatican remains the greatest form of human leadership since Armageddon.

The four test subjects, created by the UN, all played significant roles in the Dark Ages; their actions having influenced the course of human history for centuries after Armageddon. Cain, Abel and Seth harbored extreme resentment regarding the circumstances of their creation. They believed that the UN exploited them in order to carry out the Red Mars Project. Upon returning Earth, the three siblings joined the Methuselah out of a desire for vengeance, which they intended to gain by exterminating the remnants of humanity.

Unlike the siblings, all of whom successfully infused their bodies with the Crusnik nanomachines to essentially become "vampires that feed on the blood of other vampires," giving them abilities that surpassed those of Terrans and Methuselah alike, Lilith Sahl refused to participate in the genocide of the human race. After infusing the nanomachines into her own body, Sahl formed an alliance with the Vatican and provided them with the lost technologies of the pre-Armageddon world. Her contributions to mankind enabled the Vatican and its allies to prevail against the Methuselah and other Crusniks.


The world (3064 AD), centuries after Armageddon and the fall of the UN

Near the end of the war, Sahl was murdered by Knightlord in an act of treachery. Sahl's death caused Nightroad to seek penance for his sins; after more than nine hundred years of mourning Sahl, Nightroad resurfaced as a Vatican priest and AX agent. Although he never forgave himself for his past crimes as a sinner, his new objective in life was to guide the world in a direction that led to a lasting peace between Terrans and Methuselah.

Nightlord, the youngest of the Crusnik siblings, took control of the Methuselah in Eastern Europe where she established the New Human Empire in 2250 AD. She has ruled the Empire for roughly eight centuries since its founding. Her identity has been carefully concealed in order to hide her past. As such, she adopted the alias and persona of Empress "Augusta Vradica," the reclusive sovereign of the last vampire nation on Earth. By 3064 AD, the Empire and the Vatican were locked in a state of cold war, although relations between the two states have since improved due to the peace-building efforts of certain individuals on both sides, including Nightroad and Nightlord.

Knightlord, the eldest Crusnik sibling, whom Nightroad thought was long dead after the murder of Sahl, survived and hid on Earth for centuries. He eventually became the leader of the Rosencreutz Orden, a major international terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of both Terrans and Methuselah. In order to accomplish this goal, they have made multiple attempts to manipulate the Vatican and the Empire into another state of war.

Count Gyula Kádár, the Mathuselah marquis of István, attempted to use the Star of Sorrow to destroy Rome, the capital of the Vatican. The Star was originally a UN satellite, designated "7782 Satellite," that was restored by the count's late wife, the Terran female Maria. However, the interference of the Rosencreutz Orden caused the satellite to target both Rome and Byzantium, the capital of the New Human Empire. Father Nightroad was able to prevent the destruction of both cities by destroying the satellite—an act he accomplished by using his old UNASF clearance codes to initiate the Star of Sorrow's self-destruct sequence.



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