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Petros Orsini
Personal information
Aliases: The Knight of Destruction
Il Ruinante
The Wild Boar (behind his back, novels only).
Residence: Rome
Birth: 3034 AD
Age: 30 years old.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Inquisitor
Weapon(s): Screamer
Affiliation(s): Department of Inquisition (Chief)
Other information
Novel debut: RAM III: Judas Priest (mentioned).
ROM II: The Visitor’s Evening.
Manga debut: Act 11. Child Play
Anime debut: Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall
Japanese seiyū: Tetsu Inada
English V.A.: J. Paul Slavens

Petros Orsini, also known as il Ruinante or the Knight of Destruction, is the Chief of the Department of Inquisition. As an inquisitor, he is addressed as Brother Petros. He is shown to be rather violent with an intense hatred for vampires, and extremely dedicated to the pope, although he is not beyond showing reason or compassion. The novels mention that he is of Roman high noble birth.[1]

Appearance and Symbolism[]

Petros has silvery-blue hair and eyes of the same color. He is a tall man of muscular build, capable of moving in his armor while swinging his mechanical high-frequency[2] lance, the Screamer. He is also seen in his battle suit, the Robe of the Holy Knight, (聖騎士の聖衣) (also translated as "Garb of the Lord")[3] a family heirloom.[4] He is over two meters tall and is described as "handsome" in Canon.[5]

Petros is often seen in his Inquisition uniform. He wears an armor when he engages into battle, which consists of multiple shields that covers his head and whole body. In the anime, he wears a built-in jetpack.

His manga portrait is decorated with a ring of fire, a boar, red peonies and a vampire skull. The ring of fire is a reference to Kagu-tsuchi (whose name derives from Old Japanese root meaning "force, power"), the boar symbolizes courage and fierceness in battle, and the peonies are symbolic of bashfulness and devil-may-care attitude. Petros is noted to be referred to as "The Wild Boar" behind his back in the novels.[6] His arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Justice.

His title, "The Knight of Destruction", came about because he destroyed the entire rebel squadron along with his own men in the Battle of Bohemia. In the original Japanese text, "Il Ruinante" is written in Furigana above the "Knight of Destruction" Kanji.


Brother Petros is a man with a strong sense of honor. He is a hot-headed man who is fiercely loyal to the Pope, believing everything the young boy says to be amazing and is easily moved by the Pope's words. It is said in manga and novels that like all other members of the Inquisition, Petros actually has a doctorate degree and has a sharp mind. Although he appears to be quite a serious character in the anime, he is rather humorous character in the manga and novels.



The Iblis/ Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[]

Petros after defeating Abel

Brother Petros first appears with his airship in Cathargo under the order to investigate the assassination attempt on Caterina Sforza. Although he is denied permission to land, he refuses to listen and argues the that he is on a Holy Mission. Caterina is upset that the Inquisition has arrived, and fears the damage the organization might cause will damage the Vatican's reputation.

Later he is seen attacking the hotel where Ion and Radu are hiding with Abel and Esther. Abel confronts Petros to buy enough time for Ion and Esther to escape in the waterways. During the battle, Petros accidentally hurts his own men, and believing Abel had done that, becomes enraged. Petros injects himself with serum that allowed him to use the 'haste-mode' seen in vampires. The battle ends when Abel seemingly falls down a cliff to a certain death. The Knight prays and then heads out after Esther and the vampires.


Petros arrives to a scene as Radu is about to use Esther's gun to kill Ion. Petros stops the bullet with his Screamer and is perplexed that a vampire would be fighting against another vampire. Infurated that Radu used Esther as a shield, the Knight calls him a coward and attacks him. Esther and Ion take this chance to escape and Abel shows up to help. Petros is flabbergasted to see the priest was still alive. Radu uses Petros as a stepping stone and jumps onto the boat, but his assassination attempt backfires when he becomes entangled in the boat's fallen sail, which quickly catches fire and sends him plunging into the water.

