HC Tres Iqus
Personal information
Aliases: - Gunslinger (codename)
- HC-IIIX (designation)
Residence: Vatican City, Rome
Status: Functional
Gender: Masculine programming
Species: HC (homonculus) Series
Occupation: - Catholic priest
- AX agent
Relative(s): HC-IIX (artificial brother)
Team: Abel Nightroad
Affiliation(s): Gepetto Garibaldi's rebellion (former)
Vatican Papal State
Other information
Novel debut: Flight Night
Manga debut: Act. 1 The Man Who Fell To Earth
Anime debut: Flight Night
Japanese seiyū: Kazuya Nakai
Hikaru Midorikawa (drama CD)
English V.A.: Christopher Sabat
"I am HC Tres Iqus, Vatican Papal State AX Agent HC-III X. I am Gunslinger. I am not a human, so I have no soul. I am a machine."
―Tres Iqus[src]

Hercules Tres Iqus (トレス・イクス), designated as HC-IIIX and commonly known as Tres Iqus, is one of ten HC Series "Killing Doll" mechanical soldiers created by Vatican scientist Professor Gepetto Garibaldi. He is a cyborg; a machine with the exception of his brain and brainstem[1], both of which are organic. Iqus is an agent of the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs AX division. His codename as an AX operative is "Gunslinger."

Appearance and Symbolism[edit | edit source]

Tres has short brown hair with occasional wires going behind his ear and in his neck. His eyes are normally brown, but when he has located a target, they turn red. He has skin covering his mechanical parts and has blood inside of him. Because he is a cyborg, being shot does not affect him like it would affect a human, though enough damage can affect his combat performance.

Tres' manga portrait features him with a gear behind him, as well as two dogs with yellow and pink roses in their mouths. The gear is a reference to his cyborg body, his dog is a reference to his status as Caterina Sforza's "hound", the pink rose represents his admiration of Caterina, and the yellow rose symbolizes joy and gratitude. His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Chariot.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tres is almost always calm and rarely looks surprised. But unlike Bartholomaios (Tres' brother), Tres has different values than Duo Iqus has. To the point where Duo Iqus thought Tres to be broken. Holding on the highest security a memory of when he became part of the AX agents. He is loyal to the Cardinal Caterina Sforza after she claimed him as her property. Doing anything she orders, even to kill Esther Blanchett after they thought that she had betrayed them. He also experienced the feeling of falling in love, even though he is considered a machine.

Due to being a machine he will ask things clinically like "positive" (yes), "negative" (no), "request damage report" (are you alright?), "insufficient data" (I don't know).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

Gunmetal Hound: Side Red: Hellhound Blues [The Rumors Surrounding the Disappearance of the Rabid Dog][edit | edit source]


The HC Series (homo caedelius) or "Killing Dolls" were designed to replace the main infantry force of the Holy Knights. After ten prototypes were created, the project was terminated when voices within the Vatican accused it of being inhumane. In response, their creator, Professor Gepetto Garibaldi rebelled against the Vatican using his creations as his enforcers in the year 655. The Vatican's Department of Foreign Affairs was was given jurisdiction over the situation and Abel Nightroad was sent to deal with Garibaldi.

Abel destroyed nine of the ten cyborgs, and satisfied he could prove his creations were works of art, the Professor took his own life rather than submit to the Vatican's judgement. Tres, the only remaining Killing Doll, was given a chance to surrender by Abel, but Tres decided to attack. The attack proved futile however, and Tres was cut down just as his brothers had been reluctantly by Abel, confused why their blood was red. The cyborg does not recognize his blood to be his own, proclaiming he is a machine. As Tres sees nothing but his red blood, the Cardinal Caterina Sforza walks over to Tres, asking him to make a decision.

