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The 7th chapter of the Trinity Blood Manga.


Father Leon Garcia de Asturias is driving on his motorcycle, while Kate is trying to talk him into helping Abel and Tres. The trip cuts short, when Leon runs out of gas. Leon asks from Kate if the nun with Abel and Tres is cute.

Esther sneezes, as she thinks that someone is talking about her. Abel assures to Esther, that they are already close to Vatican. The trio are looking for a tavern to stay in for the night, when Esther spots Dietrich amongst the crowd. Tres informs to Abel, that one of their fellow fathers has just arrived to the town as well. Abel wonders if this person is here for work, when Tres also informs to Abel, that Esther has gone missing.

Esther is leaning against a wall, as she has lost the sight of Dietrich, wondering if she had even seen him. When she is suddenly cornered by a bunch of men, mistaking her as a prostitute. One of the men tried to offer her drugs, but Esther knocks the man out with a punch before running away. And running straight into Leon's arms, who lifts Esther on his shoulder before taking down the men after her. And before any more trouble gets his way, Leon accidently walks into a small river.

Esther and Leon are in a clothing store, where they are buying new clothes as their old ones are wet. Leon paying for everything as an apologise for getting them both wet. While walking outside, Leon asks from Esther, what she was doing in such a place. And Esther confesses that she was looking for someone. Leon asks from Esther, if she has anyone on her side and she happily replies that she does have someone. Leon not being happy about it, mumbling that she is too good for that guy. Leon starts to take Esther back, when there are someone now waiting for her then. Leon tells to Esther, that vampires are ruling this town, with their drugs. When the two are suddenly greeted by a hail of bullets. Leon shields Esther from it and they run away. Esther tells to
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Leon telling Esther that she is the second finest woman in the world.

Leon that she is in search for answers, but now she is only being protected by others. Leon pets Esther's hair, telling to her that she is the second finest woman in this world. Not getting a chance to thank Leon, when he is shot by a vampire, Hakuryo. The vampire leader aproaches Esther with his gang, having heard the two talk about Gyula. Telling Esther that he knows the answer, why Gyula failed and it was because Gyula didn't provide the terrans with drugs to turn them into slaves. Esther shoots at Hakuryu, for saying such, not liking such words. Hakuryu catches all the bullets with his fist and drops them onto the ground, giving Esther three choises. Esther choosing the first, having Hakuryu drink her blood. But Hakuryu does not agree with it and chooses for her, the third option, his gang raping her. The men jumping on her and start to tear on her clothes, when they are all shot by Tres and Abel, who show up to help. But Esther rushes over to Leon, who is happy to see her fine. Esther tells him to save his strenght and not to talk, but Leon asks Esther out for another date, one that lasts still next morning. Esther agrees to it, before she is pulled away by Hakuryu as a shield for him. Holding his gun on her forehead and telling Tres and Abel to lower their guns or he would shoot Esther. Esther realises the seriousness of this situation and yells for Tres to fire through her to take down Hakuryu. Tres understands and prepears to shoot, when Hakuryu's arms fall off. Leon has Eshter on his arms, while one of his chacrams spins on his finger. Tres asks from Leon why he chose to enter battle now, to which the man replies, that he waited for the right moment to shine. Hakuryu calls them dogs of Vatican, which angers Leon, who beats up Hakuryu.

The next morning Leon tells to Tres and Abel while Esther is sitting on his lap, that he came here because Kate told him to, as the three were having troubles with their missions. Tres confirms that everything so far has been a mission for him, Abel being shocked that he didn't know anything about this. While the two fathers argue, Leon talks with Esther, encouraging her to go to Rome. Leon promises to write a report about this mission, but before he leaves, he holds out his right hand for Abel. About to grab it, Leon tooks the hold of Abel's head and knees him into stomach. Telling Abel to leave his Esther alone, as they have already agreed on a next date. Leaving then.


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