Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer
Personal information
Aliases: Izak Battler
Isaac Butler
Xu Fu
Status: Alive (novel/manga)

Dead (anime)

Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Weapon(s): Arrow of Belial

Shield of Asmodai
Sword of Beelzebub (novel only)
Hammer of Mammon (manga only)
Mark of Baphomet (novel only)
Scythe of Astaroth (novel only)
The Cherubim
Kohoruto (Schatten Kobolde)

Ability: Changing appearance
Summoning minions
Walking through metal object
Immobilizing targets
Computer Hacking
Affiliation(s): Rosenkreuz Orden (Rank 9=2)
Other information
Novel debut: From the Empire
Manga debut: Act 6. The Sleeping Beauty
Anime debut: Episode 8 Silent Noise
Japanese seiyū: Keiji Fujiwara
English V.A.: Christopher Ayres

Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer (イサーク·フェルナンド·フォン·ケンプファー), codename "Panzermagier", is a high-ranked member of the Rosen Creuz Orden. He is a very mysterious character and little is known about him. He is very close to Cain Knightlord and sometimes even manipulates him into doing things.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Isaak is an attractive young man with long hip-length black hair and jet black eyes that are often described similar to a dead fish. He usually wears his Rosenkreuz Orden uniform but when posing as Cain's butler, he is seen wearing a suit, top hat, glasses and a cane, with short hair. Sometimes, he also wears glasses while having long hair. He is also often seen smoking a cigarillo.

His manga portrait features him with his cigarette and smoke, a reference to his magic and illusions. His Arcana in Thores' tarot cards is The Magician.

In the manga's Alice in Wonderland themed covers, Isaak is shown as The Mad Hatter.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Isaak comes off as a very charismatic individual, often being very polite to his enemies and at some points even going as far as rescuing them. However, he seems to be very cruel to anyone who dares to interfere his conversation with other important persons. His true motives in the series has yet to be fully revealed.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

He can change his appearance, he can hide an Artificial Ghost made of a great corrosive acid in his sleeves, and by using magical pentagrams he can summon the Hammer of Mammon, the Sword of Beelzebub, the Arrow of Belial and also his shadow minions, the Schatten Kobolds. His Shield of Asmodai seems to protect him constantly.

History[edit | edit source]

Isaak studied at the Londinium University under the name “Izak Butler.” While there, he was involved in an human experiment which sought to resurrect the deceased Lady Francis, daughter of the Duke of Bedfast. The experiment killed William Walter Wordsworth's fiance and led to both of them being expelled. Among the two, Wordsworth was quickly proven to be innocent, but Butler and Wordsworth both disappeared from Londinium. The truth is, Wordsworth was a victim framed by Butler, and continued searching for him ever since.

After meeting Cain Knightlord, the two of them took over the Rosenkreuz Orden, leading it to what it is today.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Light novel[edit | edit source]

Rage Against Moons[edit | edit source]

From the Empire Arc[edit | edit source]

Isaak first appeared in the light novel version, in the arc "From the Empire". He is first mentioned as a mysterious man wearing a "Tactician" mask during the carnival in Venice. He helped Endre Kourza - the Count of Zagrev, escape and made his way to destroy the tide gate under Venice in order to flood the whole city and kill the pope, who was having a trip there. Unfortunate for him, Cardinal Caterina Sforza had arrived there before him and along with Father Tres Iqus, tried to stop him. After a series of killing and a fight with Tres (although Tres found the weakness of the Sword of Beelzebub and surprised the Magician by calculating the ricochet angle after the bullet hit the shield of Asmodai, Isaak still won the fight and severely damaged Tres's body) , Isaak left, saying that they would soon meet again. At the end of the chapter, Isaak came to see Endre the boat transporting him back to Rome and released him. However, Isaak killed Endre for having finished his use for the Orden. He also revealed that his main purpose of using Endre and trying to break the tide gate is just to create an alliance between Vatican and the Empire, which only exists to be broken later by the Rosencreutz Orden.

Silent Noise Arc[edit | edit source]

Isaak mysteriously appeared behind Abel after Noelle left and showed Abel Nightroad a map that indicated six places that had been destroyed by the Silent Noise and secretly hinted him the location of the Silent Noise and the way it destroyed the targets, then disappeared in a mysterious way like how he had appeared. Kampfer then turned up in the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, where the Silent Noise is placed and confronted Abel. With the Artificial Ghost blocking Abel's way, Isaak played the organ which activated the Silent Noise and destroyed a part of Barcelona where Noélle Bor was staying in. That was the last straw that broke the camel's back, Abel was enraged and activated his 40% krusnik power and destroyed the Artificial Ghost then came to fight Isaak. However, Isaak chided Abel with words from Cain Knightlord, making him unable to keep on the attack and disappeared.

Overcount Arc[edit | edit source]

Reborn on the Mars[edit | edit source]

Manga[edit | edit source]

Trip to the Vatican [edit | edit source]

(Manga and Drama CD Only)


Isaak is first seen in the manga discussing about the "The Sleeping Beauty" Methuselah with Dietrich von Lohengrin.

