Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: June 30, 2005
English airdate: August 31, 2006
Novel debut: Overcount
Previous episode: Silent Noise
Next episode: Overcount II. Lucifer's Choice

Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall is the ninth episode of the Trinity Blood series.


After losing the papal election, Archbishop Alfonso d'Este returns to Rome for the first time in five years. He brings with him an obelisk and a bell as gifts intended to, in his words, portray the majesty of the city. Meanwhile, Father Abel Nightroad has returned to Rome and descended into a deep depression over Sister Noélle Bor's death and his perceived failure to protect her. Sister Esther Blanchett tries to get him to return to the Vatican but fails to do so and Abel later resigns from his position in the AX unit despite Cardinal Caterina Sforza's attempt to persuade him otherwise. The remaining agents suspect that the bell Archbishop d'Este has brought contains a Silent Noise device, but when it is rung during the evening service, nothing happens.


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