Mary Spencer
Personal information
Aliases: Bloody Mary

Colonel Spencer/Captain Spencer
Your Highness (by Virgil Walsh and Sister Paula)
Queen of the Dead (by the Phantom Legion and herself)

Residence: Albion
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Colonel
Relative(s): Prince Gilbert (Father) (†)
Harriet Spencer (Mother) (†)
Esther Blanchett (half-Sister)
Queen Bridget II (Grandmother) (†)
Jane Judith Jocelyn (First Cousin once removed)
Ludwig II (First Cousin once removed)
Weapon(s): Gun and rapier.
Affiliation(s): Kingdom of Albion
Other information
Manga debut: Act. 46 Dans la Ville Blanche
Anime debut: The Throne of Roses I. Kingdom of the North
Japanese seiyū: Miho Yamanda
English V.A.: Clarine Harp

Colonel Mary Spencer, Viscountess of Carslie, also known as "Bloody Mary" due to the Percy Rebellion, is the colonel of the Albion Navy and the illegitimate daughter of the Crown Prince in the novels and manga, which makes her Esther Blanchett's older half-sister.

However, as an illegitimate child (a child who is born to parents who are not married to each other or who is born "out of wedlock" and another name may also be referred to as a "bastard" or a "love child"), Mary is unable to inherit the throne.


Mary is a beautiful woman with orange hair (dark brown hair in the anime) that is tied up into a braided bun with bangs swept to the left (when Mary's hair is united, it is possible that her hair reaches her knees) where a few hair strands stick out, baby blue eyes, a star-shaped birthmark on the right side of her torso (that is similar to Esther Blanchett's birthmark) and she is mentioned to bear a resemblance to Queen Bridget II (Mary's grandmother).

She wears a blue admiral uniform, equipped with a sword and a gun. As Queen envisioned by Esther, Mary's gown is ripped and shredded.

In her manga portraits, Mary is surrounded by yellow roses which symbolize envy. In the manga's Alice in Wonderland themed covers, Mary is shown as the Queen of Hearts.


Mary is a confident and composed person who is evident that she doesn't bat an eye when she is slandered as "Bloody Mary" nor does she seem to be intimidated by the House of Lords when she is blamed for the failed eradication of the Ghetto methuselah. She has also shown to be gentle to other people, such as Jane Judith Jocelyn and Esther Blanchett (Mary's half-sister).

Although slandered as "Bloody Mary" due to the misconception that she orchestrated the murder of the rebels who had surrendered in the Percy Rebellion, Jane notes that Mary is actually a tragic person with a gentle nature. Mary values the lives of her subordinates, and is visibly angry when told that their deaths are "necessary sacrifices."



The Throne of Roses ArcEdit


Mary shooting at the carrige

Mary first appears as Esther Blanchett's bodyguard upon Esther's arrival in Albion as the Lady Saint. Esther is surprised to have such a high-ranked officer as her bodyguard. Mary walks Esther out from the press conference and informs her that it is alright for her to stop forcing herself to smile. Esther suddenly stops when she notices someone glaring at her, and Mary asks what was wrong. However, Esther is unable to answer as a carriage suddenly ploughs through a glass wall in front of them. Esther saves an innocent bystander while Mary fires at the carriage, shattering a wheel of the carriage. Mary asks from Esther if she knows the priest who was riding on the carriage, Esther explains that the said passed-out priest is an AX agent named Abel Nightroad. Esther then asks the bystander she had just saved whether he was alright, but accidentally spills the contents of his bag, revealing a concealed bomb. The young man then grabs Esther, points a gun at her, and takes her as a hostage. Mary demands the man to let Esther go, promising diplomacy. The young man rebuffs the offer, pointing out he knows how "Bloody Mary" made a similar promise during the Percy Rebellion -- only to then slaughter the rebels who had already surrendered. Mary deduces that the young man must be a surviving rebel, and then attempts to convince him to let Esther go and shoot herself instead. Arguing that he will be swarmed by the Mary's subordinates, the young man rejects the idea, and attempts to flee the scene on a helicopter with Esther in tow. Unable to do anything, Mary orders her subordinates to cease firing as they might hit Esther.
Trinity Blood ch48 p23a
After Esther is rescued and safely returned to the palace, Professor William Walter Wordsworth mentions Mary as one of the three candidates for the next sovereign of Albion. Professor Wordsworth explains that Jane Judith Jocelyn's life has been embroiled with scandal, despite her reputation, and Ludwig II is Tyrant King of Germanicus. Mary, on the other hand, is an illegitimate child (a child who is born to parents who are not married to each other or who is born "out of wedlock" and another name may also be referred to as a "bastard" or a "love child") and she is unable to inherit the throne under normal circumstances.

