Kung Fu
Personal information
Gender: Male
Species: Methuselah
Other information
Manga debut: Adrenaline Drive
Kung Fu is a Methuselah who hijacks the train Abel, Tres and Esther are riding on the way back to the Vatican. He had been manipulated by Dietrich to go after Abel, who killed his friend, Gyula. Kung Fu challenges Abel to fight against him on the train's roof, and later commits suicide by slitting his throat.


Kung Fu has light, spiky hair and clothes that are reminiscent of traditional Chinese clothing. He has tiger fur on the end of his jacket and wears sunglasses with sharp ends that also can be used as a weapon. His shoes have spikes on the bottom for traction, which might mean that he does a great deal of running, jumping, or acrobatics. 


Kung Fu is loyal to his friends, and targets Father Abel for being responsible for the death of Gyula Kadar. Like all Methuselah, he greatly dislikes being seen as a "monster," and thanks Abel for not calling him one when he was insulting the Crusnik.

Kung Fu jumping into the train


Kung Fu is first seen talking with Dietrich, who informs him that a Terran has killed Gyula Kadar. Kung Fu is curious after this, and pursues to find the person who managed to kill Gyula.

Kung Fu jumps through a window into the train that Abel, Tres and Esther are travelling on. The glass from the shattered window hurt Esther's cheek, which angers little Etoile. Yelling at Kun Fu that no one should ever damage a girl's face. Kung Fu grabs the hold of Etoile's face, telling to the boy that he is going to kill him while

Kung Fu killing himself

he is still looking so cute. But Etoile says that he is not going to beg, when Esther hits Kung Fu's arm with an ashtray, to make him let go of Etoile. Esther tells Etoile to run, running with him, while Tres and Abel stay behind to take care of Kung Fu. Kung Fu tells the two gentlemen to step outside for a moment.

Kung Fu fighting with Abel

On the roof of the train he asks from them which one killed Guyla. Abel throws his glasses to Tres, who asks from Abel if he is going to use "that". Abel nodding, telling to the Gunslinger that Gyula's death was not more his or Tres's fault. Abel activates Crusnik and the fight begins. Kung Fu activating his own transformation ability to fight seriously against Abel. The fight seems to end in Kung Fu's victory, when Abel slashes the vampire's legs off with his wings.

Kung Fu is left laying on the ground without his legs, asking from Abel why he does not kill him. Abel answering to that that he doesn't like to kill humans. In which Kun Fu chuckles, commenting that Abel surely was not the one who killed Gyula. Then he takes his sun glasses and with their sharp tip slashes his own neck open. Telling to Abel that this is how he takes reponsibility, telling to the priest that his trip shall not be easy one before he dies.


Kung Fu possesses ability to transform into a tiger like being. It will boost his strenght greatly and he used this form while fighting against Abel on the roof of the train.


*(About Gyula) "Nah, he was just a great guy. I don't like drinking human blood. He helped me out when I would have died." "Zai jian - good bye. Your trip won't be an easy one."

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