Never Land Incident


c. March 3060 AD[1]


Never Land Island[1]


Decisive Vatican victory[1]

  • Abel Nightroad and Leon Garcia de Asturias defeat the Never Land fairies[1]
  • Nightroad and Asturias discreetly send the fairies to live in the New Human Empire[1][2]


Commanders and leaders


  • Vatican
    • 2 AX agents[1]
    • 1 fairy (failed project)[1]
  • Never Land fairies
    • Numerous fairies[1]


  • Vatican
  • Never Land fairies
    • Several fairies[1]

The Never Land Incident was a mission undertaken by AX agents Abel Nightroad and Leon Garcia de Asturias to the Never Land Island in 3060 AD.


In the mid-31st century AD, an orphanage was founded by Dr. James Barrie on Barrieland Island. Beneath its altruistic facade, however, the orphanage was a front for a large-scale kidnapping and human experimentation program. Barrie, a former professor at the Londinium University in the Kingdom of Albion, lured orphans to his private island where he ultimately used them as test subjects in his experiments. With the exception of the failed projects, including a boy named Peter, the program resulted in the children's transformation into fairiesMethuselah who acquired their vampirism through artificial methods rather than birth.[1]

In addition to the fairies, the program also included an experiment to create the Tinker Bell System; a "master and slave" control system designed to link the consciousness of every individual fairy to a central hive mind, creating a collective consciousness that enabled the fairies to coordinate their attacks and fight as one. During the Tinker Bell experiment, however, the program was prematurely ended by an uprising. The chief instigator of the insurrection was Wendy, Barrie's primary test subject and the eldest child among the orphans. After purging Barrieland of its entire adult population, the orphans seized control of the island and renamed it "Never Land."[1]

The incidentEdit

As the leader of the uprising, Wendy became the orphans self-proclaimed "Queen of the Fairies." Her authority over them was strengthened by the Tinker Bell System, enabling her to become the nexus of the collective hive via the control chip which Barrie had implanted into her body. In this capacity, she exercised absolute control over the other fairies' thoughts and actions, making them completely obedient and submissive to her will. Due to Barrie's treatment of the orphans, Wendy became determined to keep the existence of Never Land a secret from the outside world, believing that all adults were as cruel as Barrie and his associate scientists. She therefore directed the fairies commit acts of piracy against numerous vessels that traveled too close to Never Land, hoping that their actions would scare the adults into staying way from the island's location.[1]


Professor James Barrie, the "teacher" and "master" of the orphans of Barrieland Island.

Wendy's strategy created an obstinate effect, however. Instead of compelling the Terrans to stay away from the North Sea, where Never Land Island was located, her attacks against numerous cargo ships resulted in an investigation by the Vatican Papal State. The AX, a special department of the Vatican Ministry of Holy Affairs, dispatched two agents to conduct the investigation: Abel Nightroad and Leon Garcia de Asturias. They encountered Wendy, Peter and the rest of the orphans shortly after landing on Never Land. At first, the children hid their true nature as fairies from the AX agents. Instead, they presented themselves as the orphans whom Barrie adopted and raised on his private island. After drugging Nightroad with his favorite cup of tea and thirteen spoons sugar, Wendy compelled the priest to reveal his true reason for coming to Never Land. Fearing the possible discovery of her island by the Vatican, Wendy decided that Nightroad and Asturias had to die in order to preserve the secrecy of Never Land.[1]

With the help of Peter, who privately disagreed with Wendy's killings, Nightroad made an attempt to escape the island in order to warn the Vatican about the incident on Never Land. Before he could leave, however, Wendy intercepted them and stabbed Peter with dagger, believing he had betrayed her by wishing to attain adulthood instead of remaining a child forever on Never Land. The attack on Peter was condemned by an irate Nightroad, who refused to let Wendy belittle the boy. The fairies moved to kill the AX agent, but were unable to succeed due to Nightroad's abilities as a Crusnik. Finally, Wendy resorted to her most desperate option—the activation of the Tinker Bell System. Utilizing the coordination and tactics of a single, precise machine, the fairies became a significantly greater challenge to Nightroad, who was unable to penetrate their defensive formation around the "fairy queen."[1]

Wendy anim normal Trinity Blood 07-101

Wendy, the eldest orphan and Professor Barrie's principal test subject.

The advantage was short-lived, however. Asturias used a rocket launcher to destroy the school belfry at the orphanage, having discovered that the belfry housed the main computer of the Tinker Bell System. With its destruction, Wendy lost her control over the orphans, all of whom temporarily fell into a state of unconsciousness due to the psychological backlash that resulted from the attack on the source of their collective hive mind. Although Asturias intended to execute Wendy for her crimes, believing that death was preferable to further experimentation, which was a distinct possibility due to the fairies' value as subjects of artificial conversion, Nightroad and a wounded Peter persuaded the operative to spare Wendy and the lives of the other children. Stunned by the AX agent's act of mercy, as well as Peter's continuing loyalty in spite of his "queen's" betrayal, Wendy reconciled with Peter.[1]



With Peter's help, Wendy finds atonement for her past sins and misguided deeds.

Prior to returning to Rome, the capital of the Vatican, Nightroad and Asturias made expensive arrangements to deliver the orphans to the New Human Empire—the sole remaining Methuselah nation on Earth.[1][2] Cardinal Caterina Sforza, the Minister of Holy Affairs and head of the AX department, commended the two agents for the success of their mission. However, she also inquired into the purpose behind the large financial expenditure that they made before their return. After dodging her question by claiming to have forgotten the reason, Nightroad and Asturias were astounded to learn that they would have to pay the bill with their own money since the Vatican would not cover the cost. With Nightroad's meager income and Asturias' complete lack of financial resources, the two destitute priests panicked and bickered over their inability to cover the bill's cost, causing them to cast blame on each other due to their predicament.[1]

Episode 7 (The Bill)

Asturias and Nightroad, bickering like children in front of Caterina Sforza.

By late May, two months after the Never Land Incident, Nightroad tracked James Barrie to Barcelona, the capital of the Duchy of Catalonia. Barrie, who lived in the Catalonian capital under the alias of "Dr. Jaime Dominic," the company director of Dominic Pharmaceuticals, attempted to sever all of his connections with the Rosencreutz Orden. Fearing the reprisal of this action, he intended to hide in Avignon while his allies in the criminal underworld hunted Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer, Barrie's Rosencreutz contact and one-time business partner. Before the professor could leave Barcelona, he was confronted by Nightroad and Noélle Bor at the Sants Estacio train station. Their attempt to arrest Barrie ended in failure due to an apparent earthquake that completely destroyed the Sants Estacio, as well as the National Palace of Barcelona.[3] Shortly afterward, Nightroad learned from Kämpfer that Barrie had indeed perished during the collapse of the Sants Estacio.[4][5]




Notes and referencesEdit

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