Never Land
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Anime information
Japanese airdate: June 16, 2005
English airdate: August 17, 2006
Novel debut: Never Land
Previous episode: Sword Dancer
Next episode: Silent Noise

Never Land is the seventh episode of the Trinity Blood series.


Former AX member Father Leon Garcia de Asturias is given a shortening of his prison sentence in exchange for his aid on a mission. He joins Father Abel in investigating recent vampire attacks on various ships that were traveling near Albion. The investigation brings the two to Never Land, an island where a Professor Barrie was running an orphanage and illegally converting the orphans into fairy-like vampires through experimentation. Currently, the island is inhabited by only children, who are under the leadership of Wendy and her friend Peter, on whom the experiments failed to work. When Wendy and the other children try to kill Abel and Leon, Peter helps the two but is in turn attacked by Wendy. During the ensuing battle, Leon destroys the Tinkerbell System, which had allowed Wendy to control the other children with her thoughts. When Leon moves to kill Wendy, Peter protects her; it is then that Wendy realizes that she was mistaken in her animosity toward adults. Not wanting the children to be killed, Abel and Leon charter a cargo freighter for them that is bound for Albion.


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