The scene abruptly cuts to the year 660. In Basilica of San Francesco D'Assisi, a man by the name of Dr. Martini makes a confession to Tres. Martini knows Tres was one of Professor Garibald's Killing dolls, and adds he is a technical officer who admired the professor very much. Tres frankly states that Martini created not machinery, but cyanide gas. The doctor tries to argue that both are actually weapons, but changes the subject back to his true motives: the protection of the AX.  Confused, Tres replies that Martini is in the custody and protection of the Vatican Army and the Department of Inquisition. An enraged Martini replies that he is running from the Inquisition because he made the cyanide gas illegally at their request, but now they want him dead to remove evidence they were ever involved. Three of his colleagues have already died, yet Tres simply replies that is his own problem. Martini is not dissuaded, and pique's the cyborg's interest when he reveals that he has made a copy of the gas production log - a log which Caterina desperately wants for leverage over Francesco di Medici. Tres accepts Martini's request without much hesitation, but just as Martini remarks how ironic it was he was receiving protection from the AX, he is brutally shot and killed by an unknown assailant.

Alarmed, Tres tries to locate the killer, only to come with the conclusion that such accuracy can only be performed by one of the HC series. The priest wonders why he was not killed, but retreats after hearing the sound of people approaching the church.

Later at nighttime, Tres infiltrates a building under the guise of a normal soldier to search for all data associated with Rocca Maggiore. The cyborg sees rooms labeled 'poisoned water' and 'waste fluid', then begins to recite Jeremiah 8:14 in Latin. Tres approaches a suspiciously labeled barrel of "Hierem" isobutanol, a compound not dangerous enough to warrant the label of Hierem. The cyborg discovers Martini's files inside, but is quickly apprehended by the Carabinieri (special police). He drops his gun, but when the Carabinier's guards were lowered, the Gunslinger reaches for the gun behind his back and manages to shoot them before they could react. Tres demands an answer for why the Carabinieri were sent to a place not under their jurisdiction, to which the sergeant responds they were sent to capture Caterina's "mutt", to smear the Cardinal's reputation. Angered, the Gunslinger stomps on the sergeant once again, and asks who the killer of Martini was. The sergeant manages to say it was someone from the Department of Inquisition before he was shot and killed by an gun nearing Inquisition insignia.

Tres dodges the bullets from above. The subject reveals himself to be none other than Duo Iqus. Duo denies this, telling Tres his new name is Brother Bartholomaios of the Department of Inquisition.

Gunmetal Hound: I Wanna be Your Dog [Wish Upon a Star][edit | edit source]

The inquisitor quickly overpowers a shocked Tres, explaining to him that his superior strength and speed is because of the precision level of their components are different. Duo implants a cord from his neck to Tres as he explains his body has been restored many times over the years ever since the rebellion. The Inquisitor plans on destroying Tres' body and absorb his combat memory to boost his own levels.

Tres tries to resist but Duo tells him he is nothing but a defective unit. The AX Agent argues he is a machine, but Duo counters a machine is something that destroys the enemy when asked, something that Tres has failed many times by now. In a moment of confusion over his self-identity, Tres remembers Caterina Sforza, and that he is her gun. The Gunslinger manages to pick up his gun and shoot Duo, much to his surprise. Duo argues it is futuile to fight him, but Tres shoots the hydrochloric gas and, unknownst to him, hydrogen peroxide. A great explosion occurs.

Tres wakes up and checks that everything is functioning as normal. He assumes Duo has fled, but begins to worry when he realizes he has not managed to retrieve what he was looking for. The cyborg believes he is affected by the virus and quickly dismisses those thoughts as meaningless intellect as a human prerogative, whereas he is a machine. Thoughts of his own existential crisis begin to creep into his head again, but Tres quickly remembers Caterina would suffer if he is caught.

Duo appears and begins to fight Tres all by himself. Cautious of the liquid oxygen surrounding them, Tres concludes he must stall Duo and escape, or the place will explode. The Gunslinger is stunned when Duo voices the exact thought out loud from Tres' mind, before he is held down and implanted with Duo's neck cord again.

Tres remembers seeing Caterina for the first time.

''''Tres recalls back to the year 655 when Caterina first found him. As Tres lay bleeding on the ground, he was approached by Cardinal Sforza, who informed him that the wounds that Abel had dealt him would be fatal without immediate treatment. She wants him to make a choice: die here alone, or return as a human and continue living. Tres is perplexed, being born from machinery, and requests to be disposed of as a machine. Caterina kneels down in the pool of blood with Tres' head in her hands: in accordance to his wish, she will treat him as a machine. Every fragment of his being belongs now to her, and she orders him to continue living as a machine. Therefore, he is not allowed to be destroyed without her permission.

