The Star of Sorrow (嘆きの星), or 7782 satellite, is a mobile, electric-laser-firing satellite. It orbits a low path above Earth at a rate of 13,000 feet per second, and it emits a laser energy pulse of 800 gigajoules the power of 200 tons of TNT 22 times per second. It could obliterate Rome in five pulses.

After the Armageddon, it was used as a relay point to channel energy. It picked up the energy microwaves emitted by the solar power generators on the moon and sent them as laser down to Earth for energy consumption.


Gyula Kadar initially hired Maria, a programmer who would become his wife, to revive the Star. She managed to fix its control system. The church, however, mistakenly believed they were developing a weapon of mass destruction, so they killed her. After his wife's death, Gyula could not restore the Star by himself, until he was approached by the Rosenkreuz Orden. They sent him Dietrich, a programmer who revived it.

Its first blast after reactivation eliminates the Vatican's airships outside István. Afterwards, Gyula wants to destroy Rome with it.

In the novels, the Star fires at Pest next, although Gyula thought its coordinates had been set to Rome. When he calls for Dietrich to adjust them, a hologram of him appears, saying that the coordinates are not wrong, and that his program runs flawlessly. When he sees Esther, Dietrich tells her the Star's self-destruct code, which is Contra Mundi's motto. ("Igne Natura Renovatur Integra. By fire, we will renew the world.") This code, however, re-writes the target coordinates to Byzantium, the capital of the New Human Empire.

In the anime, the self-destruct code Dietrich gave Esther does nothing; in the manga, the target changes from Rome to István. In all three versions, Abel activates the self-destruct mode.

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