Mary introduces Esther to Jane, who unsettles Esther greatly by flirting with her. Mary then later escorts a flustered Abel and Esther to their respective bed chambers. Esther notes Mary has a lot of influence in both the navy and the court. On the way, until they meet an unknown man in a black cape. Mary demands to know why a trespasser would wander into the residence of the Queen, to which he replies he had rushed to the palace upon hearing the Queen's ill health. Mary identifies the man as Virgil Walsh, Earl of Manchester, and denies his request. She insists he leaves, and to avoid dressing in ominous clothing when visiting the royal palace.

When Abel does not return to the palace the next day, a worried Esther becomes too occupied in her thoughts to eat. The maids gossip about her behind her back, until Mary catches them and orders them to stop.


Mary and Paula talking

Under the disguise of a civilian, Mary is next seen accompanying Esther, the Pope and Jane to a horse race. Mary assures a concerned Esther that there are guards patrolling the area, but disappears not long after. As Esther and the Pope leave the races, Mary is seen talking to Sister Paula Souwauski as Paula convinces Mary to annihilate the Albion underground Ghetto methuselah. In exchange, the Vatican will offer to forge documents regarding a secret marriage between the late Crown Prince and Mary's mother, therefore making Mary a legitimate heir to the throne. Mary accepts this offer, but an explosion from under the ocean suddenly occurs.
Mary is later seen in the Diogenes club, along with Paula and an outraged Brother Andreas, who had discovered not only the Ghetto, but the Pope 'kidnapped' there as well. Paula asks if Mary Spencer has made any preparations for the rescue operation for the Pope and Lady Saint, to which she replies she has: by flooding area B-VIII. Paula is satisfied with the plan, but Brother Andreas is still angered and wants to hold Albion responsible for secretly housing vampires. Mary calmly responds that The Vatican has no proof that they have been purposefully betrayed mankind by harboring vampires. Mary retorts that Albion is just a victim, and that the only accusation Brother Andreas can only accuse them of poor security at best. Andreas becomes even more outraged, and accuses Mary of feigning ignorance, as it was not possible to not know about a civilization beneath their feet. Paula sides with Mary and apologizes for Andreas' conduct, much to his shock and dismay. Paula delegates the rescue mission to Mary, to which she obliges.

Not long after that, Mary, The Inquisition, and various other important members of the Albion royalty are informed by Professor Wordsworth with DNA proof that the current heir to the throne is alive, and that she is none other than Sister Esther, which causes Mary to become shock.

Later, Petros Orsini appears with Mary as the Albion Army invades the Ghetto. Captain Howard, armed with his robotic battle-suit, begins to attack Angelica and the Pope but is told to halt on the orders of Mary. Petros is astonished to find Pope Alessandro XVIII and begins to cry uncontrollably. Mary and Howard decide to leave Petros to take care of the Pope, to which the Knight adds he will help the rest of the army later. Howard dismisses the idea and demonstrates his prowess by unrelentlessly attacking a young Methuselah named Angelica. Howard rationalizes the Pope must be confused as the young man begs them to stop. Petros reveals the Army plans to destroy all the Ghetto vampires by unleashing the flood gates, and that he alone cannot change the Albion Army. Remembering Havel's words, the Pope defiantly jumps in front of Angelica and declares he will not leave until everyone else is also on the surface.