Tres destroys Duo.

Tres is thrilled to remember Caterina's words, but Duo interrupts him and dismisses it as nothing but meaningless data. The Inquisitor concludes prioritizing something so meaningless must mean Tres is defunct. Outraged that Duo labeled his memory as "garbage", Tres attacks him without holding back. Duo observers Tres must have removed his limitor, greatly increasing his strength but limiting his duration to fight to about 38.1 seconds. Tres counters he did have his own calculations, and that Duo cannot win over him, as his battle memories have all been wiped clean - which was why he was after Tres' memories in the first place. The Gunslinger fights Duo, keeping a record of exactly how long he has been Caterina's possession. Just as it seemed like Duo has Tres' hand behind his back, Tres fires his own gun though his own arm, wounding the Inquisitor. Duo is stunned Tres was able to perform a prohibited operation, to which Tres replies he has deleted that data a long time ago. Duo proclaims Tres is not a machine as Tres blows his head off, to which Tres corrects he is a machine - he is her machine.

The Star of Sorrow Arc[edit | edit source]

Tres first appears as a lieutenant for General Gergey Radcon of Gyula Kádár's police force. He reveals himself as an AX Agent and saves Abel Nightroad. Later on, he kills Radcon after Radcon shoots at Esther Blanchett.

Adrenaline Drive[edit | edit source]

In this manga-only chapter, Tres travels with Esther Blanchett and Abel Nightroad towards Vatican on a train. The two priests are talk while Esther starts to think about things. Suddenly a small boy smashes into Father Tres. The boy starts to admire Tres's guns while Abel asks the boy's name. He introduces himself as Etoile ("star" in French}. The window breaks and a methusalah flies inside. Etoile becomes enraged as one of the glass shards makes a small cut on Esther's cheek. The unnamed vampire lifts Etoile up by his head while praising the boy's courage. Esther hits the methusalah with an ashtay and tells Etoile to run away while Tres and Abel raise their guns at the Methuselah. Esther runs away with Etoile, while Tres and Abel stay behind to fight with the vampire. Etoile manages to catch a glimpse of Abel in his Krusnik form, to which Abel gestures him to keep a secret. Esther jumps out the train with Tres and Abel, who had stayed behind to fight the vampire.

Their train tickets were burned in the train accident and so the trio have no choice but to travel through the forest. Tres leads the way, while Abel and Esther seem a bit suspicious about this shortcut.

Sleeping Beauty[edit | edit source]

Abel Nightroad and Esther Blanchett are following after Tres, who is leading the way through a deep forest to get fast to Rome., but Esther feels a little reluctant to continue. Abel tries to assure Esther that it is all alright because Tres' navigation system is better than navigation phones. But soon they notice that there are actually walking in circles. Tres informs him he has made a mistake as the magnetic fields have changed places, so the trio decides to stay for the night in the forest. After lighting a fire, Abel and Esther talk while Tres is patrols around and spots a moving object. Esther asks from Abel what kind of place Rome is, when they are suddenly attacked by a vampire classified as a Dryad. The Dryad tries to capture Esther, but Tres saves her. Abel spots a lady on a tree branch that only he seems to have seen. Tres asks from Abel to explain what he is seeing, but their fight is getting nowhere. Tres covers for Esther and tells her to withdraw to somewhere safety, while it is decided that Abel goes after the Methusalah. Abel finds the girl deeper in the forest, recalling that here was no forest the begin with, but a single tree. The girl says that she has waited for 500 years for her lover to return, no longer being able to recall if he was a methusalah or a terran. The girl looks at Abel, pondering if he is her lover, before realizing that she has the wrong person. The vines pierce through Abel as she requests for his blood.

Tres is fighting against the forest while Esther is hiding in the bushes. The vines overpower Tres and so Esther takes out her gun and leaps into action, shooting at the vines. Tres is freed, but Esther shot him as well. While Esther apologizes for her mistake, Tres shoots a vine with a gun on his wrists, revealing to Esther that he is not human. Tres tells Esther to back him up this time.

