Radu Barvon
Personal information
Aliases: Baron of Luxor
Flame Sword
Status: Deceased
Death: 3063 AD
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Occupation: Baron of Luxor
Relative(s): Ion Fortuna (foster brother in the novels)
Mirka Fortuna (distant relatives in the novels)
Ability: Creating fire from his palms
Affiliation(s): Rosenkreuz Orden (rank 6=5)
New Human Empire
Other information
Novel debut: ROM II: The Visitor´s Evening
Manga debut: Act 9. High Noon.
Anime debut: The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors
Japanese seiyū: Katsuyuki Konishi
English V.A.: Jason Liebrecht

Radu Barvon, Baron of Luxor is Ion Fortuna's best friend and tovarisch (meaning "comrade" in Russian). He heads with Ion to give a message to the Cardinal Sforza. Unbeknownst to Ion, Radu is actually a member of the Rosenkreuz Orden, codename "Flamberg".

Appearance and Symbolism[edit | edit source]

Radu has a shoulder-length blue hair, tied at the back of his head and and earrings. He is rather tall and has holes on his hands to use his flames.

Radu is a rare breed of Methuselah known as an "Ifrit," giving him the unique abilty to secrete napalm fluid in his palms, allowing him to produce blue fire flames.

Radu has two manga portraits. In one of them, he is featured with pomegranates and poppies. In Christianity symbolism, broken or bursting open pomegranates are a symbol of the fullness of Jesus' suffering and resurrection, while poppies symbolize death. In his second portrait, he is in a pool of water, surrounded by white chrysanthemums, symbolic of death, lamentation or grief.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Radu is kind, compassionate and much calmer and more easygoing than his friend, Ion. He goes through a lot of self-conflict and guilt after his betrayal of his tovarisch. He is sometimes often seen smoking and in the novel it is mentioned that he chews tobacco.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Iblis / Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[edit | edit source]


Radu travels to Carthago with his tovarisch Ion Fortuna, the secret envoy for Augusta Vradica. Esther Blanchett and Tres Iqus investigate a programmer that was captured earlier. Esther burns her hands on the handle of the cell which he was kept, and Tres opens to the door to find the room ignited in flames. A mysterious cloaked vampire attacks the cyborg, damaging his eyes, and then disappears. At this time, Ion sneaks into the embassy alone speak with Cardinal Caterina Sforza, but frightens her with his sudden appearance. He tightens his grip on her when he became offended after she calls him a "vampire" instead of a "Methuselah." His anger causes the Cardinal to panic, and just at this moment, Tres barges in and shoots Ion, believing he was an assassin. Ion escapes quickly, leaving the baffled Caterina to ponder if he was meant to be the messenger sent from The Empire.

An inujured Ion is found by Radu.

An enraged Ion meets Radu on their way back to their hotel room, Radu informs Ion he became worried Ion took so long and went out to look for him. He treats his wounds and leaves get some aqua vitae (blood pills) for Ion. The Count waits for his friend to return until he hears the door open. To his surprise, it is an equally surprised Vatican nun with a gun aimed at him. Ion quickly jumps from his bed and tackles her, demanding to know why she was here. Frightened for her life, Esther hits Ion's wounded shoulder with her gun, and manages to incapacitate him. Just at that moment, Radu then walks in on the scene and threatens Esther with a knife. Father Nightroad arrives just in time to save Esther, but reprimands her for disobeying his order to leave the vampires alone. He apologizes and explains that before Ion arrived to speak with Lady Caterina, another vampire attacked the embassy. Radu suspects that it is the work of extremists. There is a sudden explosion from a tank, which turns out to be the work of the Inquisition, determined to destroy the vampires. Ion refuses to trust Abel and Esther, but Radu convinces his friend to trust Esther escape to an underground waterway to their motorboat.

Radu admits he is an extremist.

While the escape is underway, Ion is slowed down because of his wounded shoulder, which is bleeding again because of Esther's attack. Esther kindly asks if she should inspect the wound, but Ion yells at her that someone as "lowly" as her should not "soil" his skin. Esther loses her temper and yells at him in a rage, calling Ion childish. Ion is surprised by her sudden fury, and allows her take care of his wound. The Department of Inquisition arrives, letting slip that an "informant" told them of the location of Ion and Esther. Just as they plan to take the pair hostage for questioning, Radu appears and burns the Inquisition members. Their rescue is short lived, however: remembering the attack from earlier at the Vatican, Esther makes the connection that Radu was the extremist.