Petros is next seen reporting to Caterina Sforza that they couldn't capture the vampires, and that the vampires had received assistance from a priest and a nun. He asks the Cardinal if she knew anything about this, and although she denies, Petros is convinced that she was involved. As he leaves, the Cardinal gives her blessings to him while secretly wishing he never returns. Caterina orders Kate to be on the look out for Abel and Esther from the Iron Maiden and rescue them before the Inquisition can find them, but Tres intervenes and explains this is a trap: The Vatican knows Caterina is collaborating with vampires, and wants Kate to be seen rescuing Abel and Esther as proof of that.

Petros on Iron Maiden, preparing to fight against Tres and Abel

Later that night, Petros and his men manage catch up with Esther, Abel and Ion as they are trying to escape by car. Petros, by himself, stops the three in the middle of the road with his Screamer. The car flips and Esther is pulled out of the car. Petros recognizes her from before, as well as the reports of a nun who had aided the vampires. Esther thinks it is all over when Abel appears, points a shotgun at Petros, and demands he let Esther go. Petros is surprised to see Abel standing on his own after the injuries he had sustained earlier,  then lets Esther go and starts to fight with Abel instead. The wounded priest offers little resistance against Petros and is soon defeated. After the battle is won, Petros orders his men to carry Ion carefully in silver chains for interrogation later, but a sudden explosion stops everyone. Radu arrives with a tank, Goliath, demanding that Ion die right here and now. Petros recognizes Radu from before and is angry at him for killing his subordinates. The Knight sets out to fight Radu for revenge, but is unable to after sustaining a direct hit from Goliath, and unconscious for the rest of the battle.

After Abel defeats Radu, the Iron Maiden II airship rescues everyone at the scene. An unknown person in bandages appears just as Ion and Abel head out to check up on Esther. It turns out this was Brother Petros, who is thrilled to find that he has finally uncovered that Caterina Sforza has been conspiring with vampires. Tres tries to shoot Brother Petros, who is shocked when the priest would do that. Abel tries to stop Tres from shooting Petros, but Tres insist Petros knows too much and needs to be eliminated, and then shoots at him again. Annoyed, Petros attacks the two, but the fight is interrupted when the airship starts to shake.

Petros and Ion yelling to Tres

Everyone on board is in shock at the sight of such a huge sandstorm, the Iblis. Abel realizes that it is heading towards northeast, and asks Kate to look for what is in that direction. Kate finds that there is the city of Carthago, where the embassy is and where the Cardinal Caterina Sforza is staying. She also realizes they do not have enough time to evacuate the whole city, to which Tres replies they should only save the Cardinal herself. Petros and Ion are both outraged that Tres was abandoning the civilians, and both look away in embarrassment when they realize the two of them agreed on the same thing.

Petros holding onto Ion after his battle against Radu.

The airship receives a transmission from the Inquisition ship Raguel. Radu shows up on the screen, still alive after the last fight. He is glad to hear that Ion is doing fine, but he tells them he cannot receive any pictures on his airship. Radu informs Ion to give up his life, and in exchange, he would stop the Iblis. Ion is outraged of at what Radu is prepared to do to just for his life. Radu tells them not to bother shooting down his ship, as he is right above the embassy. Ion requests the help of Petros, who is not too keen in helping a vampire. Ion, however, proves his determination by promising that after this all is over, he will allow Petros to kill him. The Knight of Destruction thinks about this and finally accepts, much to the embarrassment of both of them. Ion, Petros and Tres head down to Carthago to save the civilians, while Abel heads off to stop the to stop Iblis. Although reluctant to take orders from Ion, Petros and Tres fight the autojägers as Ion goes to confront Radu.

Petros promises he'll see the heretics burned at the stake.

