Pietro Orsini
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Personal information
Aliases: Knight of Destruction
Brother Petro
Il Ruinante
Residence: Rome
Birth: 3034 AD
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Inquisitor
Weapon(s): Screamer
Other information
Manga debut: Child Play


Petro first appeared on the 11th chapter on manga, when he arrives with his troops to come and investigate the attack against Catherine Sforza. Denying from turning back. Later he is seen attacking against the hotel, where Ion and Radu are with Abel and Esther. Being there to capture the vampires, who were hiding in there. Abel confronts Petro to buy enough time for Ion and Esther to escape from the Hotel. During the battle Petro hurts his own men while thinking that Abel did that, which just made the big armor man more angrier. In the fight Petro used a serum

Petro after defeating Abel

that allowed him to use one ability of the vampires, acceleration. The battle ends when Abel falls down a cliff for a certain death. Or so Petro and his men think. Petro then heads out after Esther and the vampires.

Petro arrives to a scene where Radu using Esther tries to kill Ion, to frame the humans at fault of Ion's death. Petro stops the bullet with his Screamer. Commention how crazy it was to see a vampire fighting against a vampire. Getting angry when Radu used Esther as a shield, it being concidered as cowardly. Petro attacks Radu and the two start fighting, seeming to be equal. While this is taking place, Esther and Ion try to escape from the two, as both seek the death of Ion. But there seems to be no way out, untill Abel shows up to help. This baffling Petro, when the fighting priest had seen Abel fall to a cetrain death. The three escape using a boat, but Radu doesn't give up so soon, using Petro as a stepping stone to get onto the boat.

Petro is next seen reporting to Catherine Sforza that they couldn't capture the vampires, also that the vampires had help from a priest and a nun. Asking from the Cardinal if she knew anything about this. Even after Catherine denied of knowing such villains, Petro still being convinced that she had something to do with it.

Later that same night, Petro and his men finally catch up with Esther, Abel and Ion while they are trying to escape. Petro, by himself, stops the three and their car with his Screamer. The car flies in the air and lands down. At this time Ion and Abel seem to be out of the game, Esther being the only one still concious. Petro lifts up Esther, recognising her from before at the harbour, and also her being the nun from the reports, who had aided the vampires to escape. Esther feeling like it is all over for her, when Abel points a shotgun at Petro, demanding him to put Esther down. Petro is suprised to see Abel standing on his own after the beating he had recieved earlier. Petro puts down Esther and starts to fight with Abel instead. The wounded priest offers little resistance against Petro, Abel being soon defeated once again. As the battle has ended, Petro orders his men to carry Ion carefully in silver chains to a car, so that they can interrigate him later. But a sudden explosion stops everyone. Radu arrives with a tank called Goliath to the battle ground. Demanding that Ion will die right here and right now. Petro recognises Radu from before, being angry at him for having hurt his underlings. Fighting Radu for revenge, when Petro gains a direct hit from Goliath. Being still alive but unconcious for the rest of the battle. Brother Petro was taken with Abel and his fellows when they leave towards the Empire. The priest waking up while looking like a mummy, threatens to kill Ion. Tres does not agree with this and tries to shoot Brother Petro, but misses while Abel is hanging from Tres' arm. Petro being infuriated when Tres stops him in the middle of his talk. Attacking the two with his lance. But the fight is interrupted when the flying ship, Iron maiden starts to move strangely. Seeing from the windows a giant sandstorm coming towards them. Radu appears to their computer screen, telling to them that he is behind this monster sandstrom, Iblis. He tells to the people on

Petro on Iron Maiden, prepearing to fight against Tres and Abel

board that he will shut down the Sandstrom, that would whipe off Karthago and them from the map if Ion would kill himself. Or someone else would kill Ion. Disapearing when they decline from the offer. Ion asks help from Petro, knowing that the priest is powerful. After hard thinking Petro agrees to help on the condition that after this all is over, he gets to kill Ion. Petro heads into Karthago with Tres and Ion, who leaves the two fighting to find Radu and to end this finally. Petro and Tres fight against Autojagers, defeating them, they went to help out Ion. The sun starts to rise and Ion is ready to die together with his tovaras, Radu, when Petro kills Radu and wraps his coat around the boy. Calling for Sister Kate to bring the Iron maiden close to them before ion would die. The boy being badly burned from the sun. After they got onto the ship, Petro says that this would be his time to kill Ion now, to gain his reward from helping them. But seeing as the sandstorm still rages on, Petro leaves the two alone to go and help

