The Ibelis II. Betrayal Blaze
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: July 28, 2005
English airdate: September 28, 2006
Previous episode: The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors
Next episode: The Ibelis III. A Mark of Sinner

The Ibelis II. Betrayal Blaze is the 13th episode of the Trinity Blood series.


Sister Esther Blanchett, Ion Fortuna and Radu Barvon continue their attempt to flee from the attacking force. However, Radu reveals that it is he who disrupted Ion's visit to Cardinal Caterina Sforza by causing the earlier explosion; he further states that he had always disagreed with Empress Augusta Vradica's notion that Terrans and Methuselahs could coexist peacefully and intends to kill Ion so that his ideals may be heard. After shooting Father Abel Nightroad, who had returned to the aid of the group on a boat, Radu turns his gun on Ion but is attacked and killed by Sister Paula Souwauski before being able to kill him. Esther and Ion are able to escape with Abel on the boat, and Brother Petros Orsini, who initially jumps onto the craft to confront the three, tags along after being persuaded into allowing Ion to meet with Cardinal Sforza. Sister Paula instills martial law in Carthage and intends for the Department of Inquisition to carry out a rescue operation, believing Brother Petro to have been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Esther treats Ion's injury while he reflects on his memories of Radu. Saddened by the death of his friend and feeling responsible for what had happened, Ion is then comforted by Esther and develops a more positive attitude toward her. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Radu is still alive and he is in league with Dietrich von Lohengrin of the Rosenkreuz Orden.


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