After Ion and Radu are burnt by the rising sun, Tres and Petros shoot and kill Radu together. The Knight wraps his coat around Ion to shield the boy from the sun. Distraught at the dying boy, Petros angrily demands Kate to quickly bring the airship closer to them. Petros places Ion down onto the floor and announces that the truce has ended, now that he has avenged his men, and that he is back to destroying vampires and hunting heretics. He points his screamer at Ion, but does not kill him. Petros turns around and remarks it is a pity that Abel could not stop the Iblis, and that his main priority was to evacuate the civilians of the city. He leaves with a warning that he has saved a comfortable cell for all of them in the Inquisition hall, and one day, he will see every one of them burnt at the stake. Meanwhile, Esther has been able to catch up with Abel. The two of the and stop The Iblis and save the entire city.

Mark of a Lady Saint/ Imitation Star Arc[]

Petros discovers Esther is present.

Petros is next seen in Istvan, where he is to guard the Pope. He berates himself for being late and becomes lost in search of the VIP room when he knocks over a nun in the hallway. He proceeds to apologize until he realizes it was the girl who aided vampires. Esther thanks him graciously for his help at Carthago and he initially politely acknowledges, but is suddenly perplexed as to why someone of her status would be at such an important function.

Esther explains that Archbishop D'annunzio has ordered her to give a speech in front of the audience he wrote for her. Petros does not believe her and takes her speech script from her, only to realize the speech encouraging war had Archbishop's signature there, and becomes increasing suspicious when Esther mentions The Duchess of Milan summoned her. Archbishop D'annunzio appears and asks what Petros was doing in there, which causes the flustered inquisitor to thank and praise his former superior. Esther questions whether it was alright to preach about war in the speech, but the Archbishop tells Esther that people want to hear about a "riveting and dramatic story," and that a heroine will provide an inspiration to the people, who are still in peril after the events of last year.

Esther soon leaves to make preparations and the Archbishop D'annunzio makes a snide remark that he has never gotten along with intelligent women to Petros. Petros looks at the Archbishop as he confesses he just wants his "fodder" to "act like the brainless fodder they ought to be". D'Annunzio explains it is exactly as it sounds: "Saint Esther" is just an artificial image created with the power of mass marketing. He elaborates that the reason why the Vatican wants to make such an investment is because of the decline of the Vatican in the secular world, and creating a "Saint" is the perfect method to revive their position as the core of human society.


Petros then asks Archbishop D'annunzio about the huge numbers of police in the local garrison, to which the archbishop answers that this is the country requires a strong defense because of it's close proximity to the Empire. The Inquisitor argues that the the Vatican should be in charge of defense, while the police are there for peacekeeping, and accuses the Archbishop of militarizing the police. D'Annunzio simply adds that despite the financial burden, it is a necessity as the Vatican army would abandon the city if war broke out. Brother Petros becomes confused at this blatant breach of the Vatican law set by Cardinal Medici himself, especially considering there appears to be no impending signs of war. D'Annunzio cautiously reminds him not to forget the enemy of mankind, and leaves ominously saying that Istvan is the front lines of war.

Petros walks away, unable to to side with D'Annunzio's stance on war and confused what the bishop wants to do with Istvan. The host of the play makes an announcement thanking the audience while the door slams shut, locking the Inquisitor inside. Petros watches as a terrified Esther is summoned onto the stage, and sympathizes for her due to his comically low opinion of the AX. The nun fumbles the script D'Annunzio gave her earlier and ends up spilling the papers on the floor. To Petros' surprise, the nun begins improvise a speech of her own.

Determined to dispel the belief that she is a saint, Esther finds the courage to make her own speech. She admits she initially came back to Istvan because of the invitation that was given to her, but has changed her mind and wants everyone to pray in memory of the blood that was split and the lives lost in Istvan. Not just for the allies, but also the enemies. Although they had no choice at the time to fight, Esther explains she no longer believes that is true. Everything started from a misunderstanding, both sides thought each other had to die, but both sides were also the same: they smiled, cried, hated and loved. Yet, it was all lost to a misunderstanding. Esther urgers people to question their own "righteousness", and the "righteousness" advocated in the world. The crowd is perplexed as the nun encourages people to think about whether their own sense of justice is their presumption or propaganda. Although this may mean God and righteousness are complete illusions, the nun tells people to keep questioning, because she believes people will find the truth they cannot deny: love. Love is what God left behind, and that is why she believes in him, and that he left it behind because he loves them. In memory of the people who have died, Esther ends her speech by encouraging people to pray for the departed. 

