The Throne of Roses III. Lord of Abyss
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: October 13, 2005
English airdate: November 30, 2006
Previous episode: The Throne of Roses II. The Refuge
Next episode: The Crown of Thorns I. City in the Mist

Pope Alessandro XVIII reveals to Vanessa that he had not realized the plight of the Methuselahs and wishes to learn more about them. However, Brother Petro and Sister Paula arrive and confront Vanessa. As Brother Petro moves to kill her, Pope Alessandro XVIII begs him to spare her life and states that the Methuselahs are only fighting as a last resort in a city that has kept them captive for years. An understanding Brother Petro abides by the Pope's orders and leaves with him and Sister Paula. Vanessa returns to Virgil, who denounces the rebellion and tells her that they can place their hopes in a new generation, one that can see the animosity between Terrans and Methuselahs dissolved. At the same time, more Auto-Jägers begin attacking the underground city while Dietrich carries out his own task; some of them go after the Pope. Sister Paula stays behind to stall a wave of Auto-Jägers, but more of them arrive and surround Brother Petro and the Pope, who are saved by Vanessa. Meanwhile, Cain makes his appearance and attacks the palace at which Sister Esther is staying before descending underground. Father Abel confronts Dietrich and defeats him with his 80% Crusnik form before Cain arrives at their location and unexpectedly kills Dietrich himself. Abel quickly attacks Cain but sees Esther, who had followed Cain underground, and hesitates, thus allowing Cain to deal him a fatal blow and kill him.

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