Radu nearly grasping Ion as he falls into the ocean.

Esther takes out her gun, and questions if her deduction was correct. Ion is appalled by this accusation, and tells Esther to put her gun down. To Ion's horror, Radu confirms the accusation, and that he is working with the Rosenkreuz Orden. This shocks Ion, who could not believe his friend would do such a thing. Radu moves behind Esther and takes control of her gun, so that it would seem like a Vatican nun killed the Earl of Memphis, which would start a war between the Empire and Vatican. Brother Petros appears, and is perplexed to see a vampire threatening another vampire. Petros starts a fight with Radu to avenge his men, and Esther uses this opportunity to escape with Ion, who is attacked by Radu again. Esther, Abel, and Ion board the boat while Radu uses Petros as a stepping stone to follow them. Using his Ifrit powers, Radu ignites the boat but accidentally burns the rope holding the said sail up, causing it to fall onto him and fling him overboard. Ion screams his name as he falls, calling out to him and nearly grasping him. Abel stops the boy from going overboard, as Ion weeps devasted at his friend's betrayal, as he recalls his last words to trust him.

Radu promises to be with Ion forever.

After resting to heal his wounds, Ion's remembers a brief part of his childhood with Radu. Ion is upset that he has awakened and can no longer walk under the sun or go to the beach with Radu. Radu laughs and replies that he will not walk under the sun either, as preparation for his own awakening, even if it is several years from now. Ion is shocked that Radu would do that for him. Radu replies that Ion always says he will be with him forever, and he is just saying the same thing back to him. Unbeknownest to Radu, Ion also remembers events from their childhood at that moment.

Ion wakes to to find Esther wiping his forehead. The nun confirms that she bandaged him, and that the bullet was so close that it could have easily pierced his heart. Ion says that Radu told him the same thing, but had he died, he would not have to live through this betrayal. Esther empathizes with Ion, as she was also betrayed by someone she thought was a friend. The Count says Radu was his only friend, and he had known him since birth. The boy suddenly becomes angry and says that he would have died for his friend if he wanted his life, but blames himself for not knowing Radu wanted him dead in the first place. Esther tries to cheer up the crying boy, holds his hand and tells him that she is by his side, and although the comment is followed by awkwardness and does not make much of an impact, Ion thanks her for her kindness.

Ion calls Radu his tovarisch.

Around this time, Radu dreams of a moment of his childhood with Ion. A young Ion calls out Radu, who was reading, to play with him outside. Radu notices Ion had scraped his knee and urges him to be more careful, or he'd be punished by the Duchess of Moldova. Ion quizzically asks why Radu talk to him as a servant, and insists he calls him Ion. The memory ends with Ion calling Radu his "tovarisch." The Baron wakes up and realizes he had been asleep, and the only way he can look Ion in the eye is in his dreams.

Dietrich von Lohengrin

Dietrich tortures Radu to make him kill Ion.

appears and Radu affirms that he will follow the Rosenkreuz Orden's goal to start a war between the Vatican and the Empire by making it appear that the Empiral envoy and Vatican Cardinal were killed by a Terran and Methuselah respectively. Dietrich plays on the Baron's guilt and jealousy for Ion, and teases how he must regret joining the Orden. Furious, the Methuselah builds a fire in his palm and threatens Dietrich, but his arm is sliced off by an autojäger. The puppeteer sadistically reveals that his autojägers are methuselah with their frontal lobes removed, reducing them into mindless zombies. Dietrich impales a furious Radu and reminds him that he outranks him in the Orden, and forces him to apologize. The puppeteer gives Radu an ultimatum: kill his best friend, or witness the destruction of the whole city by the hands of The Iblis. With a younger Ion's face in his memories, Radu helplessly agrees. Dietrich leaves, mockingly questioning whether Radu will kill him like he plans to kill Ion. Radu reattaches his arm and sets out, affirming to himself that he is now "nothing but a filthy traitor."

Radu about to killed by Abel.

