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Seth Nightlord
Personal information
Aliases: Empress Augusta Vradica
Krusnik 03
Residence: New Human Empire
Birth: 2098 AD in Quebec, Canada.
Age: 966
Gender: Female
Species: Krusnik
Occupation: Major of the UN Science Department (former)
Empress of the New Human Empire
UN ID#: UNASF94-8-RMOC-666-03-sk
Relative(s): Cain Knightlord (elder brother)
Abel Nightroad (elder brother)
Weapon(s): Tuning forks
Affiliation(s): UNASF (former
New Human Empire
Other information
Novel debut: From the Empire
Manga debut: Straight to Hell
Anime debut: From the Empire
Japanese seiyū: Yuki Matsuoka

Mamiko Noto (drama CD)

English V.A.: Hilary Haag

Seth Nightlord, born Seth Knightroad and also known as Crusnik 03, is the youngest of the Crusniks. Seth appears to be a cheerful young girl, but it is actually a "cutesy" facade. Like her brothers, she is capable of being quite fearsome, especially when the well-being of her "children" is in question.

At the end of the Empress of the Night Arc, Seth is revealed to be Empress Augusta Vradica of the New Human Empire. Despite having the body of a child, she is over nine-hundred years old and she does not wish to declare war on the Vatican territories due to her brother's support of the humans.

Appearance and Symbolism[]

In the anime, Seth appears as a child (In the manga, Seth appears to be about the same age as Esther Blanchett). The novels describe Seth as a "young teenager, maybe three years younger than Esther."[1] In all three versions, Seth is portrayed with short black hair and emerald green eyes.

She first appears as a tea-seller wearing a red-and-white dress. In the novel she is first seen wearing ash-colored (slave class) clothes while passing as a human teaseller. She is also later seen in medical student uniform, a black Empire citizen uniform and variations of her old UNASF uniform in flashbacks.

While in her role as Augusta Vradica, Seth usually wears a short green dress, a color only permitted by the Empress, adorned with several gold and red pieces. She also wears white, ruffled shorts, white boots, and a large green hat. In both the manga and light novels she has a very diverse wardrobe, and is seen wearing several very detailed dresses and also different hats.[2] In Krusnik form, she gains a pair of fangs, her nails grow longer, and her hair hovers above her head like with other Krusniks. Unlike the other Krusniks however, Seth does not have angelic wings in her form; instead, she has dragonfly-like wings in the novels, and butterfly wings in the manga.

In her manga portrait, she is accompanied by her white squirrel, black butterflies, servant-class uniform with her medical-student uniform folded over her and a green embroidered fabric in her hand. She is standing upon a large pink lotus. Black butterflies are symbolic of death in Central America and the Far East. The large pink Indian lotus symbolizes elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace, and is associated with the Great Buddha, a reference to Seth's "God-like" status. Her arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Empress.


Seth appears to be a cheerful young girl who maintains a "cutesy" facade persona that is similar to Cain Knightlord and Abel Nightroad, but she is capable of  being quite fearsome, especially when the well-being of her "children" is in question. Seth is very affectionate towards Abel (Seth's brother), who seems dear to her and she is also stated to enjoy performing random odd jobs like selling tea or flowers.




Seth was the youngest of the four genetically-modified test-tube babies and Major of the United Nations Space Force and leader of the Department of Technology and Head of the UN Science Department of the Red Mars Project. Her rank was a level below Abel Nightroad and Lilith Sahl.

After Abel and Lilith found "The Ark" with the bodies of intelligent life forms inside, Seth discovered the Kudlak Bacillus and Crusnik Bacillus (which was named after their cross-like shape). However, the Crusnik Bacillus proved to be difficult to grow, and attempts to reproduce more were unsuccessful. It was Seth who discovered the Crusnik Bacillus was compatible with genetically-enhanced humans like herself after she injected both a dying Cain and another colonizer with the Krusnik Bacillus nanomachines. Cain survived, but the colonizer did not. The Kudlak bacillus was given to all the colonizers, but the discovery of the bacilli and the Ark resulted in Armageddon and The Martian Civil War.

Eighty years after Armageddon, the colonizers (now Methuselah) to returned Earth. However,  conflict broke out between them and the humans due to their vampiric nature, leading to The Dark Ages. Abel and Seth fused themselves with Krusnik Nanomachines and joined the war and took the side of the colonizers (or "returners") along with Cain. Cain, however, had fused his mind with 100% of the Crusnik nanomachines, and bent on destruction. The three of them killed millions of people during the war.