Abel enters his Crusnik form and kills the methusalah, ending her long waiting. The girl thanks, reminding Abel of Lilith. The exit of the forest is revealed to the priest as he replies that he doesn't deserve a thanks for all that he has done.

Esther and Tres have stopped their struggle as the forest ceases it's attack. Tres suggests Esther to get some tutoring regarding her shooting skills when they go to Rome, but thanks her for backing him up. Abel shows up, informing them that he's found the way out of the forest. Tres asks about the enemy, to which Abel answers that the girl has returned back to dust. When Abel suddenly collapses on Esther. Tres heads towards the exit and Esther right behind him, leaving Abel behind to sew up his torn outfit.

Roselyne et les Lion[edit | edit source]

Esther Blanchett is traveling with Father Tres and Father Abel Nightroad when she runs away from the group after she sees Dietrich von Lohengrin in the crowd. Tres relays a message to Abel that one of their colleagues have arrived in the city as well, but before Abel can say much, the Gunslinger points out Esther is missing.

Tres appears once again along with Abel run to rescue Esther and a wounded Leon. Esther runs over to the gravely injured Leon, who asks if the next time they could have a date that would last till dawn. He is about to introduce himself to her, when she is yanked away by the vampire, who threatens to kill Esther if Tres and Abel would not throw away their guns. Esther, realizing the situation tells Tres to shoot, but Leon tells them to stop. He uses his chakrams to slice off the boss vampire's hands, saving Esther. Leon then officially introduces himself as an AX Agent, to Esther's shock and surprise.

The next day, Leon Garcia de Asturias holds Esther on his lap as he informs Abel that he was sent to help them after being informed of their poor performance on their recent missions. He sympathizes how she was around "two idiots" and Esther agrees, then asks if it was alright for her to go to Rome. Leon reminds her that she said she had something to do, and asks her if she had any regrets. The nun sternly replies she doesn't and thanks the priest. Touched by her determination, he hugs her, much to the comedic dismay of Abel and Tres.

Leon holds his hand out to Abel, but then pulls the priest down by his head and warns him not to keep his distance from Esther, who promised him a date that would last till dawn. Esther is shocked and embarrassed while Abel humorously looks on with horror.

Gate of Heaven[edit | edit source]

Tres, Abel Nightroad and Esther Blanchett are traveling on Adrian sea aboard the Ariel towards Vatican. Abel is confused why they are traveling on a such a fine cruiser, but rushes off to the bathroom due to seasickness. Esther is left with Tres, who assures her once again that her coming along is not a trouble and he leaves her as he goes on a patrol.

Esther starts to feel homesick, realizing finally that she is now really far away from home. She wipes her tears when an older gentleman offers her a handkerchief. Suddenly, the nun is hit by a small plane. The man reveals miniature plane belongs to him, and that he is testing it for the night's show. The man tells Esther that he has a child like her, with pale skin and blue eyes, but is currently sleeping. Abel shows up and is shocked to see the man and appears to scream vampire, but it turns out he meant "Professor."

The three talk with the Professor Wordsworth about a rumor of the Saint Siren: A mermaid that lures a ship into a certain doom with her song. The Professor comments how the mermaid's song could sound just like Angelina "Shark" Jolie's before they all fall asleep. Esther manages to see pair of fangs poking from Angelina's lips. The only one who doesn't fall asleep is Tres, as he is a machine. Angelina lashes Tres with her blade and damages his arm even more, making it fall off.

While Tres is paying attention to his arm, Angelina disappears and Tres goes to find her. When he is suddenly pulled underwater and Angelina's true form is revealed as being a type of vampire known as "mermaids". Tres comments that he cannot drown and that he won't die, he will just break. Angelina then attempts to destroy Tres, when someone shoots her arm. Abel appears and pulls Tres to the surface while leaving Angelina in water.

The Iblis/ Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[edit | edit source]

Tres finds Esther Blanchett alone after she ran away from Abel Nightroad. She asks him if he could lead her to the the programmer she had helped capture earlier, and he leads her to his cell. Esther burns her hands on the handle of the cell which he was kept, and Tres opens to the door to find the room ignited in flames.