Ion, Esther and Abel escape from the Inquisition after being caught by them again. Esther drives their car erratically, frightening Ion. The Inquisition closes in on them and commands them stop and surrender. Esther takes a sharp turn into a small alley and finally stops. Ion sighs from relief and asks if all the Terrans from outside world drive like this. Esther slows down and slips into her own worries about Abel' injuries. Abel suddenly warns her of the obstacle before them. Brother Petros is there in the middle of the road and attacks them with his Screamer. Esther manages to dodge the attack, but the whole car flips to it's roof. Ion falls unconscious from the hit, while Esther who is caught by Petros. Abel tries to save her, but is quickly defeated due to his injuries sustained earlier from Petros. At that moment, Radu arrives with Goliath, a tank from The Inquisition, claiming he wants Ion's life. Petros is knocked out by a shot from the Goliath, but is still alive. Radu is about to kill Esther, but is stopped when a lightning bolt strikes him. Abel, in his Crusnik form, telepathically draws Ion's blood to him. The tank fires a shot at Abel and rips through his entire right side, but he still stands as his blood and intestines fall onto the floor. The priest's blood begins to consume the chunks of flesh from the floor and then fuse and repair Abel's body. The Krusnik talks though Abel and announce they will eat the terrified Radu. Abel almost kills him but is stopped by the screams of a horrified Esther, clutching Ion in her grasp. Abel tries explain himself, but Esther faints as he wipes a tear from her cheek. Tres Iqus and Iron Maiden arrive to help the trio out, and Abel shields Ion and Esther from the airship's attack with his wings.

After the Ion, Esther and Abel are rescued by the airship, huge sandstorm is seen outside. Abel realizes that it is heading towards northeast, and asks Kate to look for what is in that direction. Kate finds that there is the city of Carthago, where the embassy is and where the Cardinal Caterina Sforza is staying. She also realizes they do not have enough time to evacuate the whole city, to which Tres replies they should only save the Cardinal herself. Petros and Ion are both outraged that Tres did not consider the civilians, and both look away in embarrassment when they realized the two of them agreed on the same thing.

Radu informs the group that Carthage will be destroyed.

The airship receives a transmission from the Inquisition ship 'Raguel'. Radu shows up on the screen, still alive after the last fight. He is glad to hear that Ion is doing fine, but he tells them he cannot receive any pictures on his airship. Radu informs Ion to give up his life, and in exchange, he would stop the Iblis. Ion is outraged of at what Radu is prepared to do to just for his life. Radu tells them not to bother shooting down his ship, as he is right above the embassy. Ion requests the help of Petros, who is not too keen in helping a vampire. Ion, however, proves his determination by promising that after this all is over, he will allow Petros to kill him. The Knight of Destruction thinks about this and finally accepts, much to the embarrassment of both of them.

Ion and Radu fight.

Ion, Petros and Tres head down to Carthago to save the civilians, while Abel heads off to stop the to stop Iblis. Ion leaves the two to fight the autojägers and goes and confront Radu. He questions when Radu started hating him, and Radu replies that he has always had. Ion calls him a liar and proclaims he will save him. The two remember a time when they were children as they fight.

Flashback of Ion noticing the sun illuminating Radu's hair.

The two young Methuselah were in a boat in the ocean when Ion admires the blue light of day, but sadly comments that he will not be able to see the light again after he awakens. Radu informs Ion his mother told him how much the sun hates them is how much they are loved by the moon. It allowed them to live so much longer than the Terrans, meaning they can be around that much longer around the people they cherish. The memory ends with Ion commenting how the sun illuminated Radu's hair, and how Ion believed they would be friends forever.

Back in the current time, Radu questions where they went wrong and why he is remembering all of this. Ion demands to know why Radu would hate him, to which he replies it is because of Ion's noble heritage, favored by the Empress, overshadowing his existence. Ion sees right through this and rebuffs that Radu can fool any other person, but not him. The Count tearfully confesses that if Radu was honest, he would not have saved him from the Inquisition, and it would have been easy for him to kill him during that time. Ion begs his friend to reconsider, pleading with him that he can keep everything a secret, all he wanted was for him to stop The Iblis, and that he did not want to fight anymore. Despite all of this, Radu confesses he cannot turn back as there is no where to turn back to. Ion screams at him, grabs Radu's heart in his hand, and demand him to stop The Iblis. In pain, the Baron admits he cannot stop it, as it was set on motion by someone else.

Radu and Ion's last moments.