Petros watches in stunned silence as Alessandro stands his ground as he begs the army to change their minds, arguing the Methuselah were not criminals and simply want to live in peace. His speech is interrupted as Howard picks up Alessandro by the back of his blazer. The Pope screams for Howard to stop as he raises his axe to swing down on Angelica as Petros solemnly watches, but the Knight intervenes in the last second, simply stating the Captain is acting disrespectfully towards the Pope.[1]

A shocked Captain Howard asks Petros if he has gone mad. The Knight denies this, before ordering the Howard to unhand his Holiness. The Inquisitor makes attempts to convince Mary and Howard to leave as they have found the Pope, while he continues alone to search for The Lady Saint. Mary is not persuaded by him and counters that the only way to ensure Alessandro's safety would be to exterminate the vampires, and that he himself would be in trouble if Cardinal di Medici heard of this. Petros retorts that it is his holy duty and top priority to protect the Pope, which cannot be accomplished while exterminating vampires, and comically adds that Alessandro has already been injured by pointing to a scrape on his forehead. A panicked Howard warns Petros that his excuses don't justify a retreat, and that he will not be exempt from punishment, even if he is the Chief of the Department of Inquisition. The Inquisitor admits he already knows, but here before him stands an honorable man who has entreated him, and that ignoring his pleas would make him no longer a Knight who walks the path of God.

The Knight announces will take responsibility for everything, moving Alessandro to tears. The Pope recalls Havel's words that as long as he has ambition, and as long as he had that, he was not powerless. The Inquisitor declares witnessing Alessandro's change has touched him, and that he regrets nothing, even if he were to be burned at the stake.

Outraged, Howard attacks Petros for his betrayal and attacks him against the orders of Mary. The smoke clears and it appears the Knight had vanished, only to suddenly reappear with his weapon drawn. The Inquisitor manages to attack Howard and rescue Alessandro from his clutches in one swing.

Relieved that Alessandro is saved, Petros turns to Mary and apologizes for what he has done to her subordinate. The Knight asks her to help him, but Mary smugly retorts that it would mean she would also share the responsibility of disobedience. The Inquisitor admits his shame but attempts to rationalize the situation with her, only for the Colonel to use his words against him, declaring that he understood the situation yet is still urging for the cease of the operation. She justifies that this leaves her no choice but to arrest him on the suspicion of desertion and espionage.

Petros protects the Pope as Mary attacks him using her robotic battle suit. Her sudden "haste mode" catches him off guard and he is knocked out. Mary orders the rest of the army to protect the Pope as she and continues her mission herself. On the way, she finds Virgil Walsh, but attacks him, revealing she had always been angered by him whenever he called her "your majesty." She does not manage to kill him, however, as her robotic suit starts to break down because Petros had lodged his spear into the robot's arm. The rest of the army suddenly appear as alarm goes off. Mary realizes Virgil has managed to trigger the shelter system that was restored from ancient times, and that they must retreat or they will be shut in the Ghetto.

The Crown of Thorns ArcEdit


Mary in color

A young Mary is seen asking if her mother was still crying, only to find her mother that she has committed suicide with her body beside an overflowing bathtub. Mary slips and falls into a scene surrounded by skeletons, while a voice pitying her in her head echoes in her mind.

A fire suddenly crackles from the furnace. Having woken up from a nightmare, Mary walks up to the portrait of her grandmother, revealing she hated her resemblance to her.