Not long afterwards, a vampire sneaks up to an unsuspecting Cardinal Caterina Sforza, and becomes offended after he is called a "vampire" instead of a "Methuselah." His anger causes the Cardinal to panic, and just at this moment, Tres barges in and shoots the vampire, believing he was an assassin. The vampire escapes quickly screaming Terrans cannot be trusted, leaving the baffled Caterina to ponder if he was meant to be the messenger sent from The Empire.

Tres is with Caterina in Carthage, while she awaits a secret envoy sent by Augusta Vradica to deliver a letter. Caterina orders Kate to be on the look out for Abel and Esther from the Iron Maiden and rescue them before the Inquisition can find them, but Tres intervenes and explains this is a trap: The Vatican knows Caterina is collaborating with vampires, and wants to use Kate rescuing Abel and Esther as proof of that. Caterina acknowledges this, but explains it must be done anyway.

After Abel defeats Radu Barvon, the Iron Maiden II airship rescues everyone at the scene. An unknown person in bandages appears just as Ion and Abel head out to check up on Esther. It turns out this was Brother Petros Orsini, who is thrilled to find that he has finally uncovered that Lady Caterina has been conspiring with vampires. Tres tries to shoot Brother Petros, who is shocked when the priest would do that. Abel tries to stop Tres from shooting Petros, but Tres insist Petros knows too much and needs to be eliminated, and then shoots at him again. Annoyed, Petros attacks the two. The fight is stopped when the airship starts to shake.

Petros and Ion yelling to Tres

A huge sandstorm, The Iblis, is seen outside the airship. Abel realizes that it is heading towards northeast, and asks Kate to look for what is in that direction. Kate finds that there is the city of Carthago, where the embassy is and where Cardinal Sforza is staying. She also realizes they do not have enough time to evacuate the whole city, to which Tres replies they should only save the Cardinal herself. Petros and Ion are both outraged that Tres did not consider the civilians, and both look away in embarrassment when they realized the two of them agreed on the same thing.

After Abel apologizes to Esther for what she had to see, Esther is finally able to see Abel for himself and not the monster she thought he was. The nun becomes devastated knowing how much grief she has caused the priest to endure, and leaps from her bed and runs after Abel. Esther unintentionally slams into a heavily-armored Father Tres, who is preparing for battle against Radu in Carthage. Esther asks for the whereabouts of Father Nightroad, and sees him outside the window. The two see each other eye-to-eye as Esther recalls his ominous words that he may never see him again. Kate informs Esther that Abel is traveling towards the city by the underground Karez systems, and to her surprise, Esther asks her to turn back, determined to go with Abel. Tres denies her request, stating that she would be nothing but a hindrance. The nun becomes emotional and, arguing that even though she may be a burden, there was something she had to tell him. Tres appears to be unmoved at her words, but to her surprise, orders Kate to drop Esther at a nearby location, under the pretense that she would be a burden on their battleship as well. The cyborg then advises Esther to hide in the Karez systems, the very place Abel is currently in, and that whatever she does would be her own decision. Stunned with shock, the nun quickly prepares herself for her journey.

Petros heads into Carthago with Tres and Ion Fortuna, who leaves the two fighting to find Radu and to end this finally. Petros and Tres fight against Autojagers, defeating them, they went to help out Ion. The sun starts to rise and Ion is ready to die together with his tovarash, Radu, when Petros kills Radu and wraps his coat around the boy. Calling for Sister Kate to bring the Iron maiden close to them before ion would die. The boy being badly burned from the sun. After they got onto the ship, Petros says that this would be his time to kill Ion now, to gain his reward from helping them. But seeing as the sandstorm still rages on, Petros leaves the two alone to go and help the people of Carthago.

The airship receives a transmission from the Inquisition ship Raguel. Radu shows up on the screen, still alive after the last fight. He is glad to hear that Ion is doing fine, but he tells them he cannot receive any pictures on his airship. Radu informs Ion to give up his life, and in exchange, he would stop the Iblis. Ion is outraged of at what Radu is prepared to do to just for his life. Radu tells them not to bother shooting down his ship, as he is right above the embassy. Ion requests the help of Petros, who is not too keen in helping a vampire. Ion, however, proves his determination by promising that after this all is over, he will allow Petros to kill him. The Knight of Destruction thinks about this and finally accepts, much to the embarrassment of both of them. Ion, Petros and Tres head down to Carthago to save the civilians, while Abel heads off to stop the to stop Iblis. Petros and Tres fight the autojägers as Ion goes to confront Radu.