At that moment they are interrupted by the rising sun. Ion is momentarily captivated by the sunlight as it illuminates Radu's hair the same way it did when they were younger. Alarmed at the revelation that they are exposed, Radu begs for Ion to run. The two start to burn and Radu is shot by Tres and Petros. Petros wraps his coat around Ion to shield the boy from the sun. Distraught at the dying boy, Petros angrily demands Kate to quickly bring the airship closer to them. Petros places Ion down onto the floor and remarks that the truce has ended, now that he has avenged his men, and that he is back to destroying vampires and hunting heretics. He points his screamer at Ion, but does not kill him. Petros turns around and remarks it is a pity that Abel could not stop the Iblis, and that his main priority was to evacuate the civilians of the city. He leaves with a warning that he has saved a comfortable cell for all of them in the Inquisition hall, and one day, he will see every one of them burnt at the stake. Meanwhile, Esther has been able to catch up with Abel. The two of the and stop The Iblis and save the entire city.

Radu's body, taken by Dietrich.

As Radu drowns, he has a vision of smiling Ion, and is relieved his friend is may have forgiven him. To his horror, his body is taken by Dietrich von Lohengrin, who sadistically informs him that his agony "will not end with [his] death."

In the preview to "The Night Lords Arc," Radu's body is seen with Dietrich, plugged with cables.

The Very Center of the Blue Storm (manga only)[edit | edit source]

Ion, Esther and Abel continue their journey towards the Empire by boat. In the novels, it is only mentioned later that their boat was attacked by pirates. This was expanded the manga. Ion and Hugue de Watteau manage to infiltrate the Methuselah pirate ship to rescue Abel and Esther. The captain is surprised Ion would side with the Terrans, mentioning his own childhood friend - a terran - had sold him out to the Vatican. The boy is briefly reminded of Radu and decapitates the Captain, calling Hugue his comrade. As he dies, the pirate admires the way Ion had worded it, but reminds him not all Methuselah agreed with him. Ion acknowledges this, and is about to collapse from exhaustion while muttering Radu's name, but Hugue manages to catch him.

To the Empire (novel only)[edit | edit source]

In Crete, Radu and Dietrich board his ship, disguised as Ion and Abel. After six of his crew members go missing, Agamemnon decides to check the storeroom, where "Ion"'s luggage is stored. It is the only place on the ship they haven't searched, because "Ion" has ordered them not to, and by Imperial decree, his order's have the same effect as the words of the Empress.

He orders his navigator and chief sailor to accompany him, when he opens the storeroom, as is protocol. Inside, they find over forty small wooden boxes. Agamemnon notices a bloodstain and removes the floor boards. Below them are the mummified remains of the six missing crew.

Just when he wants to go talk to "Ion," "Abel" appears and wants to stop him. After autojäger jump out of the boxes and kills his men, Agamemnon is attacked and burned to death by "Ion."

Empress of the Night / The Night Lords Arc[edit | edit source]

Radu reveals himself to the dewan.

The next day, while Astharoshe and Abel are in the Dewan (court), they observe the accusations brought against Ion by Baybars. Suleyman, Duke of Tigris, defends the count, but Radu appears and confirms the accusations as a witness, much to the shock of Astharoshe and Abel.

Ion and Esther visit the terran side of the Empire. Ion wants to meet Mimal. They get lost on their way, however. At that moment, they run into a young girl named Seth, decides to help them out to find Mimal after they buy some tea from her. When they arrive, Ion lifts Esther onto his arms and jumps into Mimal's office is. To their surprise, Mimal is fatally wounded by an autojäger. Ion disposes of the autojäger and runs over to Mimal, who is confirmed to be still alive by Esther. Mimal apologizes to Ion and states he did not mean to betray him, but he had told the Baron of Luxor about his arrival. Ion is shocked as he had thought Radu was dead. The autojäger, apparently not yet dead yet, attacks the two. Esther jumps to shield Ion from the blow. Ion finally finishes the autojäger, and finds out that Esther had been badly injured. Seth suddenly shows up, asking if they need her help.

Later when Esther wakes up, she finds herself in Seth's apartment with Ion and Seth. Seth brings some tea and food to Esther and asks her how she has been doing. Seth teases Ion by talking about how worried he was to Esther, before reminding him that Methuselah/ Terran marriages are forbidden in the Empire. Seth reveals that she is a medical student, and that Esther is not from the Empire as she had been speaking in Latin and Hungarian in her sleep. Ion tells Esther that Seth is now under the impression that Ion fell in love with Esther and brought her back to his home. Seth assures the two that their Esther's identity as a Terran from the ‘outside’ is safe with her, if they would promise not to tell anyone that she is really a student. Ion tells Seth to start focusing more on her studies as it is forbidden to work a side job as a student. Seth, not caring much about what Ion has said, asks the boy to go buy some groceries for Esther, or watch as she bandages Esther. Ion finally agrees to go, leaving the two girls alone.