Esther's speech is in stark contrast to D'Annunzio's script inciting war, but nevertheless earns her a standing ovation from the crowd. Petros, too, is moved by her words and "extraordinary" charisma, and for a moment considers that she could become somebody who could change the world.

The woman Esther and Abel saw earlier approaches the stage to bring flowers. A guard tells her that is it not time yet, but she does not listen, using her abilities from her glove to flick soldiers out of her way. The Methuselah announces her name as Shahrazad, an assassin sent from the Methuselah Empire to kill "the murderer who calls herself 'Saint'". She destroys the wall behind her and makes her way over to Esther and whispers something, but is stopped by Brother Petros, who engages in a battle with her. Shahrazad defeats him with ease, kidnaps Esther and flees into the night. Abel calls out for Esther but is held back by the panicked crowd. As Shahrazad leaves, she bids farewell to the Archbishop before leaving, which does not go unnoticed by Petros.[7]

The next day, Petros is next seen as Archbishop D'Annunzio reports to Cardinal Medici for yesterday's failings. The Archbishop blames Petros' presence for causing him to let his guard down, and athough initially stunned, the inquisitor relents and takes responsibility for his role in yesterday's events. Caterina Sforza steps in and defends Petros, arguing that his original mission was to guard the Pope, and puts the blame back on the police.

Brother Matthew shows up and explains that the weapon the vampire used last night. Archbishop D'annunzio asserts such a sophisticated weapon must be an indication that she was an assassin sent from the Empire, which she claimed. Caterina Sforza urges that he should not jump to conclusions as their nemesis has been diplomatic for over a century, but Cardinal Antonio Borgia points out the Empire may feel threatened after they lost Istvan to the Vatican. D'Annunzio tells everyone that all of his troops are already searching for Sister Esther as they speak. Unsatisfied at the lack of experience and proper equipment, Matthew proposes that the Inquisition should help this investigation as well. Although initially reluctant one man could do much, the Archbishop is graciously accepts the help as Brother Matthew explains that he will have three battle ships and five-hundred men within the afternoon. Caterina and Antonio both point out that it is almost as if he had planned an impending war beforehand. Petros pleas to help in order to redeem for his failings from the night before, but Cardinal Medici simply tells him to guard the Pope. Petros reluctantly agrees. Cardinal Francesco ends the meeting with a warning that with the news of a Saint kidnapped by a vampire could spark a catastrophic crusade, and to be prepared.

After learning that Archbishop D'Annunzio had blackmailed Shahrazad Al-Rahman into killing her, Esther joins the Methuselah to take down the Archbishop. The two come across Petros, who was on his way to check up on the progress of the search for the nun. The Knight of Destruction becomes furious when he sees Esther befriending a vampire again, does not listen to her pleads to allow her to explain herself, and charges at her. Shahrzad protects Esther and Petros fights her once again, but this time he wins. Petros is about to finish Shahrzad off when he is suddenly immobilized by wild dogs. The two women use this opportunity to escape.

Petros appears later guarding the Pope with Abel while listening the Archbishop D'annunzio holding a press conference about the kidnapping of Esther. The Knight states the Archbishop does not show any humility and would subjugate the young man to so much unwanted attention just for himself to take the spotlight. Petros voices his annoyance to Abel and the priest responds that Alessandro can't help who he is, although things may be different if Caterina was beside him. The Inquisitor deduces that Caterina must be shunning Abel and teases him about it, which earns a humorous comeback that at least he isn't like Petros, who himself is on guard duty because he "botched things up". The reporters tell the two to pipe down so they can hear the interview, only to witness Petros comically strangling Abel.

