Latin Edit

The language spoken in the Vatican territories, especially the clergy. It is primarily used to quote the Bible.

Words and Phrases
Quote Translation
  • Quote given: Ite missa est.[1]
  • Translation given: This mass is over.
  • Quote given: Beate sumpto qi mribundum in Domino.
  • Actual quote: Beate sumpto qui moribundum in Domino.
  • Translation given: Happiness is to die in the name of God.
  • Quote given: Laudare nomune Domini.
  • Actual quote: Laudare nomine Domini.
  • Translation given: Praise the Lord.
  • Actual translation: To praise the name of the Lord.
  • Quote given: Calpa perrenis aelito ora tuor nominare.[2]
  • Actual quote: Culpa perrennis erit. Ora tuo nomine.
  • Translation given: Your sins are eternal. But I will not pray for the dead.
  • Actual translation: Your fault will be eternal. I pray in your name.

Imperial language Edit

The language spoken in the New Human Empire. It is a mixture of Romanian and Russian.

Words and Phrases
Quote Translation
Dobitoc Idiot



  • Quote given: Asutz nebuni! A se fakei de risu.[3]
  • Actual quote: Acest nebun. A se face greșeală.
  • Translation: This is crazy. You're making a mistake.

German Edit

The language spoken in the Kingdom of Germanicus. Isaak speaks it.

Words and Phrases
Quote Translation
  • Word given: fraulein
  • Actual word: Fräulein


Others Edit

Among other languages mentioned in the series are

  • Albionese
  • Catharginian
  • Hungarian
  • Roman common tongue

References Edit

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