The Ministry of Vatican Papal Doctrine, also referred to as the Ministry of Doctrine, is the Vatican Papal State department responsible for the promulgation and defense of the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Established in the Post-Armageddon era, the Ministry's sole objective is to protect the Holy See from all threats, including heresy and hostile Methuselah. With its authority over the Vatican law enforcement agencies and the elite Department of Inquisition, the Ministry has the authority to administer justice against all domestic enemies of the Vatican.

The Ministry is headquartered in the Department of Doctrine Palace located in Vatican City, Rome. The head of the Ministry is the Secretary of the Vatican Papal Doctrine—an office occupied since 3055 AD by Cardinal Francesco di Medici, who also serves as the Minister of the Inquisition. The combined power and influence of the Ministry of Doctrine and the Department of Inquisition has enabled Medici to gain near absolute control over all internal administration matters in the Vatican, making him one of the most powerful members of the College of Cardinals.

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