The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: July 21, 2005
English airdate: September 21, 2006
Novel debut: The Iblis
Previous episode: From the Empire
Next episode: The Ibelis II. Betrayal Blaze

The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors is the 12th episode of the Trinity Blood series.


Rumors of a vampire group planning the assassination of Cardinal Caterina Sforza, who is currently on tour in Carthage, arise. A fire occurs within the complex at which she is staying, followed by an unexpected visit from Ion Fortuna, who reveals that he has arrived as a messenger to deliver an imperial decree from the Empire. Mistaken for an assassin, Ion is injured by Father Hercules Tres Iqus before being forced to make an escape without delivering his message. Upon Cardinal Sforza's request, Father Abel Nightroad makes an attempt to locate Ion and arrange for his protection. Meanwhile, Brother Petro Orcini and Sister Paula Souwauski of The Department of Inquisition arrive in Carthage with the intent to locate Ion and deal with the threat to Cardinal Sforza. When Abel locates Ion and his accomplice, Radu Barvon, he finds Sister Esther Blanchett there confronting the Methuselahs. To her dismay, Abel sternly rebukes her for disobeying his direct order for her to stay out of the matter. As Abel tries to negotiate with Ion and Radu, The Department of Inquisition begins its attack. Abel decides to stall the attacking force so that the others may have a chance to escape; he battles Brother Petro, although he chooses not to fight back seriously and he is defeated.


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