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Brother Philippo
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Personal information
Residence: Rome
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Inquisitor
Affiliation(s): Department of Inquisition
Other information
Novel debut: RAM III: Know Faith
Manga debut: Act 11. Child Play
Japanese seiyū: Naoki Tatsuta (drama CD)

Philippo,[1] also referred to as Brother Philippo or the "Round Eel," is a ruthless member of the Inquisitorial Department. He was first seen alongside Sister Paula during her mission in Brno. Although short in height, he is surprisingly strong for his size, easily able to match Father Leon in a test of strength. In addition to his physical strength, Philippo's body contains cells which allow him to conduct a powerful electric current, which allow him to shock an opponent with 300,000 volts of electricity.

He has a PhD in Classical Literature.[2]


Like the other members of the Inquisition, Philippo is named after an Apostle of Jesus, specifically Philip the Apostle.



Notes and references[]

  1. Note: Brother Philippo's name is spelled as "Phillippo" in Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons - Volume 4: Judgment Day
  2. "William Walter Wordsworth's Secret Investigation Report." The Sneaker, December 2003.