Petros defends himself and points out he was not on guard duty because of his failings, but because the Pope could still be a target. Abel is reminded that Esther is still missing and begins to worry, doubting that Caterina can do much, despite her word.

Petros is moved by Alessandro.

After D'annunzio allows the Pope to return so he can finish his own rhetoric about avenging the "deceased" Lady Saint, Petros allows the Pope to rest and asks if he was tired. Alessandro replies he wasn't, and that he had to do something as everyone else was working so hard. Petros is easily moved by the Pope's "commendable determination" and "unparalleled benevolence," then promises to serve him devoutly, with the "utmost admiration from the bottom of [his] heart." The Pope asks Abel if Esther had been found, to which the priest replies that she had not. The Pope asks if if Esther would really betray them, and asserts that he doubted it and believes she must have a good reason for her current actions. The Pope points out no one knows why Esther was kidnapped or why she was currently with the Methuselah. Petros argues they must have conspired together from the beginning, or the vampire would not have allowed her to live. Abel points out she was with him the entire time, and they were suddenly summoned to Istvan out of the blue.

The priest stops when he realizes that the only people who would've known about Esther's arrival was Caterina, Antonio and D'Annunzio. Abel asks Petros if he had noticed anything strange with the Methuselah, to which he reluctantly replies that she mentioned D'Annunzio's name and that she was taking Esther into her custody. The priest points out how odd this was, considering she had announced she was going to kill the Lady Saint. Abel asks Petros what the Methuselah would gain from this, the Knight struggles and answers she may have enjoyed making threats. The priest questions how she would have entered the highly-secured opera house, and Petros struggles again and makes an attempt at guessing. Abel finally points out that the assassin wouldn't have known the architecture, and after struggling again to come up with an adequate answer, the inquisitor becomes angry at the priest in a comedic fashion.

Abel and Petros join forces.

Abel comes to the conclusion that the Methuselah was led here deliberately by someone from the inside, because they wanted Esther dead. Petros becomes shocked at such a "preposterous" accusation against Archbiship D'Annunzio. An ominous figure approaches them, but to their luck, it is Antonio Borgia. The Cardinal gives Abel a letter for Abel. Although there was no name or address, Antonio identifies the envelope as property of the Csillag Hotel, which was famed for it's bagel salmon sandwiches. Abel reads the letter and suddenly feigns a stomach ache and runs, but is stopped when the Cardinal orders Petros to catch him. Antonio reads the letter to realizes that it alleged "Archbishop D" was planning a conspiracy, and it was from Esther. Antonio realizes no matter if the contents of the letter are true or not, the Csillag Hotel must be investigated, and allows Abel to investigate. Petros insists on going as well, but Antonio points out he is assigned to guard duty. Just at the moment, the Pope asks if he could them the permission to go, as he did not want Esther to die. Petros begins to comically cry and Abel remembers Antonio mentioned the hotel made delicious bagel sandwiches. Antonio comes up with a plan: the two have the perfect excuse to leave under the guise that they are buying a bagel sandwich on the sacred orders of the Pope.

Petro corners Monica.

Petros and Abel arrive at the hotel just as the police were about to kill her. Enraged after witnessing the policemen trying to murder the Lady Saint they were meant to protect, Petros orders them to surrender, or face punishment at his hands. The police try to fire their guns, but the Holy Knight decimates them with ease. The four escape after finding out reinforcements were about to arrive, but are suddenly stopped by Father Tres and Sister Monica. Monica introduces herself as Petros' "business rival" and stabs him in the neck, then proceeds to kill Esther. The nun is suddenly saved when Petros springs back up - just as Monica realizes she didn't slice his throat, but the hydraulic cable of his armor. Abel and Petros hold off Tres and Monica as Esther and Shahrazad head out to fight against the Archbishop D'annunzio. Petros manages to corner Monica, but just as he was about to deliver the finishing blow, his Screamer passes through Monica. Monica escapes from Petros, who curses and heads back to where Abel is. Abel tries to reason with Tres, but the cyborg does not listen until he realizes Caterina Sforza, who was in D'Annunzio's mansion, is in danger. The three of them join forces and defeat the rest of D'Annunzio's police force before going to the mansion.

