Todd Cunningham
Personal information
Aliases: Sweeney Todd
Residence: Albion
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Species: Human (artificially-enhanced soldier).
Occupation: Albion soldier (former)
Weapon(s): Gatling gun, knives.
Ability: Invisible field
Bullet and blade-proof skin.
Affiliation(s): 44th Regiment (former)

Phantom Legion

Other information
Novel debut: ROM V: The Throne of Roses
Manga debut: Act. 50 Sweeney Todd

Lance Corporal Todd Cunningham, also known as Sweeney Todd, is a deceased member of the former 44th Regiment who died during the Percy Rebellion two years before the main events of the series. Along with Jack Ironside, Todd currently serves under Colonel Mary Spencer, and will do anything to ensure she become Queen.


Todd is short, stocky, and has frizzy black hair. He seems to have a tattoo of a Rose Cross on his head.

Todd's manga cover shows him reversed to Jack the Ripper, set out like a poker card, a reference to the Alice in Wonderland theme of this manga arc. The two hold knives and are divided by yellow roses, symbolizing Mary's envy.



The Throne of Roses ArcEdit


Todd attacks Alessandro and Esther.

Todd appears as a fish-and-chips seller. When Esther notices her fish and chips poisoned a cat, Todd grabs his machine gun and plans to kill her and the Pope right on the spot. His plan fails, however, when a sudden underwater explosion drags the two into the ocean.


Todd and Jack disguised as soldiers from Germanicus.

ater, Todd and "Jack the Ripper" appear when Esther becomes lost in the underground Ghettos.  The two inform her that they have come to rescue her, but Esther suddenly snatches their guns and aims it at them. The nun explains she deduced they were not Albion soldiers based on the guns they were carrying. Todd takes off his helmet and reveals them both to be living corpses, then proceeds to kill Esther. Their plan fails when Cain Knightlord shows up and saves Esther.

The Crown of Thorns ArcEdit

Jack and Lance Corporal Cunningham ("Sweeney Todd") appear before Mary Spencer as she is contemplating. Furious that the two of them had tried to murder Esther and Pope Alessandro, Mary demands an answer. The two men admit they did try to truly murder Esther, instead of staging a failed assassination by Germanicus as she had ordered them to, because they wanted Mary to be Queen. The two blame the death of the Forty-forth Regiment on the of Twenty-Six House Lords in the past. On the urging of her subordinates, Mary agrees now was not the time to dwell in the past, but to consider the future of Albion.[1]

Sometime later, Pope Alessandro XVIII manages to trick Brother Andrew to take him to "interrogate" Virgil Walsh in the tower. After smuggling a paperclip and blueprints, the Pope pretends he couldn't interrogate anything useful from Virgil to Brother Andrew. Andrew prepares to leave when suddenly an unknown voice in the dark points out the Pope is in a very dangerous place. The owner of the voice slams Andrew onto the ground and murders the soldiers and their guide. Imprints appear as Sweeney Todd's feet stand upon the soldiers, which Alessandro correctly identifies as an invisible field. Todd makes it clear he intends to kill the Pope and asks for a blessing for his Regiment, but just as he is about to make a killing, the soldier is suddenly he is kicked in the gut by Virgil. Todd identifies Virgil as the meddling "General of Monsters". The Earl admits he is of low birth, but takes pride in his status as a knight of the Queen, and rhetorically asks if he could watch as the Pope is killed. [2]

Virgil fights Sweeney Todd. Todd doubts Virgil can fight now that his strength has been dampened to that of a human because of the silver nitrate injected, but Virgil counters that he has been training for centuries. Virgil appears to have the upper hand, but Todd manages to overpower him, revealing that his skin is both sword and bulletproof. The former Albion soldier reveals he has been brought back to life by the "Queen of the Dead" to kill people like Virgil. Todd explains to the confused Methuselah that he will not die there, but instead will be framed for the murder of the Lady Saint and the Queen. Just as it seemed like Virgil would be killed, Tres Iqus appears and shoots down Todd. Todd is buried by the collapsing rocks, his fate remains unknown.[3]


Sweeney Todd is a famed murderer who first appeared in The String of Pearls (1846–47).



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