The Kingdom of Hispania (ヒスパニア王国, Hisupania ōkoku) is a Terran sovereign state in southwestern Europe, consisting of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Its government is controlled by a monarchy; Antonio Borgia, a member of the royal family of Hispania, is a cardinal of the Catholic Church—the state religious body of the Vatican.


Hispania is a Latin term. In ancient times, it was the Roman name for the Iberian Peninsula.


The Kingdom of Hispania is the evolution of the Kingdom of Spain, a sovereign state that existed in the world from before Armageddon. By the mid-31st century AD, Hispania controlled the combined territory of Spain and Portugal, another pre-Armageddon state. A Terran nation, Hispania had close ties to the Vatican—the sovereign territory of the Catholic Church, as well as a leading political and military power in the Terran international community. Antonio Borgia, the prince of Hispania, was also a prince of the Church due to his membership in the College of Cardinals. Borgia's ecclesiastical post was Valencia, a city located in his homeland. In addition to his religious duties as the bishop of Valencia, he served the Church in a political capacity as the head of the Ministry of Vatican Public Relations.

Hispanic Morocco, a dependent territory of Hispania, rebelled against the Hispanic government in 3057 AD, initiating the War of Morocco's Independence. The leaders of the rebellion came from a powerful Moroccan family that incited the desire for independence among the local population. In response to the uprising, the Hispanic army was deployed to Morocco where they ultimately defeated the rebels. As a result, Hispanic Morocco remained under the control of Hispania.

In early 3060 AD, the Hispanic city of Barcelona was the test site of a powerful weapon called "Silent Noise." As a result, the National Palace—an ancient monument that dated back to the early 20th century AD—was completely reduced to rubble. The incident led to two separate investigations: one by the Hispanic government, and another by the Vatican. The Ministry of Holy Affairs dispatched two AX agents, Abel Nightroad and Noélle Bor, to Barcelona with orders to investigate the destruction of the National Palace. Their findings ultimately revealed that the Rosencreutz Orden, a major international terrorist organization, was responsible for reducing the palace to ruins. Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer, a high-ranking member of the Order, attempted to level Barcelona by applying the Silent Noise weapon to the entire city. He eventually retreated from the area after Nightroad confronted him, though not before he succeeded at destroying vast sections of the city. In addition to the massive level of damage sustained by Barcelona, Bor was killed during the activation of the Silent Noise.[1]

Bor's death was not in vain, however. One of her fellow AX agents, Hugue de Watteau, discovered a blueprint of the Vatican headquarters clutched in Bor's hand. The attack on Barcelona and the blueprint led the AX to conclude that the Rosencreutz's next target was Rome, the capital of the Vatican Domain. Alfonso d'Este, a traitor to the Vatican with ties to the Rosencreutz, tried to use the Silent Noise to destroy the Eternal City. Due to the intervention of the AX, Rome was saved from the fate of Barcelona. The Silent Noise was deactivated, resulting in the failure of the Rosencreutz's plot, as well as the prevention of d'Este's own plan to create a "new" Vatican with himself as pope.[2]


Hispania is located in southwestern Europe. Its territory encompasses the entire Iberian Peninsula, which, prior to Armageddon, was mostly divided between Spain and Portugal. On the northeast, along the Pyrenees mountain range, it borders the Kingdom of Franc. To the south, Hispania controls the territory of Morocco.

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