István, the "Pearl of the Danube"

István (イシュトヴァーン,Ishutovuān) is the capital of the Hungarian Marquisate, once called the "Pearl of the Danube." The city lies between the Vatican Papal State in the west and the New Human Empire in the east.

The river devides the city in two parts: Buda and Pest. Whereas Pest is in a desolate state, Buda is well-kept, being the land of Gyula Kadar, the Marquis of Hungaria. His estate, the Valley of Blood, can be found there.


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Istvan was featured in The Star of Sorrow arc, the first book of the Reborn on the Mars series.

István was featured again in the Mark of the Lady Saint arc, one year after the event of The Star of Sorrow. Esther and Abel are called back to István immediately following their departure from the Empire. The nun discovers she has been now named as "The Lady Saint," a title she rejects.

Brother Petros later asks Archbishop D'annunzio about the huge numbers of police in the local garrison, to which the archbishop answers that this is the country requires a strong defense because of it's close proximity to the Empire. The Inquisitor argues that the the Vatican should be in charge of defense, while the police are there for peacekeeping, and accuses the Archbishop of militarizing the police. D'Annunzio simply adds that despite the financial burden, it is a necessity as the Vatican army would abandon the city if war broke out. Brother Petros becomes confused at this blatant breach of the Vatican law set by Cardinal Francesco di Medici himself, especially considering there appears to be no impending signs of war. D'Annunzio cautiously reminds him not to forget the enemy of mankind, and leaves ominously saying that István is the front line of war.

Esther is later kidnapped by a vampire claiming to be an assassin from The Empire


István is a Hungarian language equivalent of the name Stephen.

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