The four commanders during the Red Mars Project. From left: Cain, Seth, Lilith and Abel.

The Red Mars Project (レッドマース・プロジェクト, Reddomāsu purojekuto), also known as the Mars Colonization Project (火星植民計画, Kasei shokumin keikaku), refers the project created by the United Nations, with the participation of every nation on Earth, to colonize Mars.[1]



The four Test tube babies: From Left to right Abel, Seth, Lilith and Cain

Around the year 2080 AD, Earth experienced an overpopulation crisis, with 12 billion people and insufficient resources. Because of this, the United Nations decided to start a project that aimed to build colonies in Mars, known as the "The Red Mars Project."

Four genetically-enhanced test-tube babies were created by the United Nations Aero-Space Force to be leaders of this project: Cain, Seth, Abel, and Lilith. They aged 1.5 times slower than normal humans. Cain became the Colonel, Abel became Lieutenant-Colonel and in charge of the Management of the Security Division, Seth was ranked Major and Head of the UN Science Department, and Lilith was ranked Lieutenant-Colonel, the same as Abel, and in charge of the Department of Medicine/ Health care. Another 100,000 people, referred to as the colonizers, were sent to Mars to make the planet suitable to sustain human life.[2]

Discovery of the Kudlak and Krusnik BacillusEdit

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During this time, several colonizers who did not like Abel Nightroad lured him into the Martian wilderness. Just as Abel was about to die from oxygen deprivation, Lilith rescues him, however, Lilith’s vehicle broke down on the way back. It was during this time that the two found a highly technologically advanced space ship, later known as "The Ark."

"The Ark" housed many dead, but preserved alien bodies, though the bodies of higher-ranked aliens appear to have been more well-preserved than the others. These bodies were later taken back and examined.

Upon examination of these bodies, Seth discovered the Kudlak Bacillus and Crusnik Bacillus (named after their cross-like shape). However, the Crusnik Bacillus proved to be difficult to grow, and attempts to reproduce more were unsuccessful. It should be noted that although the Kudlak and Crusnik are named as "bacilli," they are actually nanomachines.

The Crusnik Bacillus was frozen and preserved, while the Kudlak Bacillus were replicated and distributed to the other colonizers, allowing their bodies to survive the Martian environment and live up to 300 years.[3]

Armageddon and The War on MarsEdit

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Every country wanted to gain possession of “The Ark” and the life-extending bacillus Due to the fact that every country had a colonizer (now Methuselah) representative on Mars, war broke out on Mars between the colonizers. The spaceship that the colonizers had used to travel between Mars and Earth, as well as the equipment used to communicate to Earth, were all destroyed in the process. At this time on Earth, there was a global nuclear war, known as Armageddon.[4]

Return to Earth and The Dark AgesEdit

After eighty years, the colonizers (now Methuselah) were able to rebuild a spaceship and return to Earth. The colonizers (or "returners") returned to Earth, only to find the planet in a devastated state, with only Europe being one of the few continents left standing, as it was affected by biological weapons. The colonizers vowed to help the people on Earth.

Some time later, the Kudlak Bacillus in the returners' blood caused the symptoms of vampirism, possibly due to Earth's closer proximity to the Sun. Many humans were killed by the returners, even against their will, and conflict soon broke out between the returners and people on Earth, known as "The Dark Ages."

Cain, Abel and Seth joined the war and took the side of the "returners," infusing themselves with the Crusnik nanomachines. Cain, however, had fused his mind with 100% of the Crusnik nanomachines, and was bent on destruction. The three of them killed millions of people in the process, disturbing Lilith, who then infused herself with the Crusnik nanomachines to help the humans. [5]

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