After Ion and Radu are burnt by the rising sun, Tres and Petros shoot and kill Radu. Petros wraps his coat around Ion to shield the boy from the sun. Distraught at the dying boy, Petros angrily demands Kate to quickly bring the airship closer to them. Petros places Ion down onto the floor and remarks that the truce has ended, now that he has avenged his men, and that he is back to destroying vampires and hunting heretics. He points his screamer at Ion, but does not kill him. Petros turns around and remarks it is a pity that Abel could not stop the Iblis, and that his main priority was to evacuate the civilians of the city. He leaves with a warning that he has saved a comfortable cell for all of them in the Inquisition hall, and one day, he will see every one of them burnt at the stake. Meanwhile, Esther has been able to catch up with Abel. The two of the and stop The Iblis and save the entire city.

Mark of a Lady Saint/ Imitation Star[edit | edit source]

Tres appears with a car and rescues Esther Blanchett when she is swarmed by Istvan reporters. Esther pretends to leave in with Tres, when in fact she secretly escaped through door and the other side of the vehicle, leaving the Istvan media to chase a decoy.

Tres is seen in the beginning with Cardinal Caterina Sforza and Cardinal Antonio Borgia jokes that he did not even see him, mistaking him for a piece of furniture. He later accompanies Caterina when she discusses with Francesco di Medici regarding what to do to prevent a war after a vampire kidnapped Esther.


Some time later, Pope Alessandro XVIII and Caterina arrive at the dinner the Archbishop prepared in time, just in time to see Emanuele d'Annunzio stabbed in the shoulder - with Esther and Shahrazad al-Rahman in the room. Esther tackles Shahrazad out of the way just as Tres fires a bullet at her. Tres fires again but Shahrazad manages to deflect the bullet with her gloves. Abel Nightroad and tries to apprehend Tres, but is pushed aside. The Gunslinger shoots again, but Alessandro seem to have ran into the bullet's path. Esther and Shahrazad quickly use this opportunity to escape while Abel examines Alessandro and confirms that he was simply suffering from a concussion. An infuriated Caterina orders people to go after the two, no matter what it takes.[2]

The next day, Tres reads the news report that claims Esther has died from a brain infection. Abel begins to panic and demands an answer from Caterina, who does not reply and simply sips her tea. The Gunslinger orders the priest to calm down but adds he would also like to know why the Vatican has proclaimed Esther has died, considering little is known about the circumstances surrounding her abduction. 

Caterina explains it was the doing of the Department of Inquisition and Minister of Public Relations, who wanted to protect the Vatican's reputation - especially considering Esther's breakin last night and the subsequent injured archbiship made it undeniable that the nun has teamed up with the vampire. The Vatican would not allow that kind of scandal to happen, but Abel asserts the Vatican is essentially sending her to her death. The priest argues Esther only shielded the methuselah out of her own gentle nature, not because she had turned against her comrades. The cardinal simply replies that even if it were a misunderstanding, the Inquisition would "take strong countermeasures" against her because of what has happened last night, and they had no way of stopping them. Abel does not take this well and is determined to find Esther before they do and protect her before the Inquisition can, but Caterina orders him to halt. The Cardinal says she will plan to convince the Archbishop and local police to help them, but it will not work if someone goes on a rampage and makes an enemy of both the Inquisition and the police. Caterina pleads for Abel to wait and guarantees that she will send him to Esther once she discovers where she is. Reluctantly, the priest agrees and leaves the room.

Tres asks Caterina what she is to do now and offers to go with her to persuade the Archbishop. The Cardinal simply replies that is not necessary, for she never had any intention of speaking to persuading him in the first place, for he is more stubborn than Francesco. Tres is stunned and does not understand why Caterina had lied to Abel, but the Cardinal explains she had to hold him back. In the meantime, she wants Tres to "secure the rebel" Esther, and destroy the vampire before the inquisition can. Tres comments that first, Esther may hinder the mission based on his observations of her yesterday, and two, it would almost be impossible for him alone to apprehend her before the Inquisition and police. Acknowledging all of this, the Cardinal replies she has prepared reinforcement for a mission like this. 


