The Star of Sorrow II. Hunter's Banquet
Episode 4 title
Anime information
Japanese airdate: May 19, 2005
English airdate: July 27, 2006
Screenplay: Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard: Tomohiro Hirata
Producer: Hazuki Mizumoto
Animation director: Toshimitsu Kobayashi
Previous episode: The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood
Next episode: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Star of Sorrow II. Hunter's Banquet is the fourth episode of the Trinity Blood series.


Father Abel and Sister Esther are taken to Count Kadar and learn that he plans to use a system called the Star of Sorrow to annihilate the humans of Istvan. He informs the two that he carries out his intentions due to what had happened to his former wife, who had loved humans and chose to build the Star of Sorrow to provide energy for them. She was murdered while out in the city aiding humans, thus prompting Kadar's hatred for humans and desire for revenge. However, the three discover that Dietrich, who was also working for Kadar, is alive and has reprogrammed the Star of Sorrow into a weapon of mass destruction in an effort to restart the war between Terrans (humans) and Methuselahs (vampires). Abel manages to destroy the Star of Sorrow through its self-destruct sequence and Kadar kills himself.


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