Professor James Barrie

Professor James Barrie was a male Terran citizen of the Kingdom of Albion, a member of the Albion nobility, and former department head of the Londinium Integrated University Medical Faculty. Upon retirement, he established an orphanage on a small island. The orphanage was merely a front to hide his elicit activities, particularly the experimentation he conducted with kidnapped children, all of whom he used as test subjects. With the exception of at least one failure, the professor's experiment culminated in the successful transformation of the orphans into artificial, fairy-like Methuselah.

The Vatican dispatched a pair of AX operatives, Abel Nightroad and Leon Garcia de Asturias, to arrest Barrie and exterminate his experiments. By the time they arrived, Barrie was already dead. Neither Nightroad or Asturias were could bring themselves to kill the children. Instead, they discreetly sent the orphans to Londinium, the capital of Albion.

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