Petros decimates D'Annunzio's soldiers.

The three show up just in time to save Esther, Shahrazad, Caterina and Alessandro from Archbishop D'annunzio. D'annunzio is surprised his large police force was taken down so easily, to which Petros replies it was not a contest of numbers. More police join the fray, but Petros remarks the Archbishop does not have the justice, faith, or fighting spirit to win. D'Annunzio tries to flee but he is stopped by Esther before he can escape. Petros is surprised when Brother Matthew suddenly appeared with his troops. D'Annunzio tries to lie his way through it all, but Matthew laughs at the 'scenario' he scripted, and reveals Lieutenant Dobo has confessed to everything. It all ends when Esther is forced to kill Shahra.

The Throne of Roses Arc[]

Brother Petros manga.jpg

Petros appears when Alessandro arrives in Albion some time after Esther. The nun welcomes the Pope, who is quickly uttered away by Brother Petros. At that moment, Mary arrives to inform Esther she has new information regarding the disappearance of Abel Nightroad in the slums. Brother Petros is upset that the priest did not come to greet the Pope, while Alessandro expresses concern over his disappearance. Esther informs the Pope she hadn't seen Abel all morning, and Alessandro requests Petros to go look for him, assuming the two were friends. Shocked, the Knight turns to Esther and tells her to ask her own department for help, but she calmly replies the other people are occupied. When the Knight accidentally lets it slip that he's on an important mission assigned by Cardunal Francesco di Medici, Sister Paula interrupts him and simply tells Esther the Vatican was planning to build a new church in Londinium. Petros 'apologizes' to Esther for being unable to help, but the Pope apologizes in return for asking so much from such a busy person like himself.

Stung by the Pope's sad expression, Petros begins to panic. Paula interrupts once again and informs him to follow the Pope's Holy Decree while she takes care of the mission. A passionate Brother Andrew also appears and offers to do everything in his power to serve him in his absence. Moved by his words, a reenergized and swears to bring the "useless oaf" back, and shall he not return, he'll serve his head on a platter. Alessandro just stares in silent shock.

Petros is mainly responsible for hunting down Jack the Ripper. He eventually manages to track down Michelle Lee, a former handmaiden of Edward White, who eventually helps The Professor deduce that Esther Blanchett is the heir to the Albion throne. Right after the discovery, Petros becomes shocked to hear the Pope has been kidnapped.

Petros makes an appearance just before The Professor reveals to Mary Spencer, Sister Paula and Brother Andreas that Esther is the living heir to Prince Gilbert.

Later, Petros appears with Mary as the Albion Army invades the Ghetto. Captain Howard, armed with his robotic battle-suit, begins to attack Angelica and the Pope but is told to halt on the orders of Mary. Petros is astonished to find Alessandro and begins to cry uncontrollably. Mary and Howard decide to leave Petros to take care of the Pope, to which the Knight adds he will help the rest of the army later. Howard dismisses the idea and demonstrates his prowess by unrelentlessly attacking the young Methuselah Angelica. Howard rationalizes the Pope must be confused as the young man begs them to stop. Petros reveals the Army plans to destroy all the Ghetto vampires by unleashing the flood gates, and that he alone cannot change the Albion Army. Remembering Havel's words, the Pope defiantly jumps in front of Angelica and declares he will not leave until everyone else is also on the surface.

