The "Neue Vatican" ("New Vatican") is a rebel organization founded by the renegade Archbishop Alfonso d'Este. Disillusioned by his defeat in the papal election of 3055 AD, d'Este plotted to replace the Vatican with a new government, consisting of new clergy members loyal to him, and ruled by himself as pope.

The group's first headquarters was in Cologne, the archbishopric of d'Este. After d'Este's conspiracy to destroy Rome ended in both failure and his exposure as a traitor to the Catholic Church, the former archbishop and his supporters attempted to establish the "Neue Vatican" in Brno, a city in the Duchy of Bohemia, where his coronation as "pope" took place. By challenging the legitimately elected successor to the Chair of Saint Peter, Pope Alessandro XVIII, d'Este was technically an antipope. The Vatican Military invaded Bohemia in retaliation against d'Este's unlawful claim to the papacy, launching the Brno War and ultimately forcing the rebels to flee from the country. The remaining rebels regrouped in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, where they intended to establish the "Neue Vatican" in opposition to the legitimate sovereign state of the Church.


  • Alfonso I, "Pope" (Antipope) of the Neue Vatican
  • Cherubim
  • Friedrich
  • Heidrich
  • Alois Reuen
  • Richter
  • Johan Bartholemew
  • Otto Edoardo
  • Karl Fritz
  • Adam Rust
  • Rudolph of Anhalt

Antonio Borgia has memorized a list of about 500 members of the clergy who sided with the New Vatican before they left Cologne. Cherubim, a close advisor of Alfonso, is said to have memorized close to 30,000 names.[1]

When Alfonso asks Cherubim how many "of the true faith" have been martyred, his reply is 929.[2]


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