Lilith, who had also fused with the Krusnik nanomachines, took to the side of the humans after witnessing the outcome of the war. As the humans were about to win the war, Cain offered Lilith a truce, but killed her instead.

Furious, Abel and Seth confronted their brother, which resulted in Cain being pushed out of their spaceship in orbit above the planet and into Earth's atmosphere. Seth prevented the Ark from falling into Earth.

Eight-hundred years before the events of the main series, Seth established The New Human Empire with the Methuselah that were driven to Eastern Europe by the humans. She helped restore life back to the land, becoming a "God-like figure" in the process. The Empire has been growing stronger ever since, which the Vatican considers as a threat.


The Empress of The New Human Empire is briefly mentioned in the earlier chapters.

Empress of the Night/ The Night Lords Arc[]


Seth is first introduced as a tea seller in in the Andolu, the Terran side of the New Human Empire, ostensibly looking for Abel (Seth's pet squirrel). The missing squirrel had, apparently by happenstance, crawled onto Ion's clothes while he and Esther had been trying to navigate their way to Mimir's medicine shop. Shouting the name Abel repeatedly, Seth nearly gives Esther Blanchett a heart attack before Esther realizes that Seth is shouting the squirrel's name, and believing it to simply be a coincidence. Seth takes the Esther and Ion Fortuna to Mimir's medicine shop. On the way, Seth tells Ion to stop him referring to her as "girl" and tells the two her name. Ion comments that it sounds like a boy's name, asking if her parents were hoping for a boy, to which Seth replies that she already has two older brothers. While Ion jumps to the second story window with Esther, Seth smiles, commenting on how Ion has become manlier in a manner that clearly indicates that she knows who the two of them are.

When Ion and Esther are ambushed and Esther goes into shock, Seth once again offers her help to them, to which Ion tells her to leave and not to touch Esther. Seth chuckles and asks Ion if he can afford to push her help away. She tells Ion in a serious tone and tells Ion what to do while bandaging Esther's wounds, instilling so much fear into Ion to the point where he cannot even look at her face. Ion feels an abnormal kind of fear which freezes him on the spot. When Ion asks her who she really is, and Seth smiles answers that she is just an ordinary girl. Later when Esther wakes up, she finds herself in Seth's apartment with Ion and Seth. Seth brings some tea and food to Esther and asks her how she has been doing. Seth teases Ion by talking about how worried he was to Esther, before reminding him that Methuselah/ Terran marriages are forbidden in the Empire. Seth reveals that she is a medical student, and that Esther is not from the Empire as she had been speaking in Latin and Hungarian in her sleep. Ion tells Esther that Seth is now under the impression that Ion fell in love with Esther and brought her back to his home.  Seth assures the two that their Esther's identity as a Terran from the ‘outside’ is safe with her, if they would promise not to tell anyone that she is really a student.

Ion tells Seth to start focusing more on her studies as it is forbidden to work a side job as a student. Seth, not caring much about what Ion has said, asks the boy to go buy some groceries for Esther, or watch as she bandages Esther. Ion finally agrees to go, leaving the two girls alone. Seth starts to change Esther's bandages, when Esther asks Seth's real age, to which she replies is thirteen years old. Esther is amazed by how far Seth has proceeded in her studies despite her young age. Seth tells Esther that the Empire's system values terrans for their skills, rather than affluence and money like the outside.

Esther is still unable to see how they coexist as terrans are still servants to the methuselah, to which Seth reminds Esther that the Methuselah are not the real masters of Terrans. The real master is the leader of the New Human Empire, Augusta Vradica. Hurting a human is hurting the Empress' property. The Terrans do the Empress' bidding and are her children, therefore they and Methuselah are equal, and can coexist.

Esther comments that this balance is only possible while the Empress exists. She reasons to Seth that if the Empress passes away or just suddenly changes her mind, the way of coexisting disappears. Seth smiles, liking that Esther is smart enough to figure that out and confirms Esther's thoughts to be true.

