The Kingdom of Germanicus (German: Deutschland), also referred to as the Germanic Kingdom, the Germanics Kingdom (ゲルマニクス王国, Gerumanikusu ōkoku), or simply Germanicus, is a post-Armageddon sovereign state in western-central Europe. Its capital city is Über Berlin. The Germanic government is controlled by a monarchy; the line of succession for the office of head of state is hereditary-based. The current monarch of Germanicus is King Ludwig II, son of the late King William.


Germanicus is a Latin cognomen meaning "Victorious in Germania." Under the reign of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, "Germanicus" was a cognomen given to all male descendants of Nero Claudius Drusus. Its most notable bearer was Germanicus Julius Caesar, son of Drusus and the first heir of the Roman emperor Tiberius. As a Roman victory title, it was also bestowed on several emperors who achieved victory against the Germanic barbarians.


Germanicus was founded after Armageddon, an early 22nd century AD nuclear apocalypse that resulted in the destruction of most of human civilization. Prior to the collapse of the old world, Germanicus' predecessor state was a federal republic known as Germany. Unlike Germany, which adopted a democratic form of government after World War II, Germanicus is a kingdom ruled by a hereditary monarchy.

In the mid-31st century AD, King William initiated a blitzkrieg ("lightning war") campaign to conquer Austria. With the support of the Rosencreutz Orden, an international terrorist organization based in the German capital Über Berlin, the armed forces of Germanicus successfully invaded Austria. The capture of the Austrian capital of Vienna, and the subsequent execution of the family of the Duke of Austria, resulted in the annexation of Austria to the Kingdom of Germanicus in 3045 AD.

The conquest of Austria was later followed by the death of King William. His son and heir succeeded him as King Ludwig II. The reputation of Germanicus' new sovereign is dubious at best, given his infamous nickname, the "Tyrant King."

The royal family of Germanicus shares a blood relationship with the royal family of Albion. When Queen Bridget II died in 3064 AD, Ludwig II was one of the few remaining claimants to the throne of Albion—a prospect which terrified Mary Spencer, a granddaughter of the late queen of Albion.

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