Tres understands and is vehemently against the idea of working with someone so dangerous, but Caterina is not dissuaded. Tres turns around and catches Monica with her daggers at his neck. Monica jokes that Tres being "a thickhead" and bows before Caterina. The Cardinal replies Esther has to be stopped by all means necessary, even if it would mean bringing her back dead. The two leave to gather information.[3]

Tres and Monica head to a pharmacy, where they ask from the clerk if he has sold any blood tablets recently. The clerk says that he doesn't know what they are talking about, and presses a hidden button with his knee, alerting some strong men to his aid. The men tell her and Tres to leave before they get serious. but Monica rebuffs that they are the ones going to die. The men get angry attempts to punch her, but are shot by Tres. The clerk tells them everything and from where the vampire came from. As the two are about to leave, one for the men throws a dagger at Monica, but it simply passes through her heart. Sister Monica turns around and walks over to the man, ignoring Tres' commands to stop, gruesomely kills him.

Tres teams up with Abel and Petros to save Caterina and the Pope.

The two make their way to the hotel and apprehend Abel, Petros Orsini, Esther and Shahrazad al-Rahman. Esther and Shahrazad escape, while the other two stay back to fight. Abel fights against Tres, while Monica introduces herself as Petros' "business rival" and stabs him in the neck.

Abel tries to reason with Tres, but the cyborg does not listen until he realizes Caterina, who was in D'Annunzio's mansion, is in danger. The three of them join forces and defeat the rest of D'Annunzio's police force before going to the mansion

The three show up just in time to save Esther, Shahrazad, Caterina and Alessandro from Archbishop D'annunzio. D'annunzio is surprised his large police force was taken down so easily, to which Petros replies it was not a contest of numbers. More police join the fray, but Petros remarks the Archbishop does not have the justice, faith, or fighting spirit to win. D'Annunzio tries to flee but he is stopped by Esther before he can escape. Petros is surprised when Brother Matthaios suddenly appeared with his troops. D'Annunzio tries to lie his way through it all, but Matthew laughs at the 'scenario' he scripted, which reveals that Lieutenant Dobo has confessed to everything and it all ends when Esther is forced to kill Shahrazad.


D'annunzio commits suicide at the end of this arc, reportedly by ingesting a poison he had concealed within him. Caterina remarks that this would be for the best. As the arc comes to a close, Abel questions why Caterina went behind his back and sent other agents after Esther. Tres covers for Caterina, telling Abel the Cardinal had not stumbled upon this information until shortly after he did. After Abel leaves, Caterina coughs out blood and faints, questioning what she means to Abel. Tres rushes to the Cardina's side and calls for someone to call a doctor.

The Crown of Thrones[edit | edit source]


Tres is seen with Lady Caterina Sforza in Rome after she was given the unfortunate prognosis of her collagen disease by a doctor. Caterina contemplates the irony of being able to escape countless assassins, only to be inevitably killed by her own body. The cyborg tries to comfort her, but to no avail, and she begins to mourn her own mortality.

After she finds out of Abel Nightroad's death, Caterina orders Tres to go to the undergrounds of Rome, and then go to Albion.

The Gunslinger is next seen saving the Pope and Virgil Walsh from Sweeney Todd in the Tower of London. The priest explains to Pope Alessandro XVIII he arrived at the Vatican due to Abel's demise and wanted to confirm with Sister Esther Blanchett. Alessandro explains Esther should be in the royal palace, before suddenly realizing that Esther's life is in danger. Tres picks up Virgil and the three of them leave to save Esther. [4]

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Tres in the anime

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  • (To Angelina "Shark" Jolie) "Die"... Negative. I am a machine... Not a human... I will just break.
  • "Activate genocide mode."
  • Abel Nightroad: Tres... Stop, let him speak... Tres: Unnecessary. Father Nightroad, if you continue to stand in my way, I'll eliminate you too. Let go.

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