Mary is seated in the Albion Parliament as she is blamed by the Twenty-Six House of Lords for the failed elimination of the vampires within the Ghetto. It is revealed the gate has been shut and now nothing can infiltrate the Ghetto, where Mary stands her ground and retorts that had not the Lords had financial investments in the technology produced by the Ghetto vampires, the vampires would've been eliminated a long time ago. The Lords respond by saying they were only following after The Queen's policies.

The Duke of Argyle questions Mary's judgement for her refusal to allow her troops to open the floodgates. Mary justifies her decision by explaining that that those troops would've drowned alongside the vampires, and would have also isolated the other forces in the process. The Duke of Argyle uses her reasoning as proof that she is too naïve, uninformed about the true calculations of politics.


Mary among the deceased rebels and her subordinates.

Visibly upset, Mary rhetorically questions whether "politics" had killed her subordinates in the civil war. The Duke of Argyle responds that that too was a necessary sacrifice, as Mary and her unarmed soldiers was the reason why they were able to lure the rebels into the capital, under the pretense of a negotiation. However, Mary's troops were stationed in the enemy territory and were all killed, as were the rebels who had surrendered, resulting in her disparaging nickname "Bloody Mary". The Duke of Argyle offers Mary his sympathy, but Mary conceals her anger by saying she was not worthy of such sympathy.

Mary and Jane Judith Jocelyn

The topic falls onto the order of succession, wherein it is agreed that Esther Blanchett was not suited to becoming Queen. Mary informs a curious Jane that Esther had locked herself in the chapel and had been grieving the whole time. The meeting is interrupted as a messenger delivers an urgent message that the Queen has suddenly taken a turn for the worst. Mary mentions to Jane that the Albion parliament is a pandemonium, filled with vultures. Jane encourages Mary to ignore her illegitimacy and take the throne, and then admits that she herself considers herself more suited for the part of a "wicked witch" when Mary proposes Jane might end up as the new Queen. Moved by Jane's words, Mary informs her to leave first, while she will go and pick up Esther. Jane says it would be fitting for the two sisters to go together, and Mary is surprised when she realizes she had been so preoccupied, she had completely overlooked that fact.
As she is contemplating, Mary is interrupted by her former subordinates, Lance Corporal Cunningham ("Sweeney Todd") and Seargent Ironside ("Jack the Ripper"). Furious that the two of them had tried to murder Esther and Pope Alessandro, Mary demands an answer. The two men admit they did try to truly murder Esther, instead of staging a failed assassination by Germanicus as she had ordered them to, because they wanted Mary to be Queen. The two blame the death of the Forty-forth Regiment on the of Twenty-Six House Lords in the past. On the urging of her subordinates, Mary agrees now was not the time to dwell in the past, but to consider the future of Albion.

Mary hugs Esther

Mary confronts a guilt and grief-stricken Esther and reveals that she is not alone, for they are sisters. She comforts Esther as she cries, but just as they head off to visit their dying grandmother, Jane Judith Jocelyn interrupts them, bringing news that the secret behind Esther's identity has been leaked to the media. The three of them head out while their body-doubles distract the crowd. Mary looks on, realizing the journey is their first battle.

Mary takes Esther to see their dying grandmother, Queen Bridget II, and informs her she has to leave. Mary reveals her mother was named Harriet and that she was the former Viscountess of Carslie. She explains to Esther that the Queen hated her mother for stealing her son, and that she didn't consider Mary as her grandchild. Esther insists she stays, but Mary informs her she has unfinished business to attend to, before leaving the room with a cryptic expression.


Queen Bridget II sees Mary in her final moments

The Queen, who could no longer see clearly, mistakes Esther for Mary and beings to apologize to her granddaughter. Bridget reveals how guilty she had been all these years for neglecting Mary, partially because the Albion officials forced her into that position. The Queen names Mary as the next Queen, and then tells 'Mary' that she never hated her, but was reminded her mother killed Princess Victoria and her child every time she saw her. Yet, at the same time, Bridget did not look for the missing child because she knew the truth would harm Mary. The Queen dies shortly after this.

