Before the Main Events of the Series Edit

2080 AD Edit

  • The world population exceeded 12 billion. The United Nations launched the Mars colonization program "Red Mars Project" as a countermeasure to cope with the population explosion.

2085 AD Approximate Edit

  • The Knightlord subjects' genetic structure was modified to suppress their aging process. As a result, they age at a slower pace (approximately 1.5 times) than normal humans.
  • In accordance with the development agency's plan, ten thousand colonizers were dispatched to Mars with the Sahl and the Knightlords. The colonizers were only required to live on the planet for a few years before returning to Earth on a scheduling rotational work shift. Sahl and the Knightlord siblings were the only permanent residents on Mars due to the fact that they had been manufactured for the sole purpose of fulfilling the objectives of the Red Mars Project.

2090 AD Approximate Edit

  • Using the colonizers' previous phase as a marking point, cyanobacteria and robots were sent out using an unmanned ship. This was done as preparation for the arrival of the colonizers.

2120 AD Edit

  • The first phase of Mars colonization group (about a million people).

2122 AD Edit

  • A member of the Mars colonizers plotted against another colonizer he disliked, resulting in Abel Knightlord stranded in the barren wilderness. His colleague Lilith alone came to his rescue. Although the dying Abel was saved, the car broke down, leaving them in grave danger. At the time, they happened to stumble across the remains of a technologically-advanced species (the spaceship of the leech-like life forms, later named by the colonizers as "The Ark"). The two narrowly escaped from death by taking refuge inside the ship. Inside this space ship were technologically-advanced several bodies similar to humans. Although technologically-advanced, they appeared to have died before landing on Mars. Among the thousands of mummified corpses were several bodies of the highest social status, which were carefully secured.
  • After examining the bodies of these technologically-advanced beings, a unique bacillus group was discovered (=Bacillus). It was proven that this bacillus group could infect within human blood, extending the host's life.
  • Apart from this, careful inspection of several of the the closely-guarded high-ranked members revealed a different type of bacillus, which was a cross-shaped bacillus.
  • These bacillus, which destroyed the host's red blood cells, was named by discoverer by Seth Knightlord. She used the Earth's legend of vampires, naming them the Bacillus Kudlak. On the other hand, the special high-ordered bacillus group were named after their cross shape, the Bacillus Kresnik. In addition, the Kudlak bacillus replicated very quickly, but the Kresnik bacillus failed again and again. Their numbers would not increase under any conditions in the planned period.
  • At around the time of these discoveries, Cain Knightlord and an ordinary colonizer was seriously injured from an accident at work. To save their lives, Seth infused them with the Kresnik bacillus. But both of their bodies rejected the bacillus, and both then died. For reasons unknown, only Cain rose from the dead (at this time, Cain and the Kresnik already began to fuse together). Cain's resurrection proved the bacillus group had a dramatic effect (confirming the life-extending effect and enhancing vital functions of the host).
  • The experiment involving transplanting the bacilli to the colonizers commenced. For reasons unknown, with the exception of test-tube babies like Abel and Seth, the all of the bodies of the ordinary colonizers rejected the Kresnik Bacillus. The Kresnik bacillus were frozen and sealed. The Kudlak bacillus were comparable with the ordinary colonizers, and so only the Kudlak bacillus was cultured, then transplanted into the colonizers.
  • Witnessing such advanced technology -- the bacillus, and the aliens' "Ark" that was more advanced than the Lost Technologies, led to serious infighting within the colonizers. The different nationalities and ethnic groups all wanted sole ownership of the bacillus and the Ark. But the control systems of the return ship sustained serious damage, making it impossible to return or make contact with Earth.

2124 AD Edit

  • Earth erupted into a Armageddon (later known as "Great Tribulation") as every country fought for the ownership of the bacillus and the Ark. The Mars Colonizers were unable to contact Earth, and became isolated in the universe.
  • The colonizers used technology from the Ark to repair their damaged return ship. Decided together to launch a plan to return to Earth. This return ship's outer shell was made from the mini-asteroid from the asteroid belt, the engine was made on Earth. The control system originated from the alien's spaceship, "The Ark." Therefore, this return ship was also called "The Ark."

2200s AD Roughly Edit

  • The Mars Colonisers begin returning to Earth. Although they found the Earth in a state of ruin from the war, they were still determined to help their fellow humans to restore the land, from the relatively less damaged Europe. The Ark was stationed at the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, and became a governance center and resource center.

2210 AD Roughly Edit

  • War was formally declared between the Returners and humans of Earth.
  • To save their companion Returners, repressing the rebelling humans of Earth, the three Knightlord siblings used their own Krusnik fighting prowess and the Lost technologies from the Ark to kill millions of people from Earth.
  • Witnessing these tragedies, Lilith decides to fight against the three Knightlord siblings, taking the side of the humans of Earth. Pretending to be obedient, she infused herself with the Krusnik bacillus, turning into "Krusnik 04".

