The Crown of Thorns II. The Lord of Oath
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: October 27, 2005
English airdate: December 14, 2006
Previous episode: The Crown of Thorns I. City in the Mist

The AX agents, Brother Petro, Sister Paula, and Vanessa coordinate their efforts to use a flaw in the shield surrounding Isaak's airship to shatter it, allowing the Iron Maiden to fire upon the airship, bringing it down though destroying a large part of the city as well. Sister Esther returns to Father Abel's coffin to find Father Tres pouring the contents of the vial he was given earlier into it. Cain then arrives and easily defeats Tres before moving to merge with Abel's body. Before he can do so, however, Abel is revived in his 100% Crusnik form and begins battle outside the church with him, who also activates his Crusnik form. As the two battle, Abel remembers Cain as he used to be when they were younger. The fight ends in a draw after they simultaneously knock each other out of the sky as the sun rises. At a later time, Esther is crowned queen of the Kingdom of Albion and blessed by Pope Alessandro XVIII. Together, they pray for a new world in which all people can live together peacefully. Elsewhere, Abel, joined by Ion, quietly leaves to continue his quest to locate Cain and destroy him at all costs.

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