There is a sudden knock on the door. Seth thinks it is Ion and opens the door, when they are suddenly attacked by a group of autojägers. Esther tries to grab her shotgun, but is knocked out in the process. The final thing that she sees is Seth facing the Autojager. When Esther is woken up by Abel, she asks for the whereabouts of Seth, shocking Abel in the process. Esther opens a cupboard to look for her, only to find herself flooded by a large pile of salt.

Seth agent.jpg

Seth is next seen outside Astharoshe Asran's house from where Esther follows her to the tomb of Mirka Fortuna (the Duchess of Moldova). Seth surprises Esther and tells her this time that she is a secret agent from a noble. Seth also reveals that getting close to Ion and Esther was part of her mission in investigating the situation of the 'extremists'. Esther and Seth hide as autojagers move to the Duchess of Moldova's tomb. Seth tells Esther that they will run inside after the autojagers leave.

Inside the tomb they find dynamite, and realize that the enemy is planning to blow up the Empress when she visits the tomb the next day. Esther and Seth head out as Esther wants to warn the Duchess of Kiev. Suleyman (the Duke of Tigris) appears, smiling as he learns that Astharoshe Asran was the one hiding the criminals in her home. The autojagers also start showing up. Seth tells Esther to run while she fights their way out of the mass of enemies using two small daggers. Seth tells Esther to hurry and inform Astharoshe about this while she stays behind. Confronting the Duke of Tigris, who asks if they are from the same race as Seth was able to defeat the autojäger. Seth answers that unfortunately she doesn't belong to such an outstanding race, and the Duke of Tigris decides to kill her using the Ring of Solomon. In the end Seth falls down the cliff.

Seth, as the Empress Augusta Vradica, is next seen when she interrupts the arrest of Ion, Esther and Astharoshe. Suleyman is confused by the fact that she is still alive after her apparent death during the explosion at the Duchess of Moldova's tomb. The Empress says that she was rather flustered when she was almost killed on the Island of Beloved Children by him. The Duke of Tigris is shocked by the Empress' words.

The Duke of Tigris asks her if she actually believes the traitors and outsiders instead of him, but Seth tells him that she was not talking about the bombing, as she was not present. Augusta Vradica calls forth her double, the Duchess of Moldova (Ion's grandmother). The Empress reveals her plan to lure out the extremists, but admits that she is surprised that Süleyman was behind it.

The Duke of Tigris demands an answer to his question. As a reply, the Empress reveals her face. The Duke of Tigris is surprised when he sees the girl behind the veil. Seth explains to Suleyman that she was indeed scared when he pointed at her with that ring.

Seth reveals her face.jpg

Everyone is surprised to see the Empress' true face. Seth tells Suleyman that she is disappointed in him, having had high hopes for him. The Duke of Tigris gets angry at Seth, claiming that she had no hopes for any of them. Suleyman points the Ring of Solomon at Seth, fires at her, and is killed by Astharoshe. Seth asks him why he purposely missed hitting her. The Duke answers: "is there a place in the world for child who does not love his mother?" Suleyman falls down to his own pool of blood. Seth kneels down and pulls his head onto her lap, showing kindness towards Suleyman on his final moment.

In his dying moments, Süleyman tells to Seth that he hated her, her having served her for 300 years, The Empress had become an existence he couldn't understand. The Duke asks Seth where she came from and where they all are headed, who she is, but then corrects his himself and asks who they themselves are. Seth tells Suleyman that if she could answer that, she would be much happier. She closes Suleyman's eyes for him after he dies.

Seth hugging her brother, Abel.

Seth then congratulates everyone of their good work. Seth tells a surprised Esther that her friends call her Seth, so that she should as well. Seth asks where Abel went, Esther replies that he went after Radu Barvon (the Baron of Luxor) possessed by Dietrich von Lohengrin from the Rozenkreuz Orden. Seth realizes that the are in her room and knows what they are after.

As Abel is about to lose the battle with Dietrich, Seth shows up at the scene. Dietrich quickly realizes that she is the Empress Augusta Vradica and tries to kill her, but Seth transforms into her Krusnik form. Seth uses her highly focused ultrasound energy to turn Radu's body into dust. Seth tells Dietrich that she will let him off the hook this time, but the next time they meet she, would deliver his end. She tells Dietrich to run to the furthest corner of the Earth as she will catch him and punish him for hurting Ion, Süleyman and Radu, her children. After the fight, Seth asks Esther if she could have a word with with Abel, and tells him that Esther is "a good kid" and laughs at how Abel refers to her as "my dear Esther". As Abel dusts himself off, he tells her that had assumed that the Empress would turn out to be her by simple virtue of the fact that nobody else could have lived for 800 years. She notes that he hasn't changed in that he seems to still be choosing a difficult life for himself, and crouches down to collect her squirrel. She holds out her hand and calls to him, but having seen her true form, he hisses in fear and stays away. Seth laments sadly that she is hated again, gives Abel a melancholy look, and turns to hug him.