The Iblis/ Angel of the Burning Sands Arc[edit | edit source]

Isaak is not seen, but Abel Nightroad remembers his words, taunting him for not being able to save Noélle Bor.

Empress of the Night/ The Night Lords Arc[edit | edit source]

Isaak disguised as a merchant with the name "Mimal" to help Abel, Ion and Esther return to the Empire after the pirate event with not a single demand. When Ion gets off board, "Mimal" seems wanting to tell Ion something, but he thinks back and doesn't say it out. However, what he seems to have not spoken out proves that he has wanted to tell Ion about what would exactly happen in the Duchess' house.


Isaak is later seen after Dietrich von Lohengrin failed his mission to retrieve the data cube from the New Human Empire. Dietrich is angry and voices his distaste of the tobacco smoke. Isaak warns Dietrich to be more careful and not fail too many times, to which Dietrich responds that Isaak that he could be as easily removed as Radu Barvon. Isaak chuckles and he admits that he is very loyal servant who is an ant compared to Cain Knightlord (Isaak's master), but Dietrich is something the ant picked up. At that moment, Cain materializes behind Dietrich, holding him in place as Isaak brings his cigar into Dietrich's eyes. Horrified, Dietrich faints, but Isaak does not actually burn him.

Cain warns Dietrich not to make too many mistakes, or he will be drunk dry. Isaak apologizes for the failure, but Cain doesn't mind. Cain then asks how 02 is doing, Isaak replies Abel Nightroad is doing fine, to which Cain responds with a gleeful smile.

Imitation Star/ Mark of a Lady Saint Arc[edit | edit source]

Mr. Butler introducing himself to Esther.

Isaak introduces himself as to Esther Blanchett as Mr. Butler, a butler for a manor in Londinium. He intervenes Clement while he is harassing Esther, to which Clement tries to attack him. Guderian (Isaak's chauffeur and bodyguard) steps in and punches Clement. Clement soon leaves and Esther thanks Isaak for his help, to which he replies that it was gentleman's duty. He explains he is searching for someone, his master's old friend, kisses Esther's hand and he leaves.

Isaak is next seen in the car which Esther tries to hijack to get away from Brother Petros Orsini. Isaak lends his car to Esther and Shahrazad al-Rahman and takes them to a local hotel, known as the Csillag Hotel, where he explains the plans of Archbishop D'Annunzio in a secret way.

He is next seen appearing from the darkness after Monica Argento was pushed off the truck by Shahrazad. However, he said that he was impressed by her power and suggested her to "play" with him and Guderian was in his wolf form and the one who attacked her. After Monica escaped, Mr. Butler lit up a cigarette and walked away with his bodyguard.

The Throne of Roses Arc[edit | edit source]

"Mr. Butler" appears as an acquaintance of Vanessa Walsh where he helps her after her failed kidnapping of Esther Blanchett. He offers her a glass of wine, she drinks it and finds a data cube inside.

"Mr. Butler" is later seen when he finds Esther together with Cain Knightlord. Relieved, he helps drive Esther back to Windsor Castle.

"Mr. Butler" appears alongside Cain as Esther and and Pope Alessandro XVIII are buying fish and chips. Cain prevents Esther from eating her fish and chips, which accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) saves her from being poisoned. When Sweeney Todd realizes his plot to poison Esther had been foiled, he takes out a Gatling gun and is ready to shoot. However, when he begins to shoot, a group of people suddenly appear in front of Esther and Alessandro, blocking most of the bullets for them (this abrupt appearance could be a teleport summoning of Isaak because except for Esther, Alessandro, Isaak, Cain and Todd, there is no one around). After that, Todd tries to escape, but his car is attacked by underwater missiles. The force comes from the missile attack is so immense that it blows both Esther and Alessandro to the river.

"Izak Battler" was mentioned as by Clement as he reminiscences about his debut story, "The Bride of a Ghost". The story details how Lady Francis, the daughter of Duke of Belfast, was a victim of a taboo resurrection experiment nineteen years ago. Clement does not realize "Mr. Butler" is the same person as "Izak Battler" from the Londinium Royal Academy of Medicine (Londinium University in the novel) that was in his story, but he does seem to think "Mr Butler" knows more about the case than he does.

Isaak, nineteen years ago.

As Mr. Butler, Isaak appears the Ghetto computer system room, quoting Shakespeare. Vanessa questions his real identity and his motives, to which Isaak reveals he is after "The Blueprints of God." Vanessa concludes he must be insane, before being interrupted by Abel Nightroad. Isaak reveals his real identity to a horrified Abel. Vanessa attacks Abel, orders Isaak to escape, but is instead stabbed and left to dead by Isaak's Salamandra. Abel and Isaak fight, but just as Abel is about to seemingly win the battle, Cain appears and decapitates Abel.

