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5th chapter of the manga


Dietrich is talking with Isaak about Sleeping Beauty, wondering what happened after she woke up from her hundred year sleep.

Abel and Esther are following after Tres, who is leading the way through a deep forest to get fast to Rome., but Esther feels a little relucant to continue. Abel tries to assure Esther that it is all alright because Tres' navigation system is better than navigation phones. But soon they notice that there are actually walking in circles. Tres informs him he has made a mistake as the magnetic fields have changed places, so the trio decides to stay for the night in the forest. After lighting a fire, Abel and Esther talk while Tres is patrols around and spots a moving object. Esther asks from Abel what kind of place Rome is, when they are suddenly attacked by a vampire classified as a Dryad. The Dryad tries to capture Esther, but Tres saves her. Abel spots a lady on a tree branch that only he seems to have seen. Tres asks from Abel to explain what he is seeing, but their fight is getting nowhere. Tres covers for Esther and tells her to withdraw to somewhere safety, while it is decided that Abel goes after the Methusalah. Abel finds the girl deeper in the forest, recalling that here was no forest the begin with, but a single tree. The girl says that she has waited for 500 years for her lover to return, no longer being able to recall if he was a methusalah or a terran. The girl looks at Abel, pondering if he is her lover, before
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The Dryad with Abel

realising that she has the wrong person. The vines pierce through Abel as she requests for his blood.

Tres is fighting against the forest while Esther is hiding in the bushes. The vines overpower Tres and so Esther takes out her gun and leaps into action, shooting at the vines. Tres is freed, but Esther shot him as well. While Esther apologises for her mistake, Tres shoots a vine with a gun on his wrists, revealing to Esther that he is not human. Tres tells Esther to back him up this time.

Abel enters his Crusnik form and kills the methusalah, ending her long waiting. The girl thanks, reminding Abel of Lilith. The exit of the forest is revleaed to the priest as he replies that he doesn't deserve a thanks for all that he has done.

Esther and Tres have stopped their stuggle as the forest ceases it's attack. Tres suggests Esther to get some tutoring regarding her shooting skills when they go to Rome, but thanks her for backing him up. Abel shows up, informing them that he's found the way out of the forest. Tres asks about the enemy, to which Abel answers that the girl has returned back to dust. When Abel suddenly collapses on Esther. Tres heads towards the exit and Esther right behind him, leaving Abel behind to sew up his torn outfit.


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