A week later, Seth and Abel are once again seen speaking alone as Abel is about to depart. Seth asks Abel if he would like to stay in the Empire, where they could live again as siblings, surrounded by lots of their friends. But Abel comments that he is a sinner and that does not have that right. Seth gets angry and rhetorically asks Abel how many years have passed. Seth tells Abel that "she" has forgiven him by now, and that Esther reminds her of "that woman". But Abel stays true to his cause, saying to Seth that he hasn't forgiven himself. Seth finally kicks Abel, calling him an idiot.

The arc ends with Seth telling Abel that "he" is still alive, also, that he has used the centuries to regenerate himself, something that is not possible for Abel or her. Seth questions her existence, and asks Abel what they should do now. Abel says that they will kill him.

Imitation Star/ Mark of a Lady Saint Arc[]

Seth appears on the cover of a side story in the manga.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[]

Seth tells Esther she is her friend.

Seth briefly appears in Esther's flashback, as a reminder of the people she has the met.


Rage Against Moons I: From The Empire[]

Seth briefly appears at the end of the novel.

Trinity Blood: Canon[]

Seth is mentioned as a the Major of the United Nations Space Force and leader of the Department of Technology of the Red Mars Project. She believed in Methuselah supremacy, believing they were the rightful rulers. She doesn't believe annihilation of terrans, however, instead she considers them as servants and livestock, and therefore she opposes Methuselah who harm the terrans.[3]

She is currently the Empress to the New Human Empire, researching ways to make the Methuselah immune to UV-light and silver, as well eternal youth and immortality.[4]

Seth fought alongside Cain in the past against humans, but left his side when she realized he was only after destruction. She is currently pursuing his whereabouts.[5]


Seth's Krusnik form in the anime.

Seth's background from the anime DVD booklet states the following:

The youngest of the Nightroad siblings and the third "Crusnik". She is a commander of the Alliance Aerospace Navy, and the Technology Development Supervisor of the Mars Colonization Project's Administration; her ID Number is UNASF94-8-RMOC-666-03-sk. Despite her young appearance, she has a philosophical personality. She is also astounded by the problems Abel Nightroad causes.

Despite her mature way of speaking, she still possessed the psyche of a child. She treated Lilith Sahl like a mother.


Seth's name comes from the Bibical Seth, brother to Cain and Abel, and Adam's third known son who truly began humanity.

"Augusta" is a feminine form of the name of the Roman Emperor Augustus. It is also a title used for the Empresses of the Roman and Byzantine Empires with vaguely religious overtones. It was bestowed on some women of the Imperial dynasties, as an indicator of worldly power and influence, and a status near to divinity.

"Vradica" is most likely an incorrect romanization of the Slavic name "Vladika", which translates to "bishop" or "bishop-prince." The name was written as "Vradica" in Trinity Blood: Canon and used in the anime and manga, but changed into "Vladika" in Tokyopop's translation of the novels.

Seth's official surname was spent as "Nightlord" in Trinity Blood: Canon, but was translated as "Nightroad" in the anime DVD booklets. Like Abel, the last two digits of her UN ID number suggests that her surname by birth may have been "Knightlord."


  • "Hey brother... Us Krusniks... where do we come from?  And... where are we headed?"
  • (to Dietrich von Lohengrin) "Next time, no matter where you've escaped to, I will force you into extinction. I will catch you. And PUNISH you. Ion... Süleyman... Even Radu... You people have done unforgivable things to these children. I will have my revenge!"
  • (to Abel Nightroad) "No matter how you look at it, the Krusnik... it's something that doesn't belong in this world... Something foreign that collided with the Atmosphere..."
  • "Hey! Some Flowers?"
  • "Just Seth is fine, Esther. Augusta Vradica is just the name I use when I'm Empress. You are not one of the noble... You are my friend! Friends should call me Seth."






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