Radu captures Ion.

Infuriated that he is doing errands on Seth's orders, Ion makes his way back when when he stops. He tells Abel, Seth's pet squirrel, to go ahead of him, and then he is suddenly attacked by someone. Ion dodges the attack and then retaliates his attacker is much faster than he is. The Count is caught by none other than Radu. Radu reveals his goal is to assassinate the Empress. Ion is shocked that someone would do this to their loving mother who has ruled the New Human Empire for eternity, to which Radu reminds him that if that were true, she is neither Methuselah nor Terran. The Orden is going to renew whole planet after killing Augusta Vradica. Radu notices how Ion was worried for Esther, and he reveals to Ion that her family was killed by vampires. Surprised to learn that she had not told this to him, Ion refuses to believe him. Radu is about to kill him when Astharoshe and Abel, with Seth’s squirrel, saves him. Radu escapes into the night while Ion tells to Astharoshe and Abel what Radu is planning.

Everyone returns back to Astharoshe’s mansion to plan their next move. Abel is out trying to find Radu while Esther, Ion and Astharoshe talk. Esther realizes that Radu is not allowing Ion to grieve for his grandmother. Both women notice Ion acting strange, and Ion keeps asking if they have found Radu. Esther is sceptical that Radu to appear tonight at  his grandmother’s funeral, as there were so many nobles present. Ion argues that this is the only chance for Radu, as now he is certain where the Empress will be. Astharoshe’s steward shows up, apologizing for being unable to find Radu. Asthe thinks he might be somewhere they haven’t searched, and so she decides to go and see Süleyman, who was in charge of arranging the funeral. Astharoshe takes Abel with her and orders Ion and Esther to stay behind, as Esther had not recovered and Ion is a wanted man. Esther tries to stop Ion as he is about to search for Radu, but he confronts her past. He asks her why she would care and why she hasn't told to him about Bishop Vitez. He leaves before Esther can reply.

Radu struggles to stop his body.

Ion arrives at The Island of Beloved Children, where all the funeral is being held, to look for Radu. Ion is shocked to see the Baron escorting the Empress. Ion tries to think of something, but Radu provokes him by mouthing that he will kill the Empress. Ion panics and attacks Radu. Baybars tries to intervene, but Ion quickly dodges and charges at Radu. Radu surprises him by stopping him with his own blow, revealing to Ion that he had planned for Ion to look like the culprit behind the Empress’ death. Radu is about to kill the boy when his body freezes, the voice of the real Radu come through and tells Ion to quickly escape and to save Empress from imminent death. Radu is soon taken back under control, however, and poised to kill Ion. The blade is suddenly shattered by Esther's bullet, but Baybars knocks her out. Radu resumes his task to Ion, but then he is interrupted by Empress Augusta Vradica herself, who says that she has many things she wants to ask Ion. Radu having no other choice but to allow Ion and Esther to be incarcerated.

Dietrich reveals it was him all along.

While the two are in prison, Ion apologises for getting the them into this mess. He still thinks that Esther must hate him for it being Methuselah. Esther tells to the Earl, however, that she doesn't hate him, he wasn't the one who killed her family. Their discussion is interrupted by Radu, who Ion finally recognises as someone else. Radu íntroduces himself as Dietrich, who Esther knows. Esther is shocked and she warns Ion about his wires, but it is too late. Dietrich cuts a vein from Ion's neck, sending him in the state of uncontrollable hunger. Ion grabs Esther's and is about to drain her dry. For his own amusement, Dietrich throws a silver knife towards Esther for her to use to kill him. He leaves the two of them with a sadistic smile.

Ion and Esther make their way to the meeting hall. Süleyman orders the Yenceri to capture them, but they are stopped by Augusta Vradica, who is alive and survived the explosion. It turns out the Empress used a double: Mirka Fortuna, Ion's grandmother. The Empress reveals it was all just a set up to root out the extremists inside the Empire. The real Empress reveals herself to be Seth, the tea seller Ion and Esther met earlier. Ion is speechless. Süleyman does not take this well and aims with the ring at Seth to kill her, but purpously misses her, and is quickly killed by Astharoshe. Seth asks where Abel is, Esther replies that he went after the Radu, possessed by Dietrich from the Rozenkreuz Orden. Seth realizes that the are in her room and knows what they are after.

