The Night Lords I. The Return of Envoy
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: August 11, 2005
English airdate: October 12, 2006
Novel debut: ROM III Empress of the Night: Capital of the night
Manga debut: Straight to Hell
Previous episode: The Ibelis III. A Mark of Sinner
Next episode: The Night Lords II. Twilight of the Capital


Father Abel and Sister Esther accompany Ion back to Byzantium, the capital of the New Human Empire. There, the three go to meet with Ion's grandmother, Duchess Mirka Fortuna of Moldova, at her mansion to arrange for a meeting with the Empress. They arrive at the mansion only to find everyone inside dead, including Duchess Fortuna, and Auto-Jägers, undead soldiers with vampire-like abilities, of the Rosenkreuz Orden in wait. After the minions are defeated, the three are confronted outside by personal soldiers of the Empress led by Lord Baibars, who believes that Ion is the one who murdered Duchess Fortuna. They make an escape and find refuge at Duchess Astha's mansion.


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