The Crown of Thorns Arc[edit | edit source]

Isaak appears in Esther Blanchett's flashback. Isaak and Cain Knightlord are shot several times by a horrified Esther. Isaak appears to recover without any harm and tries to retrieve the DNA blueprints of Cain and Abel, as Cain talks to Esther. Unable retrieve any information from the computer systems that Abel had just destroyed, Cain informs him they could just use Abel's body instead. Cain tries to take Abel's body, but is shocked by the 02's bioelectric field, causing his body to start to melt. Isaak remarks that Cain would have to go back to the regeneration chamber, and the two leave Esther with Abel's decapitated body.

Isaak is seen talking to Cain while he is in his regeneration chamber. Cain asks him whether Esther would like his present, but Isaak seems skeptical about that she would like her new status. Isaak questions Abel's status, and Cain confirms he is dead. Isaak appears to be disappointed that Cain and Abel Nightroad had not been able to talk, to which Cain argues it was Abel who lunged at him. Their new problem, however, was now transporting Abel's body to their location, considering the only two people who can approach the body would be their sister and Cain himself. Disappointed that he cannot leave the regeneration chamber for another twelve hours, Cain begins to worry that the Vatican will move Abel's body away. Isaak suggests he will go to the the city to buy them some time, and that he had stumbled upon something interesting the night before (turns out to be the "Excalibur system"), which he can use to bring Abel's body next to Cain's. Just as Isaak is about to leave, Cain asks him to bring him some fish and chips with extra salt and vinegar for breakfast.

Isaak's Artificial Ghost could be seen appearing from under Esther's dress and saving her from the Phantom Legion of Mary Spencer.

During Mary's escape, Isaak is seen popping up in the boat that Mary, Todd Cunningham and Jack Ironside (Mary's two sergeants) are on the way escaping Albion after their failed coup d'état. At first, Jack attacks Isaak as he thinks that Isaak is an enemy but Isaak quickly disappears and reappears behind Jack. Isaak explains that he comes to help and Mary chides him, saying that they are now cornered by the Royal Navy Battleship. Isaak flicks his fingers and a strong light covers the whole area. After the light subsides, Mary notices that all the people on the battleship has been killed. Isaak only smirks at the scene and offers his help to Mary, to which she willingly accepts.

Vanessa Walsh and the Professor talk about Isaak during a meeting, with Vanessa calling him a swindler while William saying that he has been chasing after Isaak for years.

When Tres Iqus come to the chapel in order to revive Abel using Lilith Sahl's blood, he is attacked by Mary, who controlled a navy battle armor. The two fight and Tres has upper hand until Isaak interferes. Realizing the threat of facing an A-level terrorist alone, Tres retreats but is then stopped by Mary half-way.

While facing Tres in the chapel, Isaak sent Guderian to assassinate the Professor and Vanessa. Guderian taunted William, using what Isaak said about him, like "The man who can't save the woman" (which directly pointed at the case of William's dead fiancee).

Anime[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Isaak" is a variation of "Isaac," an anglicized name derived from Judaism. It is transliteration of the Hebrew term Yiṣḥāq which literally means "He laughs/will laugh". "Izak" is a variation of Isaak. The original Japanese ("アイザック" aizakku) spells it differently compared to "Isaak" ("イザーク" izāku).

A "Butler" is a domestic worker in a large household. Isaak poses as Cain's Butler when in disguise.

The manga mistranscribtes this as "Battler", but in ''Canon'', this was spelt as "Butler" in English according to Trinity Blood Canon. Coincidentally, "Battler" has the same articulation to "Bateleur", another name of the "Magician" card in Tarot Deck. "Magus" is also another name of the "Magician" card.

"Fernand" is a masculine name French form of Ferdinand. The name is from the old Spanish form of a Germanic name composed of the elements farði "journey" and nanð "daring, brave." In the anime, his middle name was romanticized as "Fernando."

"Von Kämpfer" is German for "of" (usually always indicating nobility) and "fighter." 

"Panzer Magier" translates to "armored magician" in German, although in the English translated novel, "Panzer Magier" turns into "Wizard of Machine".

"Cagliostro" is a reference to Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, an alias of the occultist Giuseppe Balsamo, an Italian adventurer, whose history was shrouded in rumor, propaganda, and mysticism.

"Saint-Germain" is a reference to Comte de Saint Germain, an 18th-century adventurer/scientist and mysterious gentleman who claimed to be centuries old to deflect questions about his origins.

"Paracelsus", born as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, was an Renaissance physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. "Paracelsus", means "equal to or greater than Celsus", refers to the Roman encyclopedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus from the 1st century, known for his tract on medicine.

"Xú Fú" was court sorcerer in Qin Dynasty China. Qin Shi Huang send him to the eastern sea twice to look for the elixir of life. Various records suggest that he may have arrived and died in Japan.

During the fight with Abel, Isaak uses a ritual spell to activate his Hammer of Mammon skill, the ritual spell comes from the Bornless Ritual, which is introduced by Aleister Crowley.

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