2215 AD Roughly Edit

  • Lilith waited for the opportunity, led the peaceful faction subgroup of Returners, left the other Returners. She made contact with the only human organization on Earth, continued seeking contact with the Vatican nation's officials, giving knowledge, technology, and resources to then Pope Gregorio XX, and once managed to gather humanity.
  • The peace-seeking subgroup of returners led the human resistance, then Vatican recorded the events as...
  1. Lilith meets Gregorio XX -- "Advent of the Lady Saint."
  2. Alexios Nevşehir led Lilith's army, fought a large-scaled battle against the three siblings in the outskirts of Paris. Victory -- "The Battle of Lourve".
  3. Istvan Kadar of Lilith's army began supplying power from Budapest - "Saint Istvan grants mana (note: The Lord grants Israel people food in the Bible)"

2220 AD Roughly Edit

  • Cain completely fused with the Krusnik, secretly decided to burn the entire world. Using the lie of bringing "long-term benefits to humanity", he convinced his younger brother and sister ("we are going to renew the world with fire" was the motto for this ideology).
  • Cain tells Lilith, saying he "wanted to quickly seek the possibility of peace," then attacked her after inviting her to the Ark. Cain used his Krusnik power and fought with Lilith, in the end seriously injured himself after killing her.
  • Lilith's death was made known, a still-alive Cain was pushed by an enraged Abel from the Ark to Earth's atmosphere. Lost all details afterwards.
  • Abel returned to Earth with Lilith's body in his arms, receiving protection from the Vatican. Then he guarded Lilith's remains, never leaving Rome's underground catacombs, and continued like this for nine-hundred years.
  • The Returners, after losing their commanders the three Knightlord siblings, had no commanders, were completely decimated on the ground.

2230 AD Edit

  • Around this time, Pope Innocent XVI was martyred.

2250 AD Edit

  • Seth led the remaining key members of the Returners and escaped to Eastern Europe, establishing the True Human Empire. In the modern era, other than the True Human Empire, there are also neighboring countries belonging to Returners, but the Vatican and humanity persistently defeated them.

2401 AD Edit

  • Neighboring the Kingdom of Hispania, Grenada's Methuselah Kingdom (Kingdom of Grenada), perished at the hands of the human army (the entire Grenada royal family died). The only Methuselah country left was the True Human Empire. The human army issued a declaration of victory over the vampires. The Vatican defined this year as the start of the "Holy Era."

Note: Years after 2401 AD were named the "Holy Era" (聖暦 seireki "Holy Era"),[1] which would possibly translate to "Anno Sanctus" in Latin. This would contrast Anno Domini, meaning "In the Year of the Lord" (西暦 seireki "Western Era").

2400 AD Early Period Edit

  • In this era, the early colonists (first generation) began to age and die. Although their lives are long compared to humans, it is certain they are not unaging nor immortal. This was caused by the bacillus aging.

Timeskip Edit

2792 AD (Year 392) Edit

  • Pope Sylvester XIX launches the Eleventh Crusade. Occurred at Debrecen against the Imperial Army.  The Vatican Army was defeated (the Pope died).

2948 AD (Year 548) Edit

  • Battle of Przemysl. The last battle between the Imperial Army and the human army regarding border disputes (the origin of the often heard "The Empire has been quite peaceful this century" line. There were no more battles with the Empire after this). Both sides were injured badly and therefore made a truce (cf -- Przemysl -- close to Ukranian border Polish city).

2960 AD (Year 560) Edit

3021 AD (Year 621) Edit

3023 AD (Year 623) Edit

3029 AD (Year 629) Edit

3031 AD (Year 631) Edit

3032 AD (Year 632) Edit

3034 AD (Year 634) Edit

3036 AD (Year 636) Edit

  • Caterina is born in Milan.
  • Paula is born in Krakow.
  • Prof. Zebetto Garibaldi begins to formulate his ideas for the creation of cyborg soldiers, named the HC series. Cloning begins.

3042 AD (Year 642) Edit

3043 AD (Year 643) Edit

  • Scandal broke out at the Londonium State University regarding students engaging in human experimentation. Mastermind Izak Butler (= Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer) and his good friend 'Professor' W.W. Wordsworth were expelled. Among the expelled two, Wordsworth was quickly proven to be innocent, but Butler and Wordsworth both disappeared from Londinium. In reality, Wordsworth was a victim framed by Butler. While searching for Butler (Kampfer was using the pseudonym: Izak Butler.[2] Therefore, in time of the R.A.M series, he did not know this was Kampfer before meeting him face-to-face. It was only when after hearing Abel describing his features that he thought "could that be him?").

3044 AD (Year 644) Edit

  • A wandering Kamfper meets a resurrected Cain.
  • In the same year, Kampfer and Cain took over the Rosencreuz Orden, of Berlin's heretics organization.
  • Alessandro is born.

3045 AD (Year 645) Edit

  • Esther is born in Albion.
  • In the same year, King William of Germanicus (= father of the current King Ludwig II), using the power of the Rozencreuz Orden, suddenly launched an invasion against Austria, blitz capturing Vienna. Austria was incorporated into Germanicus, the Duke's family was destroyed.

