Kaspar von Neumann
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Personal information
Aliases: Hundert Gesicht
A Hundred Face
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female (Transgender)
Species: Methuselah
Relative(s): Melchior von Neumann (Brother)

Balthasar von Neumann (Brother)

Ability: Polymorphy
Affiliation(s): The Rosenkreuz Orden (Rank 6=5)
Other information

Kaspar von Neumann, also known as Hundert Gesicht, is born from a human father and a Methuselah mother. Kaspar is a noble from Ostmark, Vienna and she is the youngest of the von Neumann brothers. She is a transgender character. She is the "little sister her brothers look after and who, at times, puts shame to their good name." She is single-minded and vicious despite her natural intelligence and seemly good-natured personality. Unlike her more sophisticated brothers, Kaspar is deviant enough to drink blood raw but hates the taste of "old men's blood." Like her brothers, she has a special power. She is a polymorph as she can change her appearance very well. For this reason, she is known as Hundert Gesicht (A Hundred Face) - a grammatical error for Hundert Gesichter (A hundred faces).

Under Balthasar von Neumann's orders, she disguises herself as Caterina Sforza in order to stab Professor William Walter Wordsworth. Against her brothers' approval, she travels alone to Rome to finish off the injured Wordsworth. She ends up dueling with Wordsworth, who leaves his hospital bed to defend Cardinal Sforza and Sister Kaya Syokka uses the distraction of the battle to burn Kaspar to death.

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