Petros watches in stunned silence as Alessandro stands his ground as he begs the army to change their minds, arguing the Methuselah were not criminals and simply want to live in peace. His speech is interrupted as Howard picks up Alessandro by the back of his blazer. The Pope screams for Howard to stop as he raises his axe to swing down on Angelica as Petros solemnly watches, but the Knight intervenes in the last second, simply stating the Captain is acting disrespectfully towards the Pope.[8]

A shocked Captain Howard asks Petros if he has gone mad. The Knight denies this, before ordering the Howard to unhand his Holiness. The Inquisitor makes attempts to convince Mary and Howard to leave as they have found the Pope, while he continues alone to search for The Lady Saint. Mary is not persuaded by him and counters that the only way to ensure Alessandro's safety would be to exterminate the vampires, and that he himself would be in trouble if Cardinal di Medici heard of this. Petros retorts that it is his holy duty and top priority to protect the Pope, which cannot be accomplished while exterminating vampires, and comically adds that Alessandro has already been injured by pointing to a scrape on his forehead. A panicked Howard warns Petros that his excuses don't justify a retreat, and that he will not be exempt from punishment, even if he is the Chief of the Department of Inquisition. The Inquisitor admits he already knows, but here before him stands an honorable man who has entreated him, and that ignoring his pleas would make him no longer a Knight who walks the path of God.

The Knight announces will take responsibility for everything, moving Alessandro to tears. The Pope recalls Havel's words that as long as he has ambition, and as long as he had that, he was not powerless. The Inquisitor declares witnessing Alessandro's change has touched him, and that he regrets nothing, even if he were to be burned at the stake.

Outraged, Howard attacks Petros for his betrayal and attacks him against the orders of Mary. The smoke clears and it appears the Knight had vanished, only to suddenly reappear with his weapon drawn. The Inquisitor manages to attack Howard and rescue Alessandro from his clutches in one swing.

Relieved that Alessandro is saved, Petros turns to Mary and apologizes for what he has done to her subordinate. The Knight asks her to help him, but Mary smugly retorts that it would mean she would also share the responsibility of disobedience. The Inquisitor admits his shame but attempts to rationalize the situation with her, only for the Colonel to use his words against him, declaring that he understood the situation yet is still urging for the cease of the operation. She justifies that this leaves her no choice but to arrest him on the suspicion of desertion and espionage.

Petros is defeated by Mary.

Petros protects the Pope as Mary attacks him using her robotic battle suit. Her sudden "haste mode" catches him off guard and he is knocked out. Mary orders the rest of the army to protect the Pope as she and continues her mission herself. On the way, she finds Virgil Walsh, but attacks him, revealing she had always been angered by him whenever he called her "your majesty." She does not manage to kill him, however, as her robotic suit starts to break down because Petros had lodged his spear into the robot's arm. The rest of the army suddenly appear as alarm goes off. Mary realizes Virgil has managed to trigger the shelter system that was restored from ancient times, and that they must retreat or they will be shut in the Ghetto.


Brother Petros.jpg

When Alfonso wants to ring his donated bell and Cardinal Sforza demands him to wait until it has been investigated, Petros stops her from proceeding farther into the church.

He fights against Abel and wins, resulting in Abel falling off a cliff. Later, he witnesses Abel's Krusnik form during the battle against Radu, but remains strangely silent about it.


In Act. 36 of the manga, Petros' surname is revealed as "Orsini", although it is spelled as "Orcini" in the Chuang Yi translation. "Petros" was spelled out in English in the original Japanese novels, although it is most likely a mistranslation of the name of the historical Pope Benedict XIII, Pietro Francesco Orsini. His name is often spelled as "Petro" in the official Tokyopop English adaptations.

"Pietro" is an Italian masculine variant of Pedro (Spanish, Portuguese) and Peter (Greek). The name originates from the Latin "petra", from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning "stone" or "rock". Like the other members of the Inquisition, Petros is named after an Apostle of Jesus, specifically Saint Peter, who is considered as the first pope.

"Il Ruinante" translates to "The Destroyer" from Italian. This was the disparaging nickname of Donato Bramante, the architect of the modern St. Peter's Basilica, which caused the destruction of half of all the papal tombs during it's rebuild.


  • (After defeating Abel Nightroad) "We are all serving the Lord. All should be forgiven after the battle. And pray for his eternal rest. That's the duty of god's men. Love god, and thy enemy... Amen."






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