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Sweeney Todd (chapter) is the 50th chapter of the Trinity Blood manga. It was named after the various films regarding the famed murderer who first appeared in The String of Pearls (1846–47).


Esther and Alessandro are at the races with Colonel Spencer and Jane. The colonel disappears and Jane begins to harass Esther, but Alessandro saves her by feigning a stomach ache. The two leave together and then goes to buy fish and chips for lunch, where they meet Cain and Isaak. Cain seemingly inadvertently reveals the fish and chips were tainted with poison after it kills a cat. Sweeney Todd reveals himself and pulls out a machine gun, but his murder is interrupted when torpedoes drop from the sky and throw Alessandro and Esther into the ocean.

Meanwhile, Mary meets with Sister Paula who has offered to the Vatican's support for her claim to the throne if she were to eliminate all the vampires of the Ghetto. Sister Paula elaborates that the Vatican is willing to forge documents proving a 'secret marriage' between Prince Gilbert and Mary's mother if she were to accept. Mary gladly takes up the offer.

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