The Night Lords III. The Island of her Darling Children
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: August 25, 2005
English airdate: October 26, 2006
Previous episode: The Night Lords II. Twilight of the Capital
Next episode: The Night Lords IV. The Palace of Jade

While Sister Esther is recovering from her injuries, Ion encounters a still-living Radu, who reveals that he plans to assassinate Empress Vradica. He then taunts Ion by mentioning that Esther's family was murdered by a Methuselah and that she may not be sincere in her friendliness toward him. Before Radu can continue, however, Father Abel and Duchess Astha arrive and chase him off. As Abel ensures that Esther is safe, it is hinted that Seth may be more than just an ordinary girl. Later that evening, Ion confronts Esther about her past and questions her true intentions before leaving to locate Radu and stop him himself. Esther attempts to find Ion but unexpectedly meets Seth, who is carrying out an investigation of her own, near the Moldova family mausoleum. The two discover that Sir Süleyman is in league with Radu, who is in possession of explosives and plans to use them during Duchess Fortuna's funeral. However, Esther and Seth are found out; the latter chooses to fight with Süleyman so that Esther may explain the situation to Duchess Astha and is last seen falling off of a cliff.

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