Lilith Sahl
Lilith in novel
Personal information
Aliases: Crusnik 04
The Naia Sancta
"The Black Saint"
Status: Deceased
Birth: 2085 AD
Death: 2220 AD
Age: 135 (death)
Gender: Female
Species: Crusnik
Team: Cain Nightroad
Abel Nightroad
Seth Nightroad
Other information
Novel debut: The Angel of the Burning Sands
Manga debut: The Sleeping Beauty (flashback)
Anime debut: Witch Hunt
Japanese seiyū: Misa Kobayashi
Lilith in novel
Lilith Crusnik form in novel

As Crusnik 04, Lilith is shown to have six blue wings while in 80% activation, and four white wings during 40%. She was known to be a brilliant strategist known for taking the side of the humans when no hope for them was left. She managed to defeat the Nightroad Siblings while in France. In her Crusnik form, it's unknown what powers she harbored or what weapon she created with her blood, if she even created such a weapon. It's stated that to go Crusnik, one needs to drink the blood of the Methuselah. Lilith probably did so since she sided purely with the humans, but knowing her kind nature, only did so once in awhile. Her kind personality was her downfall as Cain was strong enough to decapitate her while fighting against her on the Ark.


  • Only a survivor... the ones that you hate... can save you now, Abel.
  • (To Abel) Good Morning. Abel. 0448 hours. Isn't that a little early... for a sleepyhead like you?
  • I know that you still love this this world. Although you have become an enemy of the world. But... That is just reverse of love.
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