Esther prays for Bridget and leaves the room, determined to tell Mary she is the next Queen, but not the truth regarding Princess Victoria's murder. To her shock, she stumbles upon a room of dead bodies and is grabbed by what seems to be a vampire. Esther manages to grab her shotgun and take him hostage, and deducing that these 'vampires' are humans in disguise, who have murdered the other people in order to frame the Ghetto Methuselah. Jack the Ripper appears and proclaims it is exactly like she says, before adding that it is regrettable, as she would have been a wise ruler if she had become Queen.[2]


Mary envisioned as the next Queen

Esther recognizes Jack the Ripper as the Germanicus soldier who attacked her when she was in the Ghetto. The nun demands to know why he was disguising Germanicus assassins as vampires to murder her, but Jack corrects her that they were not from Germanicus, but were part of the "Phantom Legion", an army of the dead. Corporal Hart asks Jack whether it is safe to proceed with the murder without orders from 'Her Majesty', but Jack offers to take responsibility, knowing Mary is too kind to allow this to go through. Jack explains to Esther that Mary is the Queen of the Dead, before Corporal slams her into the ground. The nun feels something strange, but Corporal Hart is too preoccupied explaining his prosthetic arm to notice. Jack steps on Esther and sends her his farewell but before he is able to raise his blade to stab her, his hand is burned by acid. The rest of the Phantom Legion is in shock as massive tentacles appear from under Esther's robes. It slides out, spitting acid at the group. Esther, too, is horrified, but manages to convince herself to take the opportunity to run. The nun leaves to tell Mary her grandmother loved her, and that she is the next Queen.

Around the same time, Jane is seen in the back of her car after going to her residence to pick out jewelry for Mary to wear to the funeral at her request. The duchess begins to write in her diary when a blotch of ink suddenly drips into the book, all leaking through several pages. Jane flicks through the pages when suddenly a name catches her eye. With the help of a young girl named Cheryl who was also in her car, Jane quickly realizes there was a pattern. Every time the Queen's condition worsened, it was shortly after a visit from a particular visitor: Mary Spencer. The car is suddenly ordered to halt by a soldier on the orders of Mary, but when Jane refuses, the man pulls out a gun. Jane flicks her fan at him, stinging his eyes. The car quickly drives and escapes through the road block while sustaining several bullet holes; however, their victory is short lived when a tank suddenly rolls over to them. Out of nowhere, a flying car appears and rains bullets down. A flustered Jane orders people to take cover.[3].

Professor William Walter Wordsworth introduces himself and requests the assistance of Jane's former army, the 5th Regiment. Jane is reluctant as the prospect of sending her private army to war, but William argues that the recent events within the capital are not mere incidents. Mary is seen surrounded by soldiers as William explains that everything is a coup d'etat.


Mary is first seen welcoming Esther Blanchett and the Pope to Albion. After the death of Queen Bridget II and the kidnapping of the Pope, Mary realizes she cannot appease the methuselah as the former Queen had done.

Colonel Spencer stood on the front lines with the palace guards against Cain Knightlord when he attacks the palace. Many of the guards were killed, and Mary was injured. She stayed loyal to her country and devoted to her duty, by attempting to calm the rebellion until Esther is revealed to be the "Star of Hope" and takes her rightful place as Queen.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Mary means "Wished-for child", "rebellion" and/or "bitter" in Hebrew.
    • It is named after Mary I of England, who earned the monkier of "Blood Mary" for her executions of Protestants.
  • Mary's surname Spencer means "steward" or "administrator" in British.
    • Spencer is most likely taken from the famous aristocratic Spencer family.



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  • ... Are you a remnant of the rebels who has come here to kill me? If that is the case, then sister Esther has nothing to do with this. Release her and you may shoot me.
  • I am merely a soldier of the military, Mr Norris. I was given an order and I am simply following that.


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