Personal information
Residence: Londinium, Kingdom of Albion

New Human Empire

Gender: Male
Species: Artificial Methuselah (failed)
Other information
Novel debut: Never Land
Anime debut: Never Land
Japanese seiyū: Rie Kugimiya
English V.A.: Kira Vincent-Davis

Peter is a male artificial Methuselah and failed test subject of the Albion nobleman James Barrie. After Barrie's death, Peter and the other test subjects were essentially raised by Wendy, another artificial Methuselah. Unlike the other boys, all of whom were controlled by Wendy through a coordination system codenamed "Tinker Bell," Peter was not under Wendy's direct influence. Nevertheless, he was extremely devoted to her; this devotiin became genuine love. As with the rest of the children whom Barrie experimented on, Peter developed a strong sense of hatred and distrust towards adults.

The AX agents Abel Nightroad and Leon Garcia de Asturias encountered Peter, Wendy and the rest of the test subjects during their investigation of Barrie. Though initially hostile to the two adults, Peter gradually came to trust their motives, causing Wendy to nearly kill him when she suspected that Peter was slipping out of her thrall.

After Asturias destroyed the source of the Tinker Bell system, Peter shielded Wendy with his own wounded body and pleaded for mercy on Wendy's behalf. This act of compassion and forgiveness reconciled Peter and Wendy. With the aid of the AX agents, they boarded a cargo ship with the rest of the orphans and sailed to Londinium, the capital of Albion.

Upon reaching Albion, Peter and Wendy were sent to live in the Ghetto, an underground city beneath the streets of Londinium where the Methuselah residents of Albion were required to live. Peter and Wendy again encountered Father Asturias when the AX infiltrated the Ghetto to rescue Pope Alessandro XVIII from a group of Methuselah insurgents.


  • Both Leon and Abel believe Peter will grow up to be a good man.
  • Peter's love for Wendy is his defining trait. He seeks to protect her, knowing all the pain she's been through; even when she neatly killed him, Peter held no grudge, still loving her.

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