Kaya Syokka
Kaya Syokka in novel
Personal information
Residence: Rome
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Nun
Affiliation(s): Vatican
Other information

Kaya Syokka codename Gypsy Queen, is the youngest AX agent. She only appears in the novels.

Known for her loyalty to Caterina Sforza and the Catholic Church, she despises all vampires and believes that she is doing the right thing by killing them.

She is first mentioned by Abel Nightroad as the leader of the investigation in Barcelona. After the death of Noélle Bor, Kaya was placed in charge of recovering both the body and the data that she was able to obtain prior to the destruction of the city. Sister Kaya fights using fans, and aided Father Wordsworth in killing Kaspar von Neumann by burning her to death.


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