The first Chapter of the Trinity Blood Manga and the beginning of the Star of Sorrow arc. The
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title is based on the 1976 British science fiction film of the same name.


Istvan is namely a free city but in reality it´s ruled with a iron fist by the marquise of Hungary a vampire who hates church and priests above everything. Everyone however don't seem to happy with the situation and even sister Esther a novice from the local church seems to be connected to some sort of underground facility that opposites the marquise.

Abel Nightroad a travelling priest from the Vatican seems to be completely unaware of the tension boiling behind the surface when he arrives to the city in his own clumsy way and finds out sister Esther's secret. Seeming to find this an ideal opportunity to blackmail the sister for a sandwich the priest finds soon finds himself in a lot more trouble than he intended when the marquise decides to get ride of the suspicious priest. Abel however might have a rather dark secret of his own...


While passing trough the train station as a boy Esther comes across a mysterious man. At first she thinks that she might have seen a glimpse of black wings but the illusion is soon shattered when the man is attacked by a murder and starts to panic. The panic stricken man soon runs right to Esther and topples them both. They come face to face on the ground and the man tries to ask if she's all right but the moment is again interrupted when the mans starts to bleed and Dietrich begins to strangle the man while asking if he tried to harm her. After noticing that Esther is all right Dietrich mentions that they should go already as it is almost night and asks where the man is from. The man tries to explain but Dietrich notices the silver cross around his neck and asks if the man would happen to be a priest.

The man, Abel Nightroad who has just arrived from Rome, is later welcomed to Istvan by mother Vitez. Mother Vitez then expresses to be relived that father Abel got to the church before nightfall. Upon remembering the earlier comment made by Dietrich this makes Father Abel question if the area is truly so dangerous during the night to which Mother answers that the area is surrounded by true darkness. She then summons sister Esther so she could show Father Abel his room. Father Abel however recognizes the "boy" from earlier and starts to greet Esther but is then silenced by a punch to stomach and a murderous stare by Esther before he has time to say anything else. So when Mother Vitez asks if they already know each other the two just answer that they met at the train station. In his room Father Abel promises not to tell about the dangerous chemicals he saw Esther carrying earlier when Esther tells him that she doesn't want to worry Bishop who is like mother to her. Abel then uses the situation to his advance and asks for a sandwich which Esters then angrily goes to do.

Meanwhile Lord Gyula is welcomed back by colonel Radcon and major Iqus. Radcon assures lord Gyula that nothing remarkable has happened during his absence aside from a small rebellion that was put down. Lord Gyula then enquirers if it's that a Roman priest was send there that day which Iqus confirmes. Radcon asks if Gyula want's the church be searched as many rebels have seen visiting it in the past. Gyula however assures him that that won't be necessary while silently worrying that the Vatican may suspect something.


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