Petro holding onto Ion after his battle against Radu

the people of Karthago. Petro is next seen in Istavan, where he is to guard the Pope. He is late from a meeting when he bumps into Esther on the hallway. Being first sorry that he didn't see her, when he realises it to be the girl who had aided vampires. Not believing Esther when she tells him, that she is to hold a speech infront of a huge audience before a play about her heroic act against vampires, it being an order from the Archbishop D'annunzio. Petro took the papers from Esther to read the speech, also noticing the Archbishop's signerature to confirm that it was real. Soon the Archbishop D'annunzio joined them, asking what Petro was doing in there. Petro was glad to see his former boss, greeting him with great respect. Esther asked from Archbishop D'annunzio if it was alright to preach about war so openly in the speech, the archbishop had written for her. The Archbishop D'annunzio told Esther that it was alright and that the people wanted to know about her brave fight against the monster Guyla. Esther soon leaves to get ready for her speech, when the Archbishop D'annunzio comments how he has never gotten along with intelligent women. Petro looking at him when he said that, the archbishop saying that the "Material" should stay quiet and still. Petro asking about the strange word, in which the Archbishop D'annunzio just tells him that Ester is only an idol chosen by the church to give the people a delusion, to strenghten their hold on the people. Petro asks from Archbishop D'annunzio about the huge troops in Istavan, in which the archebishop answers that this is the country next to the Empire, it needs to have lots of defence. Petro not buying this at all.

Petro after a fight with Shahra

While Esther is making her speech, having decided to talk with her own words instead, Petro listens to it between the audience. After the speech is over, Petro notices the charism that Esther holds, even without the fake saint title. Thinking that the girl could become something great. But stopping when he noticed that someone is trying to get onto the stage where Esther is, this person, woman not listening to any words. The woman turns out to be a vampire who is after Esther's life, Petro makes it onto the stage and fights against the vampire, but is defeated. The vampire capturing Esther and fleeing.

Later when everyone is gathered in one room to figure out what has happened, Brother Mathew shows up. Mathew explains to everyone the strange weapon the vampire used last night, the inquisition department having researched on it. Archbishop D'annunzio tells everyone that all of his troops are already searching for sister Esther as they speak. Mather suggests that he would also help. The archbishops points out that Petro is injured and that what would one man could do. Mathew explains that he is not alone, he has troops with him on the sky ready for a battle in an hour. Petro says that he too wants to help out, but Cardinal Medici tells Petro to just control on guarding his holiness. Petro nodding his head, unable to say anything else.

Esther and Shahra, the vampire who had kidnapped Esther before, but is now working with her, bump into Petro literally, while escaping from the soldiers. Petro was on his way to ask how the search for Esther was going. Petro gets hot headed when he sees Esther playing friends with a vampire again, not liking of it and doesn't listen to Esther's words, when she tries to explain the situation. Petro fights once again with Shahra, but this time he is the victor of the battle. Petro is stopped when hounds attack him for not appearant reason, allowing Esther and Shahra to escape from the Knight of Destruction.


Abel and Petro heading out to get some samonbagel for the Pope

Petro is guarding the pope with Abel while listening the Archbishop D'annunzio and the pope giving an interview to the press about what has happened. Petro huffing when the Archbishop doesn't show any humility while being with the pope, hogging all the attention to himself. After the pressconference is over, Abel and Petro talk with the pope, who asks from Abel if Esther had been found. Abel telling to the boy that Esther had not been found, which leads from another question from the pope, if Esther would really betray them. Abel talks about this Petro, coming to the conclusion that the whole kidnapping thing was a plan by someone else. Abel hinting that it could possible be the Archbishop's plan, Petro not wanting to believe such. Then suddenly Antonio shows up, having a letter for Abel, who reads it. Suddenly Abel has a great hurry to leave, when Antinio orders Petro to catch Abel, Antinio reads the letter to realise that it is from Esther. Both Petro and Abel want to go after Esther, as she needs to be collected safe. But they wonder how, when the pope gives them the permission to go. Antonio quickly realises that it would look strange, so he suggests that the two go to get some delicious bread to the pope. The two leave then. Abel and Petro head towards the hotel where Esther is, arriving to there just in time to help her and

Petro cornering Monica

Shahra out. Hearing them out, about Archbishop D'annunzio betrayal, the two priests decide to help ou the ladies. When at outside they run into Tres and Sister Monica, who start to fight against Petro and Abel while Esther and Shahra head out to fight against the Archbishop D'annunzio. Petro fights against Sister Monica. Petro manages to corner her, but when he is about to strike the last time, his Screamer passes through Monica, revealing that she is a "witch". Monica escapes from Petro, who curses, heading back to where Abel is. Together with Abel and Tres, he heads to where Archbishop D'annunzio is to help out Esther and Shahra.

The three show up just in time to save Esther, Shahra, Catherine and the pope. The Archbishop D'annunzio tries to escape while the three are fighting against Archbishop D'annunzio's troops. But he is stopped by Esther, before he can escape. Mathew also shows up with his stroops to capture the Archbishop d'Annunzio. It all ends when Esther is finally forced to kill Shahra.

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