Radu fights Abel.

Dietrich, in Radu's body, is confronted by Abel. Abel demands that Dietrich leave the console, a it will bring disaster. Dietrich slyly informs "Crusnik 02" that he knew he had used this device in the past, When Dietrich realizes he cannot leave with the reboot file, a fight ensues between the two.

Dietrich provokes Abel to attack him by mentioning he is suppose to be just like the enemy of the world. Furious at the mention of Cain and the reminder of Lilith's brutal murder, Radu's heart, but the possessed baron stands back up. Dietrich explains that he had tuned Radu to the point where he does not only secrete napalm fluid from his palms, but his blood is incendiary as well. Esther and Astharoshe arrive and try to save Abel, but Dietrich easily defeats Astharoshe. Abel attempts to activate his Crusnik power as Dietrich threatens Esther, but collapses due to lack of Methuselah blood in his system.

Radu dies.

Just as Abel, Esther and Astharoshe is about to lose the battle with Dietrich, Seth shows up at the scene. Dietrich quickly realizes that she is the Empress Augusta Vradica and tries to kill her, but Seth transforms into her Krusnik form. Seth uses her highly focused ultrasound energy to turn Radu's body into dust. Seth tells Dietrich that she will let him off the hook this time, but the next time they meet she, would deliver his end. She tells Dietrich to run to the furthest corner of the Earth as she will catch him and punish him for hurting Ion, Süleyman and Radu, her children. Radu is dissolved into salt. Meanwhile, Ion is left behind on his own because of his injured leg. He does senses Radu's death but does not make it to there in time to see his friend for one last time .

Ion mourns his tovarish.

Later on, Esther finds Ion is sitting on a ledge while looking at the sea. Relieved that he was not crying, Esther brings him a blanket and the two talk. Esther manages again to cheer up the Earl, who has found new motivation and is planning to become stronger. He says that when that time comes, he will ask her again if she wants to stay with him in the Empire. Esther says that she will be waiting for that then. After she leaves, Ion stands up and holds out a pile of ash, the remains of his friend, Radu. He welcomes Radu home, and scatters his tovarish's ashes into the sky towards the sea, tells him he love him and apologizes. Radu's spirit is seen replying that he loves him as well, and forgives his tovarisch. Ion cries, unable to comprehend why his tovarisch had to die.

Anime[edit | edit source]

Radu makes his initial appearance in "The Iblis I. Evening Visitors" episode 12 with Ion as an Imperial envoy charged with delivering a letter to Cardinal Sforza. When Ion was shot by Father Tres with a silver bullet, he comforts his comrade and treats Ion's injury, extracting the bullet and then gently licking Ion's wound.

Radu betrays Ion and attempts to arrange Ion's assassination in such a way that the Vatican will be framed for Ion's death. He ultimately fails in his endeavour, and dies after being exposed and burned by sunlight.

Later, under the direction of the Dietrich, Radu's body is resurrected with artificial blood and skin; Dietrich uses the reanimated Radu to allow the Rosenkruez order to assist the Duke of Tigris with the plot to assassinate Empress Augusta Vradica. Radu is sent before the nobles in court where he openly accuses Ion of plotting treason against the Empire. Despite being under Dietrich's control, enough of Radu's spirit remains that he displays reluctance to kill Ion while on the Island of Beloved Children. After the failure of the Duke of Tigris and his conspirators to kill the Empress, Radu is sent by Dietrich to locate a secret weapon buried within the borders of the Empire. Radu successfully acquires critical information on the machine, but is confronted by Abel Nightroad in his crusnik form before he can leave. Radu gains the upper hand in this battle after disabling Nightroad, at which point Seth arrives. Dietrich's attempt to overpower the Empress using Radu fails after Seth activates her Crusnik form, at which point Radu is finally finished off by Seth when she uses her Fire of Sound technique, which causes Radu's body to physically dissolve into salt.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Radu is a masculine Romanian name of Slavonic origin, meaning "the happy one". Radu III the Handsome is the name of the younger brother of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration behind Dracula.

"Flamberg" means "flame blade" in French, is an undulating blade that is found on both long blades and rapiers.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (While possessed by Dietrich) "Us Methuselah...it's impossible for us to coexist with Terrans."
  • (To Ion) "Have faith in me, who believe them. Just trust me, Tovarisch."

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