3049 AD (Year 649) Edit

  • Dietrich is seven years old. Because of his ingenuity and tyrannic nature, unfortunate events occurred. Was adopted by Cain and Isaak.
  • Pope Gregorio XXX promoted younger brother Alfonso from the Department of Inquisition to the Head of Cardinals.

3050 AD (Year 650) Edit

  • Archbishop D'Annunzio was promoted to Chief of the Department of Inquisition.
  • Caterina is fourteen years old. In October, after skipping grades at Milan's Research Institute, was on vacation at home when both her parents were killed by the Orden (a plot involving Lilith's body). She was nearly killed herself, but coincidentally met Abel who was in the underground catacombs, who saved her life. After the incident, Caterina's biological father Georgio XXX formally acknowledges that Caterina is his daughter.
  • In the same year, de Watteau's family of Bruges perishes. Eighteen-year-old Hugue loses both hands and goes missing. He was saved by the 'Professor', engages in fencing practice.

3051 AD (Year 651) Edit

  • In April, Caterina transfers to the University of Rome, stepping into the road to clergyhood. Abel follows Caterina to Rome becomes a university student, and becomes qualified as a priest by studying theology courses. Not long after, the Rosencreuz Orden set their clutches to Caterina and Abel (a covert operation by Kampfer, he didn't reveal himself to Caterina and Abel, but he did pass by them). The person investigating this incident was a young Inquisitor, Vaclav Havel. The one chasing after Kampfer was the future "Professor". Then there was Kate, and they although barely escaped a confrontation with the Rosencreuz Orden, Kate was left seriously injured. Under Caterina's commission, the "Professor" managed to complete the "Iron Lady". Caterina began to recruit talented individuals from then. Havel because of an argument between him and D'Annunzio, resulting in him leaving the Inquisition. He then became Caterina's personal guard.

3054 AD (Year 654) Edit

  • D'Annunzio was replaced by Alfonso, demoted to the countryside (the Chief of the Department of Inquisition was Archbishop Francesco from 3054AD~55AD).
  • In December, Archbishop Francesco and Caterina were promoted to Cardinals.

3055 AD (Year 655) Edit

  • Caterina turns 19.
  • In Feburary, Pope Gregorio XXX dies, Caterina is made Head of State Affairs Branch, Francesco is the Head of Doctrine.
  • In March, Papal elections are held - Caterina is made Head of State Affairs Branch, Francesco is the Head of Doctrine.
  • In April, Bishop Garibaldi's rebellion fails. He had his HC cyborgs capture the Castle of San Angelo. Bishop Garibaldi commits suicide in the end. Abel and Caterina manages to hijack one of the cyborg soldiers, HC-IIIX. HC-IIX is taken by the Inquisition.

3056 AD (Year 656) Edit

3057 AD (Year 657) Edit

  • The local powerful family started a rebellion for independence (The War of Morocco's Independence = Strait Battle) --- but was crushed by the Hispanic army. Leon fought Matthaios at Tangier (Tangier, Morocco Harbor),

3058 AD (Year 658) Edit

  • Leon Garcia de Asturias (Dandelion) joins the Ax.
  • In December, the Hussite heretics in Bohemia launches a riot, the Vatican Army attacks. Stalemate at the winter front lines. The rebellion ends in April the following year.

During the Events of the Main Series Edit

3059 AD (Year 659) Edit

3060 AD (Year 660) Edit

  • In January, Airship Tristan is hijacked (RAM I). Caterina is 24.
  • In Feburary, Abel and Asthe head to Vienna for an investigation. Hugue is dispatched to Amsterdam.
  • At the end of May, the Silent Noise was foiled in Rome. Noélle dies in Barcelona.
  • In June, Hugue returns.
  • In October, Vaclav Havel dies (aged 39).
  • In December, Caterina is put on trial by the Inquisition. The accusation was withdrawn.

3061 AD (Year 661) Edit

  • AX battles the Rosenkreuz Orden in Vienna. AX battleship Iron Maiden is destroyed. Iron Maiden II goes into commission.

3062 AD (Year 662) Edit

  • In late November, Star of Sorrow incident occurs (ROM I). Esther Blanchett is 17, Caterina is 26.

3063 AD (Year 663) Edit

  • In February, Esther leaves for Rome.
  • In July, Esther completes her training. Was allocated to the investigation department.
  • In August, Carthage "Angel of the Hot Sands" incident occurs.
  • In early November, Abel and Esther arrive in the Empire. Soloman incident occurs.
  • In mid November, Esther turns a year older.
  • In late November, Abel and Esther (eighteen years old) arrive in Istvan.

3064 AD (Year 664) Edit

  • In March, Abel and Esther arrive in Albion.
  • In May, Esther is crowned Queen of Albion (ROM VI).

References Edit

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  2. The English spelling of "Izak" is taken from Trinity Blood Act.52, p. 3.

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