The third chapter of the Rage Against the Moon novel of the same name.


The AX Agents fight against the New Vatican and the Department of Inquisition. In the end, Alfonso is captured and Caterina's trial dropped.

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Alfonso asks Cherubim how many of their faith have died until now. Cherubim answers 929 and begins to recite the list.

Alfonso prays to God and asks him why he continues to deal them hardships and if he hasn't tested their faith enough. Then a voice speaks to him, informing him of incoming danger. The female voice introduces herself as Helga von Vogelweide and tells Alfonso that the residents of Tallinn have all left by now, leaving the town open to attack from the Department of Inquisition.

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Abel and Antonio sneak into the count's castle, dressed in monk's habits. Abel has a strange foreboding feeling, but Antonio senses nothing of the sort. He suspects the castle is empty of New Vatican members because they are all at Christmas Mass.

He asks Abel why Professor has sent them to Tallinn instead of ordering them to break Caterina free. Abel says there are a few things that are more important to her than her life, but doesn't elaborate. Instead, he diverts the conversation by asking Antonio if he remembers the face of Cherubim. Antonio claims he does.

A guard appears and asks them what they are doing there, when all the other monks are gathered in the tower. Recognizing Abel, he draws his gun, but before he can fire, Abel slips and falls into him, knocking them both over. Antonio picks up the gun the man has dropped.

They question him where the others are. The soldier replies they went after the townspeople. Abel decides it's no use to go after them. Tres will protect them and capturing Cherubim is more important.

The soldier also says that Alfonso is still in the castle, but before he can tell them where, they are attacked and the soldier is decapitated.

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  • Characters: Eulis, Tres, Heidrich, Hugue
  • Location: Oilshell tunnel connecting the mountains with Tallinn

Eulis and the townsfolk are reaching the end of the tunnel. Eulis engages Tres in a conversation, while the latter is checking the damage to his leg.

When soldiers blow a hole into the tunnel and swarm it, Tres orders Eulis to take the evacuees out of the tunnel and seal it. He will stay behind and buy them time.

After Tres has taken out several soldiers, Heidrich attacks him with a sword. During their battle, Tres' leg overheats, giving Heidrich an opening. But before he can carry out his last blow, Hugue appears.

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  • Characters: Heidrich, Hugue, Leon
  • Location: The Oilshell tunnel

Hugue kills Heidrich and attacks the remaining soldiers. In the meantime, Leon has hijacked a tank and created a tear gas bomb. During the confusion, he and Hugue get away just as cannons fire from the Inquisitors' warships.

Arnold informs Brother Matthaios that the enemy forces have been eradicated, but there were no AX members among the dead. When asked if they should pursue the townspeople, Matthaios agrees.

He suggests annihilating everyone, because with the people of Tallinn gone, the Vatican could take the mountain with its precious oil.

Matthaios orders Arnold to prepare the Uriel, and to patrol and assist him during the oncoming battle.


  • Characters: Friedrich, Abel, Antonio, Helga, Alfonso, Christa
  • Location: A cloister

Friedrich says he didn't fall for the obvious trap of luring the main force out so Alfonso could be targeted. When he accuses Antonio of targeting New Vatican, the younger man says he came to deliver "this dangerous man," meaning Abel.

To prove his loyalty, Antonio has to kill Abel. Before he can shoot, however, Countess Anhalt appears, carrying a machine gun. She fires until she is out of ammunition. When Antonio asks her what she is doing there, she says she was worried about her husband.

They move on, taking an elevator to a study filled with books. Alfonso, thinking it was Friedrich who entered, asks what the commotion from downstairs was about. Seeing that both men they were looking for were in the room, Antonio pulls his gun and orders Abel to cut the power to the elevator so the soldiers below can't come up.

In the brief moment Abel is occupied, Christa ties Cherubim's hands and Antonio points his gun at her, demanding to know her real identity. He told her before to tie up Cherubim, which she did, although she had claimed before not to know what Alfonso looked like.

Instead of answering, she attacks them and says she will take Cherubim to Rome herself.


  • Characters: Matthaios; Leon, Eulis, Hugue
  • Location: The mountains

Matthaios inspects the site where Berlusconi has fallen. The moats that have been dug there tell him their enemies must have a soldier or guerilla fighter to help them. He wonders if there are any guerilla experts among the AX.


  • Characters: Antonio, Helga, Abel, Alfonso, Cherubim, Friedrich
  • Location: The cloister


  • Characters: Matthaios, Leon, Hugue
  • Location: The mountains

  • Characters: Leon, Matthaios
  • Location: The mountains


  • Characters: Helga, Abel, Friedrich
  • Location: The cloister

  • Characters: Alfonso, Cherubim, Antonio
  • Location: The cloister


  • Characters: Paula, Caterina, Francesco, William, Alessandro, Abel, Alfonso
  • Location: A courtroom in Rome

  • Characters: Francesco, Antonio
  • Location: A fountain in Rome

  • Characters: Isaak, Helga
  • Location:

Isaak tells Helga that her action have put the Orden in a dangerous situation. She says she wants to take responsibility for her actions. She hopes to soon destroy Isaak.

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